Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 193: Razuel Defensive Battle (2/3) (SHORT)

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Volume 3: Chapter 193 – Razuel Defensive Battle

“Spears assemble! Don’t let the enemy approach!”

Gi Ba Hagar gruffly encouraged the normal goblins as he ordered them to strike their spears against the humans who were wading their way through the double-layered fences.

Iron armors weren’t common in the southern deserts, and the leather armor that the southern people wore was easily pierced through by the goblins.


At Gi Ba’s command, a line of spears simultaneously struck out, stabbing into the humans trying to get over the fences. The edge of the spears made out of black iron in the Forest of Darkness penetrated the armor of the humans, burying themselves into their hearts.

“Think we’ll just let you goblins do as you please!?” Saldin, who had been dismounted, said angrily as he cut down the anti-cavalry fences.

Although he was not one of those great warriors who could take a thousand alone, he was still one of the upper brass of the giant organization, the Red King. His strength was not one to make light of.

In the blink of an eye, he managed to get past the anti-cavalry fences, then with frightening speed, threw his spear past the other fences.


Saldin’s spear immediately found itself within a normal goblin, but it didn’t stop there. It kept on going and penetrated even the goblin behind that goblin.

After that Saldin raised up his sword and called out to the army behind him.

“This is where we break out!”

But as soon as he cut down the anti-cavalry fences and tried to cling to the double-layered fences—

“Attack!” Gi Ba said, then the goblins struck out with their spears toward Saldin.

“Think that’s enough to hurt me!?”

But Saldin brushed them away with his long sword, and then he went for the fences.

“Lowly goblins!”

Saldin cut through the goblins behind the fences, but the spears kept coming for him, and eventually, he was forced to take a step back.

“Tch! Tricky bastards!”

Still, with the strength of his will, Saldin somehow managed to kick down a part of the fences, allowing him to enter the goblin camp.


Saldin swung down his sword toward a spear-wielding goblin, and cut it in half with a single stroke, then he struck the unresponsive goblin corpse and kicked it up, allowing him to use it as a shield as he encroached into the goblin camp.

“It’s dirty, but!”

Bathed in goblin blood, Saldin swung his sword and lopped off the head of a nearby goblin. He tried to go for another as he turned around, but a powerful force repelled him.

An axe accompanied by a powerful voice had descended.

“Tch, a big one.”

“Human, don’t get ahead of yourself!”

With a sword in one hand and an axe in another, Gi Ba faced Saldin valiantly.

“Cut the rear!”

Gi Ba kept his cool even as he fought a human.

Seeing him give orders like that, Saldin clicked his tongue and swung his axe as if he wanted to ram his body into Gi Ba.

“You shall not pass! This here shall be your grave!”

“Damned goblin! Don’t talk as if you’re my match!”

Sparks flashed as their weapons clashed.

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