Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 198 – A Blow to Turn the Tides (2/3)

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Volume 3: Chapter 197 – A Blow to Turn the Tides (2/3)

Carlion woke up in the dead of the night after hearing something.


He felt chills coming down his spine and the weight of the air seemed to stick to his skin. He strained his eyes toward the unexpected darkness.

“This feeling… It’s war.” [Carlion]

According to Carlion’s predictions, the goblins won’t be coming for another 2 days. They shouldn’t be here just yet. They may have formed an alliance, but the goblins should still be fighting in the south. And while they might appear to be clever for goblins, someone smart was probably leading them.

Carlion got off his bed and was shocked to find how cold the floor was.

“Carlion!” A voice called out.

Just as Carlion had finished dressing himself, Cell came barging in.

“Are we under attack?” Carlion asked.

“It’s the goblins. They came a lot faster than expected,” Cell said.

Cell seemed to calm down as they talked, for by the time she said that last sentence, she was no longer so hurried.

Carlion nodded and asked her to escort him.

“It seems the goblins are pretty good. No, it would be problematic if I were to think of them as the same as your usual goblins.”

Carlion walked as he received the various reports coming from every direction. At the same time, he also gave orders.

“You can abandon up to the 3rd section to the north. We’ll defend the 4th section, so buy some time. Lord Glenn shall take command.”

Three sections to the north have already fallen to the goblins.

Carlion had divided this excessively long formation into 24 sections, starting at 1 from the north all the way back to the north at 24. The fact that the goblins were easily able to take out three sections meant that their threat level needed to be increased by one.

“You can fight back as soon as you see them. We have the advantage in numbers, so please use that to form a defensive wall. Cell can defend the main formation with just her platoon. Lord Cassadora please bring your platoon to defend the fourth district too.”

Carlion climbed a tall watchtower and surveyed section 4 as the watch fires illuminated it.

“Are you planning to break the common sense of human warfare, goblins? But regardless, I’m not about to lose here.
Send a messenger to every direction… Let them know that in 2 days, this battle shall end.”

Cell nodded and asked.

“Should the soldiers fight to the last?”

“No. Tell them to come back alive.”

As Cell’s presence vanished in the darkness, Carlion coughed and wryly smiled.

“Did she notice?”

As Carlion’s cough became more intense, he covered his mouth with his hand.

When he looked at his shaking hand, blood could be seen on it.

“…But we’re at the critical point right now, so please… For the sake of the king’s dominion, for the sake of my dream, please… Just wait a little bit more.”

As he felt his own death looming, the tactician fearlessly smiled.


In response to the surprise attack in the dead of the night, Carlion immediately led his soldiers to fortify their defenses. The quickness of their response was just as one would expect from the self-selected platoon of the genius tactician. Despite that, however, the momentum of the goblins was terrifying.

The Goblin King, Rashka the very embodiment of violence, and Gi Zu Ruo the mad dragon. The ability of these goblins to break through was nothing short of terrifying as wrecked everything in their path.

The goblins continued their surprise attack from evening until morning, and by the end, of the 15,000 soldiers, 1,000 have already been sent to the underworld, and that number continued to increase.

Compared to them, the losses on the goblins’ side could be counted with one’s hands.

Hence, there was no doubting that the victor of the night attack was the goblins.

Half a day passed since the goblins initiated their surprise attack.

Around the time when the sun was climbing up the sky, dull clouds covered the azure sky, and it seemed as if the heavens could cry at any time. It was at such a time that the Kushain believers could finally see the fierce battle unfolding.

It was here that the Saint Mira gave a command.

“Coordinate with the goblins and break through the enemies.”

At her behest, almost all of the soldiers of the Kushain believers left to attack, leaving behind only 3,000 soldiers to defend. It was a strategy one wouldn’t expect from someone who has been hiding behind her walls all this time. Her resolve could clearly be felt from this attack.

“We must break the enemy formation before the Red King arrives with reinforcements from Elrain Kingdom. If they get here with this formation in tact, we will lose!”

According to a captured soldier she interrogated, the reinforcements would be arriving in 2 days. They had to break the formation by then or the battle would quickly turn for the worse. That was true for the Kushain believers too.

Because of Saint Mira’s resolve, the Kushain believers fought fiercely, and the battlefield was enlivened once more.

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  1. See, carlion is sick and soon will die, he’s been coughing for almost every chapter mentioning him

    Thanks for the chapter

    1. Every since the first time he coughed it was clear Carlion would die of the “‘berculosis,” I was waiting for him to cough that blood 😂

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