Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 187: Trouble in the Western Region (2/3)

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Volume 3: Chapter 187 – Trouble in the Western Region (2/3)

The leader of the invading adventurers, Belthazar, went into the forest looking for his prey. 10 adventurers had encroached into these lands, but everyone else except for him and the two adventurers, who chose to follow him, went their own way and met their own destruction.

Belthazar had set his eyes on one goblin.

It was a blue goblin known as a noble class.

Belthazar was renowned us the Almighty Spear, but his strength today was already a far cry from his heyday. In exchange, however, he has gained much experience in the underworld as wall as the skills to use other people.

He watched as the goblins preyed upon the adventurers. His countenance didn’t change the slightest even as he watched the goblins finish them off.

He patiently and quietly waited for his opportunity.

The blue goblin led less than 10 goblins. There were no rare goblins or red goblins in his horde, only green ones, which were the normal class, so only the blue goblin was a threat.

“I’ll take care of the blue one. You two take care of the rest.”

The two adventurers that chose to go with Belthazar nodded, and after they’d each decided which goblin to take, they drew their weapons and peeked at the goblins from the darkness.


After killing the adventurers, the goblins were about to turn around and go back, but then Belthazar and one adventurer suddenly ran out.

As they ran, the other adventurer that waited behind drew his bow and shot an arrow at one of the normal goblins.

“What!?” Gi Ba cried out in shock, but Belthazar’s spear was already headed toward him.

Gi Ba was able to dodge that spear by a hair’s breadth, but Belthazar’s attack did not stop.


Belthazar thrust his spear, slammed it, swept with it… He perfectly demonstrated the advantages of the spear as he attacked Gi Ba and left him with no choice but to defend.

The cross-shaped blade of she spear grazed Gi Ba, but Belthazar brought it back to try and catch him.

Gi Ba desperately tried to avoid that, causing him to fall to the ground.

Unfortunately, Belthazar was aiming for that, and he sent down his spear at the fallen goblin.

“KU, you dare, human!?”

As Gi Ba tried to stand up, Belthazar sent an attack toward his feet, but while Ba was able to block using his long sword, he still ended up being scratched.

Gi Ba tried to rush forward to bring the battle closer, but Belthazar brought back his spear and hit Gi Ba with the butt end, then as he shifted around, he swung his spear toward the tendons of Gi Ba’s feet.

“GU!?” Gi Ba mumbled out a cry after getting hit in the face.

But then in the next moment, the sound of the spear swinging reached his ears, and an ill foreboding jolted through his back. Immediately, Gi Ba flipped forward.

Blue blood gushed into the air as the spear grazed Gi Ba’s back.

It was only a graze, but true to the name ‘Almighty Spear’, Gi Ba was sent rolling to the ground like a ball.

As Gi Ba tried to stand up once more, Belthazar was already rushing toward him.

Unfortunately for Belthazar, Gi Ba was able to take him by surprise by throwing his sword at him, creating a much needed opening.

Gi Ba used that opening to take out his axe and close in on Belthazar. Gi Ba wanted to end the battle as soon as possible.

For some reason – perhaps because Belthazar was shifting from offense to defense – he had his spear halfway pointed outside.

Gi Ba took that for an opening, and he swung down his axe with a strength unthinkable for a human.

The force behind that swing was enough to cut the spear in half, but it hit nothing but the ground.


Gi Ba angrily turned toward his missing foe, but that cross-shaped spear blade was already headed for his neck.

“You parried my axe!?”

Gi Ba’s axe was hit from the side, causing it to move out of its intended trajectory.

It sounds simple on paper, but in practice, it takes a lot of guts and skill. The fact that the man before him was able to pull off such a feat was a testament to the height of his mastery.

In fact, even Belthazar himself was shocked. For that last parry reminded him of his old glory, and with it, a plethora of unwanted memories.

“…Just an old dream, huh,” he muttered to himself in self-derision, then he lifted up his spear.

He was about to press the attack when he suddenly felt a killing intent and the sound of footsteps coming from behind.

Immediately, Belthazar turned and swung his spear.

The head of a goblin came flying at that.


Without even the time to cry out, a goblin’s life was taken.

Belthazar clicked his tongue as he looked for the adventurers that should have been fighting with him. Needless to say, they were already dead.

“Useless,” he spat.

He’d originally planned to fight this battle alone, so the adventurers were only really extras. If they could be used, then good, if not, then that’s fine too.

While he was busy taking care of the normal goblin, Gi Ba had taken some distance.

Belthazar turned to him and assumed stance once more.

“Stay put and I’ll give you a pleasant death,” Belthazar said.

“Don’t order me, human!” Gi Ba spat.

Gi Ba rushed with his axe once more.

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  1. let me guess Shumea saves him and owing a human a life debt is stronger than his hatred.

      1. No everyone have plot armor in this novel, just look how Gi Gu survive the battle with Gowen. I hope the author doesnt kill Gi Ba here, the king still fighting in the south, Gi Ba can die somewhere else not here

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