Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 190: Blue Knights (4/4)

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Volume 3: Chapter 190 – Blue Knights (4/4)

The detached force was driven away by Hal, but they weren’t done yet. They turned around and was about to charge back into the goblin army.

After losing so many soldiers, the Goblin King couldn’t help but grit his teeth as he ordered the army to turn around.

“I won’t let your deaths be in vain!” The Goblin King said as he set his gaze upon the enemy commander, then he called Felbi and Gi Za to the frontlines.

“Kill the enemy commander,” he said.

Gi Go, who hasn’t uttered a word all this time as he waited by the king’s side, drew his curved sword and turned around. There was no time for greetings. The enemy cavalry had already begun their charge once more.

The Goblin King took Flamberge in his left hand and wielded Zweihander in his right hand.

“Don’t miss this opportunity!”

That was all the Goblin King said as he took command of his allies to clash with the enemy.

They would be at a disadvantage if they let the enemy gather momentum before charging, so he immediately ordered his army to charge.

“Attack!! Tear their necks into pieces!” The Goblin King said as he raised Flamberge with black flames spurting.

In response, Rashka and Gi Zu ran onwards despite the wounds they carried.


The Goblin King’s roars pushed on the backs of the two goblins as they ran in the frontlines, then as if to chase after them, their subordinate goblins all ran as well.

The earth trembled as the goblin army began their charge.

Even Gi Jii who had assumed a half-circle formation had already changed formation to an offensive type.

After the goblins regrouped themselves into an arrowhead formation, they ran toward the approaching cavalry.

Like this a tempest of swords whirled up from between the two forces again.

Rashka’s clubs turned the cavalry into lumps of meat, and the bloody Gi Zu slipped through the spears and pulverized their brains with his fists.

Zu Vet’s battle axe lopped off the sand horses’ heads, and Gi Do Buruga’s wind tore the enemy apart.

But although the Order of the Blue Knights weren’t as fierce as they were before, they were still elites. True to that renown, they struck out with their spears and brought countless goblins to the ground.

They slipped through rains of spells cast by the druids and lopped the heads off of the goblins. Their sand horses ran over the monsters and as they did the horsemen caught the goblins’ spears, and then skewered the goblins that hid behind their shields.

It was an awful sight, but no matter how fierce the flames raged within the king’s heart, he stifled them and watched.

He only had one target: the enemy commander.

No matter how many of his subordinates died, no matter how many of the enemies died, he only needed to watch for now.

Gi Jii Yubu’s subordinates struck out with their spears toward the weakened enemy.

They assumed a hedgehog formation, and with the strong legs of a goblin, closed in on the enemy.

The enemy cavalry tried to get out of the way, but they couldn’t change directions that quickly, and in no time, they were skewered.

It didn’t matter whether it was man or horse. Before the hedgehog formation, everything was cut down before its advance.

But when they tried to push their advantage further, they were stopped by a valiant warrior, a knight riding upon a horse with a dazzling sword in hand.

The Goblin King grit his teeth when he saw that knight, and he took the Zweihander in his right hand and threw it at him.


The Goblin King used all of his might to throw his great sword, and it spun on its axis as it headed toward Aizas.

“That’s not enough to beat me!” Aizas said as he gripped the holy sword, Guradion, tight.

It was a sword he’d received from his beloved princess. A sword from the royal treasury that promised victory.

But in the same moment that he deflected the great sword, two arrows of unparalleled accuracy were shot. Their direction was none other than the valiant warrior and his beloved steed.

“Sorry,” Ra Gilmi muttered.

Aizas tried to block those two arrows even as he pulled on the reins of his sand horse, but he was still dismounted in the end.

Aizas already figured out that the Goblin King was the leader of the goblins, and that if he were able to defeat him, the war would end in their victory. The Goblin King thought the same.

Unfortunately, what came next for Aizas was a giant mass of wind. It was a massive attack that would surely tear his whole body into pieces were he to receive it.

“I won’t lose!”

But that massive mass of wind was all but cut with a single swing of the holy sword. After that, Aizas made a run for it… Not away, but toward the Goblin King.

Despite those two impossibly accurate arrows and that powerful wind spell, Aizas knew no fear, and he pushed on, cutting goblin after goblin in his path as he made his way toward the Goblin King.

Truly fitting of the term ‘One Man Against a Thousand’. He was a tempest. A storm. He took down everything in his path, and nothing could stop him.

“Brace yourself!”

Aizas jumped with the power of his divine protection coursing throughout his whole body. When he felt a presence, he turned his gaze, and there he saw Gi Ji Arsil.

Gi JI had been bottling up his anger all this time after seeing his subordinates die, and now that the opportunity for vengeance was at hand, his expression twisted.

He threw a dagger toward Aizas.

Aizas’ face twisted as he felt pain jolt from his ankle, but he did not stop, for the head of the Goblin King was right before him.

If he could just slay the Goblin King, this battle would end with no more sacrifices, so…

He charged onwards.


And with all the force of his spirit, he swung the holy sword.

The Goblin King responded in kind. With the Flamberge in both hands, he too used all of his strength to meet the descending holy sword.


The Goblin King’s roars resounded throughout the battlefield.

And when Aizas saw the Goblin King’s face distort upon receiving his blade, he thought, ‘I can do this!’ But that was only for a moment.

“GU!?” Aizas cried out.

For in the next moment, he felt something pierce him from the side.

It was a curved sword from a goblin he had never before seen.

After that, the urge to throw up overcame him.

“BU HAK!?”

As the blood within his body flowed out, he felt his strength leave him.


The voice of his friend screaming was the last thing he heard.

Somehow, Allen managed to take his body away from the battlefield.


After the battle that day, the Order of the Blue Knights lost 2,000 soldiers out of their 3,000, but the greatest loss of all was the death of their commander, Aizas, and the grave injuries of his second-in-command, Allen. The Merchant Country, Pena, grew weak within a night.

But the goblins were not without losses. They lost 1,300 on their side and now only had 1,100 soldiers left.

To make things worse, the sudden attack of the Red King with over 15,000 soldiers from Elrain Kingdom forced them to flee for the borders without even being able to celebrate their victory.

No matter how strong the Goblin King was, he could not take on an army over 10 times his army’s size. That was simply impossible.


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  1. I don’t know why the goblin king needed to expand that fast without numbers, reorganization and it sure looks that he doesn’t care using his goblins as cannon fodder

    1. “After losing so many soldiers, the Goblin King couldn’t help but grit his teeth as he ordered the army to turn around.

      “I won’t let your deaths be in vain!” The Goblin King said as he set his gaze upon the enemy commander, then he called Felbi and Gi Za to the frontlines.”

      Don’t know man, it sounded like he cared in this chapter. It’s war. Having author add in Goblin King’s emotions about the death of his comrades for every battle would seem very redundant. Plus what others have said.

  2. Sigh it will be a damn long journey for goblin king, they are not that great even with physical superiority, well they are growing but the numbers also too pale againts the human

    i like it when the story played out realistically but when something going sheet for mc i got bitter, i guess i read too much OP mc

  3. I…i am very sad that the hero didn’y survive… Rip princess lady… She seemed like a very….hmhmm, nice tho- lady.

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