Goblin Kingdom – Volume 2: The Distant Paradise – Intermission: Fanfan’s Picture Diary

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Volume 2: Intermission – Fanfan’s Picture Diary

[table caption=”Status” colalign=”left|left|center|left|right”]
Name, Fanfan
Race, Mud Scale (Tarpidae)
Level, 81
Class, Chieftain; Hardest Claws
Possessed Skills, Cave Dweller
Divine Protection, Moonlight Goddess
Attributes, Night


Several days after the Goblin King traveled to the west, I attended the Eight Flags Meeting. The tall shaman goblin, Gi Za Zakuend, was also attending.

The topic of the meeting was the planned cultural exchange with the goblins. Cooperation would be necessary in order to stand against the human threat. Of course, no one held any delusions that the goblins and the demihumans would be able to work together well without any practice.

Everyone understood the situation. Yep, everyone.

Heading the meeting was the araneae, Nikea, while the secretary was me.

The secretary is great.

As for how great, she’s so great that she’s only second to the chairman of the meeting.

“No one has any disagreements on the cultural exchange then? If so, then the next topic will be picking out the people going,” Nikea said.

Nikea was serious. Much more serious than me.

There wasn’t anything interesting to do in the meeting, so it came as no surprise that that old man from the shell tribe, Luther, would be dozing off, his head completely pulled back into his shell.

But the minotaur was horrible. He actually had the gall to snore so loudly during the meeting. And those eyes! Why are his eyes open? Scary!

As for the fang tribe, they’re… no good. Why? There’s a lot of reasons, but for one, Mido is chewing on a bone. Disgusting.

No one is bothering to tell them off because everyone knows it’s pointless. Despite their sloppy behavior though, they’re unexpectedly reliable.

The new centaur chief is called Tianos. At first, he was angry, then he was shocked. In the end, he just broke down crying. Well, not really, but he looks about to anytime now. Meh, he’ll get used to it. He’s already better off than Daizos anyway. That one would have gone off on a rampage. He’s the type that’s always angry, after all.

The meeting continued as I drew on my picture diary.

Eventually, Nikea and the harpy, Yushika, got into an argument.

Yushika has been depressed lately, so she probably needs to release some of that pent-up stress. She argued with Nikea while she groomed her wings.

The representative of the long-tailed tribe had a weak presence as usual. It would be great if he just disappeared like that. Those two heads of his makes it annoying to talk to him. You just can’t tell which head you’re supposed to talk to.

Oops, my bad. The picture recording for the meeting needs to be two lines side-by-side. That was close. If I don’t do this seriously, Nikea will scold me.

As I was thinking that, the goblin, Lord Gi Za, stood up.


After whispering something by Nikea’s ears, Gi Za left the meeting.

When I stole a glance at Nikea, I was shocked!

Is that a blush!?

Nikea!? I almost yelled her name out loud, but fortunately, I managed to catch myself in time.

Good job, Fanfan! What a big scoop! We need to draw this immediately!

But didn’t Nikea have a good relationship with the Goblin King?

Yep. They did. They definitely did. Which means… Nikea is caught in the middle of a love triangle!!!


No, calm down, Fanfan! The moonlight goddess, Vardina, is watching! Deep breath, take a deep breath… Whew. Forgive me, o goddess! Fanfan lost her cool for a moment.

But it’s alright. It’s still alright. Fanfan is calm now. Calm… Now, let’s calmly analyze the situation.

Nikea gets along well with the Goblin King. Fanfan is calm. Yep, Fanfan is calm.

Lord Gi Za gets along with Nikea. Yep, calm. Calm as spring rain Fanfan is…

If we put one and two together?

We get a… lo-ve tri-an-gle.


Wait! That’s not right! They’re goblins!

This is a disaster! An amazing scoop!

Interracial, no, an interspecies relationship was enough to get me hot, but to think Nikea would actually be the subject of a love triangle!!!


If only he were here, the king would surely embrace Nikea into his burly arms. But he’s not! So the cool-eyed Lord Gi Za took advantage of the king’s absence and approached Nikea!!

Being chief, Nikea could not refuse the king’s advances! The king wasn’t one to take advantage of someone’s weakness, but their current situation alone was enough to seduce Nikea! What a schemer!

But then Lord Gi Za found out about their secret relationship, and the pangs of jealous bore into his heart.

He cried! The king is mine!


This, this is!

A f-f-f-forbidden territory! I can’t. I mustn’t. If I enter, I will surely never again see the light. Stop, Fanfan! You mustn’t! Return to the light!

Before I knew it, Lord Gi Za was back in his seat.

From time to time, Nikea would send him a sharp glance…

This is definitely, undoubtedly… a threat!

Nikea is being threatened! Under that ever serious mask of hers, has Lord Gi Za actually managed to grasp her weakness?

To think he would accomplish such a fea- erm, sin, how envi- erm, how evil! Absolutely despicable! But why is my heart beating so quickly? Forgive me Nikea. Fanfan is a bad child. A bad child… But alas! I cannot stop!

Nikea’s whole hearted devotion to his highness is in danger, but Lord Gi Za himself dreams of his highness day and night… Oh, Your Majesty, how sinful you are.


Suddenly, someone grabbed my shoulders, prompting me to turn around. When I did, what greeted me was Nikea’s angry face, veins visibly bulging.

“What are you drawing, Lord Fanfan?” She asked.

Reality was a harsh thing. Just one moment, Nikea was a pitiful young maiden, but then in the next, she was a terrifying ogre whose arms ferociously grasped my shoulders.

“Erm… the meeting?” I said, unsure.

“This?” Nikea asked.

I sincerely nodded.

“Lord Fanfan, who asked you to draw? A secretary is supposed to write with words,” Nikea said as she looked down on Fanfan’s picture diary. “To think the important letter we would be sending to the elves would be this…”

It was a very embarrassing thing to have your work seen by others, but if it’s Nikea, she might like it. It’s a work I’m confident in, after all.

“In any case, Lord Fanfan, please prepare a clean sheet of paper. Do you understand?” Nikea said.

“Alright, what about this?” Fanfan asked.

This is my proud work, but if Nikea wants it, I’ll give it. I’m reflecting on my actions, after all.

“I have no idea what you drew. Please take it home.”


After the meeting, I secretly cried by myself on my bed.

Even though I was so proud of it… Sniff.


Cave Dweller

Can freely dig through earth.


Author’s Note: Even though Gi Za only told Nikea to take her job seriously.

Tl Note: This is an extra chapter, but it’s kind of short. I’ll post another chapter tomorrow.

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  1. hohohoho always nice to have a comedic break with an idiot. And with this, all caught up on this week’s chapters. Thanks as always!

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