Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 187: Trouble in the Western Region (1/3)

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Volume 3: Chapter 187 – Trouble in the Western Region (1/2)

Gi Ba Hagar, the goblin tasked with the defense of the western region, has suddenly found himself on the receiving end of a surprise attack.

Although they managed to repel the invading adventurers once, when they were attacked a second time, Gi Ba Hagar was wounded. Because of that he couldn’t pursue the humans as they fled.

Gi Ba was a valiant and exceptional goblin warrior whom even the king acknowledged. The way he skillfully handled two different weapons at the same time sometimes resembled Gi Gu Verbena.

He was also a skilled leader who didn’t lose out to the other goblin nobles.

He was both a brilliant warrior and a leader, but if there was one fault with him, it was that he stubbornly refused to work with the humans. On that point, he was so stubborn that he even earned the king’s displeasure.

The human race, which was the dominant force in the continent, had an overwhelming advantage in numbers. Should they fail to find a compromise with them, they will be forced to battle until one side is annihilated.

The Goblin King wished to avoid that, which is why he adopted a generous policy toward the humans.

But the Goblin King also wished to rule the world, so he couldn’t just throw away an excellent warrior like Gi Ba. Besides, as the King of Goblins, he also wished to see Gi Ba grow free from his restraints.

After getting wounded, Gi Ba quickly underwent treatment and sent a report to the king, then he hurriedly went out to search for the enemy himself.

“To think humans actually wounded me… You will pay for this humans! You will pay!”

Gi Ba’s face that was twisted from his seething anger brought much distress to the villagers. It was such that the children under Shumea would cry just upon meeting him. But their crying voices only served to add fuel to the flames.

As far as Gi Ba was concerned, all humans were enemies and couldn’t be trusted. It didn’t matter that they were under them. There was no telling when they would bare their fangs.

“When that day comes, I will surely slaughter every last one of you,” he muttered to himself.

Mustering every self-control he could, Gi Ba avoided the humans and focused on searching for the adventurers.

The adventurers had run toward the north, so he took the goblins directly under him and chased after them.

“Kill them all!”

As Gi Ba gave out that command, he suddenly noticed Shumea and her slave gladiators.

There were about 30 of them all in all, every single an experienced warrior that would not lose out to the goblins.

“What do you think you’re doing!?”

Blinded by anger, Gi Ba assumed they were planning to rendezvous with the adventurers.

“What do you mean what? We heard you were done in, so we came to help,” Shumea said with her hands on her hips.

She had borrowed some slaves from Yoshu and was going around patrolling with them.

The two of them stared at each other, neither side backing down.

The situation looked explosive.

“What are you doing? If you’re playing, we’re going back, ok?” The first wing of the harpyurea, Yushika, interjected from the skies.

They were visiting the western capital when Shumea asked them to aid with the search.

“You’re siding with the humans!?” Gi Ba accused.

“You may not understand, but if it’s your king, he would surely agree with this,” Yushika said with a sigh.

While Gi Ba was gritting his teeth as he did everything he could just to keep himself from exploding, Shumea was quietly and uninterestedly plucked her bundled hair.

Sighing, she spoke to Gi Ba.

“Anyway, it’s good to see you’re alright. When we find them, we’ll contact you,” she said.

But Gi Ba only snorted and turned heel.


As he left, Shumea and Yushika looked at each other and sighed

“Did the king pick the wrong person?” Yushika asked.

“I’m sure there are all sorts among the goblins, but you know… In this case, I’d say the king is probably the exception and not the rule,” Shumea pointed out.

“Now that you mention it, goblins were that sort,” Yushika nodded.

“It’s a bit off, but that’s probably the norm for goblins.”

Realizing that their common sense had started to go off course somewhere, the two of them shared a wry smile.


Word that adventurers from Germion Kingdom had invaded their lands has already reached the ears of Gi Ga Rax, who was in charge of protecting the entire western region.

The fact that the king had entrusted him to defend it in showed just how deeply he trusted him and how highly he appraised his abilities.

“I take it Lord Gi Ba is their target?” The demihuman entrusted with the defense of the western capital, Nikea of the araneae, folded her arms and confirmed with Gi Ga.

