Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 198 – A Blow to Turn the Tides (1/3)

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Volume 3: Chapter 197 – A Blow to Turn the Tides (1/3)

The Goblin King’s decision to rush into the north in one fell swoop was not made out of recklessness or ignorance. It was a decision made after gathering as much information he could and comparing his army’s strength with the enemy’s, where he then realized that the only path to victory was a powerful attack.

The army of 15,000 from Fatina has surrounded the Kushain believers and has kept the situation in a half deadlock state. The army from Fatina then built up walls toward both the Kushain believers and the goblins. They seemed to be wary of the goblins attack. But what really forced the king to make a decision was when he received a report that the army from Elrain Kingdom was approaching from behind.

They too numbered 15,000.

They were led by the archduke, Brandika; the last authority of the kingdom, Kanash; the guest general from the Flying Swallow clan, Wyatt; and Saldin, who had been freed from his house arrest and was now in search of vengeance for his previous defeat. It was a force consisting of the Red King clan’s full strength. On top of that, they showed no signs of trying to hide their presence. It was almost as if they wanted everyone to know that they were chasing after the goblins.

When the goblin king received that information, he immediately felt that the odds of winning were low. The enemy altogether was a colossal army of 30,000 men. Right now, the Goblin King had barely more than 4,000 soldiers. On top of that the enemy was the Red King, who could be considered exceptional among the humans. His ability to lead his people should be as terrifying as the rumors.

If they were to clash against that head on, they would surely be wiped out.

Should he retreat?

If he did that, then the Kushain Believers were sure to fall, and the Red King would soon extend its hands for the border lands. Alternatively, if those 15,000 soldiers were to go for the border lands right now, then the odds of winning would become even lower.

They had no choice but to fight.

The Goblin King believed that the Red King was after Cultidian. At the same time, he also understood that this war was essentially a battle to allow the Kushain Believers to survive.

Hence, there was no reason to clash with the Red King directly.

If he could just attack the forces from Fatina, and drive them far enough so that they can’t keep up their encirclement, then he should be able to leave without any future problems.

The Goblin King has been preparing with that plan in mind. Although the forces from Fatina have managed to secure a powerful defensive position, it had one weakness: the Kushain Believers and the goblins could attack it from both sides.

Try as they might to fortify their defenses, after trying to cover the holy city of Cultidian, which once was home to over 300,000 people, they would undoubtedly have a place of weakness.

And just as the Goblin King thought, the encirclement toward the north was weak. Of course, it was only weak relative to the other sides of the encirclement. It’s probably because they’re too anxious over the goblins that the defense in the north became weaker, the Goblin King believed.

On top of that, the Goblin King also had no choice but to believe that Saint Mira understood that.

It was simply not possible for the Goblin King to gather all information, so he had no choice but to gamble on the calibre of the new Kushain matriarch who decided to ally with them.

“Hide beneath the shadowed veil of the night and break free the northern encirclement!” The Goblin King commanded.

The goblins nodded in response as they drew their weapons and ran.

Fortune seemed to favor the goblins, for the twin moons of Navi and Ervi that ever dazzled in the sacred night, were hidden behind heavy clouds.

“The night is our hour. Gi Ji, Gi Gu, make the most of it!” The Goblin King said.

“HA!” Gi Ji replied.

“As you command!” Gi Gu replied.

As the goblin king gave his orders, they passed by the enemy’s trap. The way they dodged the trap laid by the enemy was truly nothing short of marvellous, and it was all thanks to these two goblins, who excelled in scouting and trap-making.

To the goblins who could see in the night, traps like pitfalls were meaningless. Gi Ji and Gi Gu led their respective hordes as the goblins approached the enemy.

Under the cover of the night, the attack of the goblins went unnoticed until they touched the fences and Gi Ji had lopped off the head of a patrolling soldier.

That soldier cried out to alert his allies with the last of his strength, revealing the intrusion of the goblins, but it was already too late, for the goblins had already broken through.

“Kill all who resist!” Gi Gu Verbena commanded.

His subordinates took his words to heart as they attacked the human forces.

Within the wings of the night goddess, Verdna, who was under the rule of the night god, Ya Jansu, the curtains over a struggle of life and death were drawn.

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