Goblin Kingdom – Volume 2: The Distant Paradise – Intermission: Gi Gi’s Beast Horde 2

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Volume 2: Intermission – Gi Gi’s Beast Horde 2

[table caption=”Status” colalign=”left|left|center|left|right”]
Name, Gi Gi Orudo
Race, Goblin
Level, 35
Class, Noble
Possessed Skills, Track; Throw Projectile; Axe Mastery C-; Sloppy Eater; Jeer; Tacit Understanding; Ancient Beast Tamer; Beast Trainer; Cooperation; Friend of the Horde; Bug Eater
Divine Protection, None
Attributes, None
Tamed Beasts, Triple Head


After leading a great horde of beasts and capturing a village, the ancient beast tamer, Gi Gi Orudo, looked at the surrounding beasts and sighed.

“Woof?” The thorn dog, a dog-like beast with thorn-like fur, was puzzled to see Gi Gi feeling down. It was small for a male, but it had three large females for its wives and had many children rolling around by its legs.

“Guego!” The big eye, a bird with richly colored feathers arranged in a way that drew the shape of an eye, sang a courting song to cheer Gi Gi up.

That courting song attracted the male big eye, causing it to spread its wings and begin dancing.

The mirage, a monkey that could blend with its surroundings, jumped up, wondering what was going on, but when it saw that it was just the big eye, it went back to sleep with its wife.

The thorn fox’s thorn-like fur stood up for a moment when the thorn fox thought there was danger, but when it noticed that the everything was fine, it looked toward Gi Gi with its wife.

The young dragon turtle was only about 1m big at the moment, but it is said that their kind could eventually grow up to 5m. The dragon turtle’s children were resting upon its shell, so to keep from waking them up, it didn’t even move an inch and only looked at Gi Gi.


After occupying the goblin village, Gi Gi finally managed to get some help in taking care of his beasts, greatly lessening his work, but for some reason, no woman would approach him.

There were certainly female goblins within the village and it was not like he had any problems finding a female companion back in the Gi Village.

Gi Gi wasn’t a fool; he knew very well why no one approached him.

The reason why he muttered out that ‘why’ just now was not because he did not understand his predicament but because he had no way of solving it.

Being surrounded by such a terrifying horde, it was no wonder that even the goblin females were too terrified to approach him. And Gi Gi himself was too proud, being a goblin noble, to actually force a woman to be with him.

Goblin women were supposed to approach the men on their own accord. At the very least, that’s what Gi Gi believed.

Why did he have to be the one to approach them? Gi Gi thought to himself as he sighed again.

But it was also true that there was no fulfillment in being buried by beast’s feathers like this.

Gi Gi Orudo had been spending his days, looking for new beasts to add to his horde, procuring food to feed them, and studying the nearby terrain, yet all the while he was being anguished.

Each time he went to scout, his beasts would follow him out of love.

They would follow their beloved master wherever he went, be it the cruel battlefield, the fiery volcanic region, or the beaches and its salty air, the one exception being the marshlands.

Gi Gi was worrying endlessly as he thought of his next course of action.

The order he had received from the king was to strengthen the goblins.

When he thought about it, it seemed he was given plenty of freedom to do as he pleased. With nothing to do, he had driven away the orcs, added the beasts he liked to his horde, and he even taught the goblins of this village how to take care of the beasts and fight together as three-man cells.

Gi Gi has also had many plants planted in the area to ensure that his horde of beasts was well fed.

But these things were not enough to console Gi Gi.

What Gi Gi truly wanted was to go back to the village. As soon as he realized that, it didn’t take him long to resolve himself to return.

“Since I have decided, I should hurry,” Gi Gi said.

The moment he decided to return to the Fortress of the Abyss, he acted.

“We are going to the headquarters!” Gi Gi declared after gathering the goblins of the village.

The goblins looked at each other while the thorn dogs howled, calling their brethren to them.

They started preparing to return the very next day. The scale of the gathered beast horde was nothing to scoff at.

