Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 157: Siege (2/2)

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Volume 3: Chapter 157 – Siege (2/2)


Gowen sent a request for reinforcements to the north, the south, and the capital even deeper west. The north and the capital immediately replied, but the south’s response was yet to arrive.

As Gowen readied the army at the west, he wondered what could possibly be keeping the south.

Ripper Knight, Sivara, and Sharp-Eyed Knight, Jize, were in charge of the south. Moreover, the boundaries to the east where the Holy Shushunu Kingdom was was safe. If so, then…

“Could the heretics have made a move?”

If there was one problem that the south might have it would be the adherents of the Kushain faith.

“Could the southern rebellion be making their way here?”

Gowen’s predictions were half right and half wrong. The Ripper Knight and the Sharp-Eyed Knight were indeed at a loss on how to deal with the Kushain believers, but with their strength and the southern army, they were more than strong enough to swiftly eliminate the threat.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t do so because of the people coming from the back. Among those were people who ran with only their clothes, merchants who took their wealth with them, and mothers who took only their babes… It was such a group that was currently making their way to the colonial city.

Such a group of people couldn’t possibly be killed, so the Ripper Knight and the Sharp-Eyed Knight were unsure of how to deal with the situation.

Unfortunately, Gowen had no way of knowing that.

All he knew was that he couldn’t expect reinforcements from the south.

“Regardless, even without them, we will still have 400 soldiers from the capital and 350 from the north.”

The army under the direct control of King Ashtal were inexperienced, but after having analyzed the new potions, Gowen decided he could safely leave the supplies and wounded to them.

The army coming from the north were under the lead of Gulland. Contrast the reinforcements from the capitals, the northern reinforcements were experienced in war. They’re wild and crude, but their strength was first rate.

There was 3 days to go until the reinforcements would arrive.

Until then Gowen needed to gather his scattered forces and ready his army.

“Our defeat last year… I won’t let you forget it,” Gowen muttered.

Gowen had originally planned to rebuild his forces in two years, but the monsters only gave him one.

Now, he has no choice but to train his soldiers during the war.


“Lord Gi Go.”

In the northern region where cold winds blew, in the village of the barbaric sword tribe renowned as yugushiva (snow demon), was a young maiden kneeling.

She called out to the sleeping goblin who had his hands on the curved sword that he carried on his back.

“Lord Gi Go, are you awake?” Yustia asked.

“Yes,” Gi Go said as he tried to sit with the curved sword in his embrace.

“Everyone is, gathered. They want to see, their supreme commander,” Yustia said.

“Hmm… So I’m the supreme commander, huh,” Gi Go said.

Gi Go found it puzzling, after all did he not decide to live solely for the sword? He was not a goblin meant to lead others in the first place, so why was he the supreme commander all of the sudden?

“This really doesn’t suit me,” Gi Go complained.

Yustia had a look of doubt on her face as Gi Go stood up, but Gi Go just smiled at her, then he lifted up the curtains of the tent and walked outside.

The blinding light of the god of fire’s body made Gi Go knit his brows. The land covered in white didn’t help either, as it reflected the blinding light, burning Gi Go’s poor eyes alongside the god of fire’s body.

But that only lasted a few seconds.

Before Gi Go’s eyes were the various yugushiva tribes gathered.

Every one of them had the mask of a demon on, but Gi Go knew that the moment they saw him, they all gulped.

The various yugushiva tribes had been gathered once more with Yustia at the center.

Most of the men had already died in the previous wars, but with a threat looming upon them, they had no choice but to rally their forces once more.

Them being able to stand again was thanks to Yustia’s overwhelming support.

With her masterful sword arts and her beautiful face, she quickly became the genius yugushiva swordsman that became the pillar of the yugushiva tribes.

—Our chief is loved by the heavens!

The young boys and girls that made up the yugushiva tribe believed in Yustia so much that it was almost religious. It was that faith that lit a fire in their hearts.

When Yustia appeared beside Gi go, the yugushiva people cheered.

Yustia told them to keep quiet in the northern tongue, then she spoke to Gi Go.

“Lord Gi Go, I will translate, so please,” she said.

Hmm, Gi Go groaned as he looked at the yugushiva people once more.

They might call him ‘supreme commander’, but their hearts were with Yustia.

Why does he have to say anything? Gi Go wondered.

“This war belongs to you,” Gi Go said.

Yustia’s gaze remained unmoving toward the crowd even as she translated.

“So take back with your own hands the pride and glory of your ancestors that was taken!”

Silence covered the snow-blanketed lands.

“The time has come to seek the flag of your true master!!”

As Gi Go raised up his curved sword, cheers echoed throughout the yugushiva tribes.

Gi Go turned around and withdrew behind Yustia.

As Yustia gave her orders, the yugushiva tribes moved out.

Like this the snow-blanketed lands of the north were caught in the flames of war once more.


Tl Note: What do you think when you hear the word ‘Supreme’? Personally, I can’t help but think of pizza. Speaking of which, I haven’t eaten pizza in a while. Maybe I should order some.

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