Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 161: The Battle of Piana Hill II (2/2)

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Volume 3: Chapter 161 – The Battle of Piana Hill II (2/2)

Most of Gowen’s forces were able to retreat, but the human cavalry ended up fighting the Paradua riders a little.

“We can’t just let them run! We have to at least avenge our fallen!”

The young chief of Paradua, Hal, led 100 iron legs and fought the cavalry.

“Think you filthy goblins could keep up with our western cavalry!?”

The young human platoon leader was full of vigor.

The goblins that have been scattered all this time found courage and started fighting back again.

“Give us glory, humans!”

“Crush them as you pass them!”

Hal and the human platoon commander clashed.

They sent a blow toward each other as they passed one another. Their subordinates followed their lead and did the same.

The two cavalry seemed to draw a circle as they moved around the battlefield and clashed once more.

“Tch, a tie!? Impossible!”

The human platoon commander grit his teeth, but Gowen’s orders had already come. He had to go.

“You’re running!? Bastards!” Hal yelled.

Before they could clash for the third time, the human cavalry turned tail and ran south.

“The human cavalry, huh. They’re pretty good,” Hal said before running to Gi Gu’s platoon. There was no point in pursuing the humans any further.

With this the first battle between the humans and the goblins was concluded.

The goblin casualties numbered 100, while the humans’ numbered 50.

It was amazing that the goblins were able to hurt the humans despite being surrounded, but the price for that 50 was grave. After all, Gi Gu incurred heavy wounds, and about a fifth of his forces were taken.

Merit-wise, this was the humans’ victory.


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  1. Only 50? So only 1 out of 10 goblins scored a kill, even though each was fighting 3 opponents? Okay then…

  2. As usual author’s metrics makes no sense but oh well. What’s really irksome is the paradua-cavalary thing. Tigers move entirely different from horses yet all they do in this story is charge, makes no fking sense.

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