Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 198 – A Blow to Turn the Tides (3/5)

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Volume 3: Chapter 197 – A Blow to Turn the Tides (3/5)

The Kushain believers moved in concert with the goblins, who encroached into the enemy camp, and attacked as well.

Atop the defensive towers of Cultidian were onagers and ballistae. Stones shot from the onagers in the defensive towers of Cultidian, laying waste to the many traps and fences of the enemy camp, then the many Cultidian Believers, who outnumbered the enemy, cried out their battle cry and attacked directly.

After being encouraged by Saint Mira, their resolve was higher than ever. The Kushain believers charged into the fray without regard for the descending arrows or the traps left behind.

When the enemy saw the Kushain believers’ great momentum, their faces paled, and they immediately thought that they would surely lose, but it was then that the genius tactician showed his strategy’s godlike brilliance.

“Oil and fire to the Kushain believers. As for the goblins, keep them away with an endless barrage of arrows!”

The forces of the Red King poured a flood of oil toward the Kushain believers.

With the floor slippery, the Kushain believers lost their footing, and were promptly set aflame as a fire arrow lit the oil flood.

“S-Stop IiIIt!”

The Kushain believers screamed in agony as their bodies were burnt to a crisp.

“Lord Glenn has perished! The goblins aren’t stopping!”

When the messenger reported that to Carlion, he gave another order.

“Move the soldiers positioned in the south to the north. And send out the cavalries to take the goblins from behind! The commander shall be Lord Kionel!”

Although the situation continued to escalate, Carlion only smiled as he analyzed the situation.

The reason the goblins couldn’t be stopped was because they had been fighting within the narrow spaces of Carlion’s military camp. As such, there were less avenues to attack, allowing the goblins to both recover and attack effectively.

They would bring a fresh batch of soldiers to the front, then bring their tired ones to the back. With that giant goblin at the center and the goblins around him maintaining their momentum, they are able to both attack and recover at the same time.

In that case, all they need to do is to attack the resting goblins.

“The difference in numbers isn’t so easily overcome, goblins. Especially, when the one you’re fighting is none other than the genius tactician of the Red King himself,” Carlion muttered as he watched the Goblin King swing his great sword.

“Archers, high-angle fire. Your target: the goblins at the back of their formation. Mages, concentrate your attack at the enemy’s left flank. Time your attacks with the cavalry’s charge and cover those goblins in spells and arrows without missing a single beat!”

As the spearmen desperately tried to defend against the goblins, the archers behind drew their bows and shot toward the cloudy sky. The volley of arrows shot high up, then as they fell back down, they landed right at the back of the goblins’ charge.

For a moment, the Goblin turned to glance back at the goblins behind.

As the goblins’ charge slowed down, the mages casted their spells.

Within the confined space of the defensive camp, wild bullets of flames shot forth toward the left flank of the goblins.

The goblins screamed and writhed as they burned. It was only for a short while, but with that the mages were also able to delay the goblins a little.

The commander at the scene quickly responded to the resulting imbalance caused by the two recent attacks, and he immediately attacked the right flank of the goblins from the side. Then after killing a bunch of goblins, immediately went back into the hedgehog defensive formation.

After repeating that pattern twice, Carlion was able to set a rhythm.

Whenever the goblins think they’re about to get hit, they will reflexively slow down due to anticipation.

In this way, they will be able to avoid the onslaught of the goblins’ charge, while causing much disturbance to their weakened soldiers. To make things worse, the cavalry will even start preying upon their weakened soldiers at the back.

The Goblin King clicked his tongue as he allocated some soldiers to deal with the cavalry from behind. He ordered Ra Gilmi Fishing and his platoon to move from the right flank to the back.

But that was exactly what Carlion was waiting for.

As the goblins’ front-line weakened, e ordered his casters and archers to concentrate fire.

The force behind that unrelenting volley was one that would make even the Goblin King himself think twice.

As the goblins’ charge slowed down, Carlion suddenly retreated from the frontlines and abandoned the fourth section.

“You’re abandoning it?” Cell asked.

“Yes. The Kushain believers will be recovering soon, so…” Carlion wryly smiled and nodded.

As soon as Carlion said that, the Kushain believers’ ballista shot at the fourth section, putting a stop to the battle between the goblins, who were seemingly being pushed back, and the Red King’s forces momentarily.

The goblins have been fighting since the dead of the night, so the Goblin King ordered the really tired goblins to rest for the time being.


Tl Note: Chapter is a bit long. Might take another part or two to finish. Next release on Monday.

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  1. The fight is blur not like in the early volume, waiting for a major fight, maybe king vs brandika the red king or gulland since red king and Germoin kingdom made an alliance, idk

    Thank for the chapter

  2. “But it was then that the genius tactician showed his strategy’s godlike brilliance.
    Oil and fire to the Kushain believers. As for the goblins, keep them away with an endless barrage of arrows!”

    Lolwhat. That’s the godly plan? I love how nonsensical these fights are. How are the archers both firing, and retreating fast enough to outpace the goblins? How are reinforcements getting around the archers to the frontline? If the Red Kings defenses were in range of siege weapons, why hadn’t Cultidan been bombarding them from the beginning?

    Either way, love this LN anyways. Thanks for the great chapter as always!

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