She was considered as one of the central members even among the demihumans working with the king.

“It’s still too early to assume that. It’s possible this is only a diversion,” Fei of the sylphs said.

He was in charge of the administration of the entire western region.

The sylphs were both long-lived and skilled in the arcane arts, but until just recently, they were forced to coop up within the forest. The sylph, Fei, was a man who has rendered distinguished service under the Goblin King’s shadow.

The human representative, Yoshu, tilted his head as he showed understanding to the sylph’s words.

“Perhaps that’s their goal, but we can’t just leave them be either, so for the mean time, Shumea is chasing them with the gladiators. I am worried, though. Isn’t there any way to contact Lord Gi Ba?” Yoshu said.

He is Shumea’s younger brother and the man responsible for the human slaves, who are considered the king’s property. His position in the western capital is exceedingly high.

Though he only joined the goblins due to his older sister’s whims, after his travels with Gi Go, he has started to seriously look for a way for humans and goblins to coexist.

“If their attack on Gi Ba is a diversion, then the east is in danger,” Gi Ga Rax said without hesitation after hearing out the opinions of the various representatives of the western region.

“Because they can’t deal with that many soldiers?” Yoshu became thoughtful after hearing Gi Ga’s words.

“The odds of them aiming for the western city itself is low, but just in case, I suggest we still ask the various chiefs to stay alert,” Nikea suggested, to which everyone nodded.

“Let’s have the harpyurea choose the astute among them and have them keep watch for any suspicious persons,” Fei suggested.

Gi Ga nodded. “Very well, but we must quell this chaos as soon as possible. To worry the king is to betray his trust in us as his retainers. We must avoid that.”

After all, the Goblin King was currently working to conquer the south.

“I will go out myself. Any and all who go against the will of his majesty shall be punished.”

As Gi Ga Rax said that, the meeting was drawn to a close.

After he ordered some of the harpyurea to accompany the sylphs staying at the western capital, he himself left the western capital.

Riding on black-tiger-back he led the young goblins fresh out of the forest away from the western capital.


Some of the adventurers were found in one of the northern villages.

But after being driven into a corner, they tried taking over the village by occupying the village chief’s house.

The goblins were chasing after them, but Shumea and her gladiators got to them first.

The adventurers ran in all directions to avoid pursuit, but the difference in strength was simply too great.

And after running for so long, the fleeing adventurers no longer had the strength to think. So without caring for the consequences, they rushed into the village chief’s house, killed their son, and stole their food.

It was the sort of act that was repulsive enough to make the gladiators chasing after them want to look away.

“Cease your futile resistance!”

Shumea called out to the adventurers that have barricaded themselves inside the village chief’s house, but all she got in response was the corpse of the village chief’s young son, which was then shot with an arrow.

Essentially, they were saying that they would kill any who approached.

Unfortunately, they did not understand Shumea’s personality.

Shumea grit her teeth and raised up her spear as she bellowed out.

“You actually dared to kill a child!”

Though normally gentle, she was a different person once her fuse was lit. And the adventurers who unknowingly lit it would surely pay.

“Get me some oil, a fire, and some arrows!”

Since only enemies were left in the house, Shumea ordered for fire arrows to be prepared.

She turned to the villagers.

“Don’t worry! Reparations will be made!”

The villagers from the northern villages of the western region have frequently seen her negotiating with the goblins, so they greatly trusted her.

“If it’s her, she’ll definitely keep her word.”

As the villagers nodded to each other, they prepared the things she needed, and before long, fire arrows were shot at the village chief’s house, giving rise to a lotus flower that rendered it into ash.

The adventurers ran with panicked gait away from the house, but they were quickly disposed of by Shumea and her gladiators.

The numbers were too different. So long as they fought 3 gladiators to 1 adventurer, they could easily dispose of them with little to no danger.

After disposing the adventurers, Shumea made a grave for the deceased chief and his son.

Because of that the trust the people had in her shot up even further.

But just when it seemed everything was over, a problem appeared on Gi Ba’s side, a problem reported by a harpy express messenger, who arrived as soon as the adventurers were dealt with.

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