Aside from the beasts that were usually with him: the thorn dogs, the mirages, the thorn foxes, the big eyes, and the dragon turtles; there were also the birdcats who were unsuited for war, the moles that fed on soil, the earth crabfishes that would use their scissor arms to cut grassroots before eating them, the stone crabs that would mimic stones when threatened, and the feather rabbits that would quickly run using their wings.


Even Gi Gi was taken aback when he saw the great horde gathering before him, but when he thought about it, that just meant that his horde had gotten that much stronger.

Suddenly, Gi Gi felt happy about himself, as it seemed he would be able to give a good report to the king.

3 days after Gi Gi had announced that they would be returning, they started to make their way to the Fortress of the Abyss.

As Gi Gi led the horde on the back of his triple head, a long line of beasts could be seen following from behind.

Within that long line of beasts were a relatively paltry number of goblins pulling the beasts. To these goblins, Gi Gi’s orders were absolute, so they did not hesitate to carry out this great migration.

The goblins piled up what little treasure they had on the backs of the dragon turtles as they headed south. As they made their way, they found the southern lands to be a peaceful land with no powerful beasts to threaten them.

From time to time, they would happen across some spear dear or some giant spiders, but aside from those, there were no beasts worthy of note.

But then suddenly, their march came to a halt.

Gi Gi had ordered them to stop.

“Was there a cave in a place like this?” Gi Gi asked to the rare class goblin who was the former boss of the village.

“Well…” the goblin didn’t seem to know.

“Hmm… There’s a smell coming from inside that has me curious,” Gi Gi said.

“It feels like we’re being invited,” the rare class goblin said, causing Gi Gi to think it wiser to back off, but then sounds of footsteps approached from the cave.

“Is someone there?” Gi Gi asked as he ordered the triple head to back off.

Then a voice called out from the direction of the cave. “Long time no see, Gi Gi.”

It was a familiar voice, causing Gi Gi to blink. “That voice… Lord Gi Go Amatsuki!?”

Gi Go Amatsuki, the goblin swordsman who asked to be exiled. He looked different from before. His once blue skin was now brown, and a lone horn stretched for the heavens from his forehead. He was also much bigger than Gi Gi recalled.

“…You’ve gotten stronger?” Gi Gi asked.

“Yes, as the king has shown,” Gi Go said.

“Mr. Gi Go, I keep telling you not to leave… Woah!?”

The pressure emanating from Gi Go, who had his arms folded, was so great it caused the beasts behind Gi Gi to shake. As Gi Go and Gi Gi were talking, Yoshu finally came out of the cave and was understandably shocked to see Gi Gi’s horde.

“That’s quite a horde you have there,” Gi Go said.

“You’ve changed a lot too, Lord Gi Go. If you are planning on returning, how about coming with us?” Gi Gi offered.

“Unfortunately, I have yet to accomplish my goal. You’ll have to forgive me.”

“I see…”

After thinking for a while, Gi Gi decided to hand Gi Go a bag full of plant seeds and the evening primrose he found in the marshlands a while ago.

“I don’t know if these will be of some use to you, but I gathered a lot of edible seeds to feed my beast horde. I think that human with you might be able to put these to good use. Please take it.”

Gi Go considered it for awhile, then he gladly accepted.

“Thank you, but are you sure?” He asked.

“I have this beast horde to give to the king, so this is all I can give to you,” Gi Gi said.

“You’re a good man,” Gi Go said.

They exchanged a few more words after that, then Gi Go Amatsuki and Gi Gi Orudo parted ways. Gi Go headed north, while Gi Gi headed back to the Fortress of the Abyss.

“It seems I will be able to bring good news to his highness,” Gi Gi Orudo happily smiled as he kicked his triple head and rode back home.


Gi Gi’s level has risen.

36 => 40


Author’s Note: Gi Go’s evolution will be talked about in his chapter.

Tl Note: Last chapter for the week. Tomorrow is TMPG.

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