Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 193: Razuel Defensive Battle (1/3)

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Volume 3: Chapter 193 – Razuel Defensive Battle

The location of the military camp that the Goblin King had chosen was situated south of a narrow path from the north. They built their camp in such a way that they blocked that path.

To the north could be seen Razuel Town. It was about 1 kilometer away.

To the west was the Great Ashunasan Desert, about 100 kilometers away.

To the east was Guena Village.

When Hal lured the first humans to their camp, they couldn’t help but laugh at the small fortress of the goblins.

“Trying to act smart, goblins!?” Saldin said.

Those words signified the opening of the battle.

Saldin was a skilled commander when it came to battles, he was not thinking at all about the overall war. And because of that he made a poor decision.

That blunder was to the goblins’ good fortune, however, for by the time Hal had led the enemy to their camp, the goblins had already mostly finished their camp.

“A big army doesn’t need insignificant tactics! Onwards!” Saldin said, and the army under his lead cried out in response.

Like that the Defensive Battle of Razuel began, and perhaps because of some stroke of luck, the battle favored the goblins at the start.

The humans crashed like waves against the double layered fences of the goblins. With their cavalry at the lead, it could be seen that the humans were trying to crush the goblins in one fell swoop.

“Attack! Kill those goblins!”

As the commander of the Red King’s vanguard, Saldin personally led on horseback from the front. As he lifted his spear over his head, the soldiers of Elrain Kingdom from behind all raised their voices.

“For victory! For victory! For victory!”

Brushing aside the tall grasses that reached up their knees, the soldiers of Elrain Kingdom rode onwards. Horses donned in armor, the sound of the rustling metal poured oil into the soldiers’ burning fervor, giving rise to a pressure that could crush even humans.

When the soldiers bellowed out a war cry, spells for the army’s advanced cast upwards, leaving a streak of red as a fire bullet shot toward the sky.

“Front row, attaAaaAck!”

The very earth and air seemed to tremble as horses and men alike approached.

“Stand by!”

Yet the goblins were so quiet it was almost terrifying.

Their teeth chattered in fear, but as if uttering a word was some great sin, not one of them spoke, and even the normal goblins who were shaking forcefully stifled the fear they felt as they held nothing but their spear. One could only imagine how lonely they were to have only that thin stick to rely upon.

They seemed so feeble as they stood before the great wave approaching.

“Stand by!”

Atop the earth left dry by the fine weather, clouds of dust rose as the armored horses galloped through the grassy plains.

As sweat trickled down the goblins’ back, they started wondering if they were really holding their spears, but despite that they held their ground.

Behind them the battle demon, Gi Jii Yubu, held his own spear as he spoke loudly, encouraging the normal class goblins.

Before the approaching stampede of hooves, the rare class would glance at Gi Jii from time to time, hoping he would give the order to retreat, while the normal goblins just kept on groaning.

But Gi Jii Yubu ignored all of those and quietly waited for the enemy to come.

“As long as our lord lives, we shall stand undefeated!” Gi Jii said loudly to the quivering goblins as he took the butt of his spear and pierced it into the ground.

“Has our lord ever lost!? Has our lord ever been mistaken!?” Gi Jii struck the ground with the butt of his spear once more.

“Never! For as long as we believe, our lord shall never lose, and we shall never be defeated!”

When the enemy was within 50 meters, Gi Jii filled his stomach with strength and bellowed loudly as he gave out a command to his goblins.

“Now! Raise the anti-cavalry fences!!”

The normals threw the spears in their hands, and in the next moment, pulled some ropes, revealing the anti-cavalry fences beneath in the ground.

The anti-cavalry fences were made of logs about 30 centimeters in diameter and positioned in such a way that they would pierce into the oncoming horses.

Ropes were tied around the edges of the anti-cavalry fences, which when pulled allowed them to serve as spears.

As soon as the normal goblins pulled the ropes, a powerful impact ran through their hands. It was almost as if a giant spider had hit them as they cried out in pain. But that was only a given, after all, the approaching cavalry had crashed straight into the anti-cavalry fences.

Neighs resounded as the horses found themselves in great pain. Most of the riders had been blown away in the crash and their limbs were all twisted into weird shapes.

But then fire shot forth from the enemy’s side, almost as if the spluttering blood was in the way.

“Magic! Defend!” Gi Jii said.

“Let those humans have a taste of real magic!” Felbi said as if responding to Gi Jii Yubu.

In the next moment, wind magic shot out from the elves, extinguishing the volleys of flame.

Bullets of flame sought to scorch the skies, but with a breath, the god of wind blew them away.

A battle of spells began atop the goblins’ camp, but they did not have the luxury to watch the fireworks for the survivors of the earlier crash and soldiers who managed to get over the poorly made fences were approaching.

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