Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 203 – Gi Ba Hagar (1/3)

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Volume 3: Chapter 203 – Gi Ba Hagar (1/3)

“Gi Zu, retreat to the right flank! Gi Gu, advance!”

The Goblin King ordered the goblins, and the goblins were able to successfully fight while retreating.

He led the fight against Pena by focusing on their weak points, but as expected, they couldn’t do as much damage to the enemy when they had to retreat while fighting.

Pena also had healers among the ranks of their rear guard, and the wounded would immediately be brought to them to be tended to.

Moreover, because of the enemy army was made up of adventurers, which were used to fighting monsters and monster beasts, they were used to getting hurt.

Perhaps the goblins would have a much easier time if they were fighting an army composed mainly of conscripts that were formerly farmers, but unfortunately, the adventurers were simply too familiar with death. And as swords for hire, they were also used to bloodshed between humans.

That’s why even when the battle had reached a point where the humans should’ve started to pull back, they didn’t. And instead of being afraid, they bravely charged onward.

The Goblin King was gradually becoming impatient, but he didn’t want that to show on his face, so he bellowed out a great howl and swung his great sword.

At this rate, wouldn’t they eventually catch up to the borderlands, which they had intentionally allowed to go ahead?

The Goblin King stood in the front lines fighting bravely against the humans, but he couldn’t grasp the state of the battle.

The adventurers stood before him, and he destroyed them with his great sword, but even he was beginning to tire.

Unfortunately, he could not leave the front lines, for without him, the front lines would surely immediately be exhausted and be forced to retreat.

Although the duke class and the noble class were also present, only the Goblin King could actually lead the army.

In other words, the only reason that these hordes of goblins are able to function as an army is because the Goblin King is there to lead them.

Without him, only destruction awaited the goblins.

The Goblin King pushed down whatever impatience he felt to a corner of his heart as he focused on swinging his great sword against the enemy.

The battle had begun when the sun was at its peak, but time passed, and now it was pointing to the west.

The night was the hour of the monsters. The Goblin King believed that if they were to make a move, they had to do it with the most advantageous circumstance possible.


The head of the forces of Pena, Allen, continued to receive reports of casualties that made one want to avert his eyes, but the results were equally great.
They were gradually driving the goblin forces to a corner.

Although the front lines of the goblins hadn’t collapsed, the goblins were gradually falling back.

Allen believed this was because the power of his forces was greater.

Of course, there was no way he could know that the goblins were protecting the people of the borderlands. Even if he had received such a report, he couldn’t possibly believe it.

In order to end this battle, he would lead the Blue Knights and finish off the enemy once and for all.

All the Blue Knights believe that’s what Allen would do.

However, it was almost time for the goddess of darkness, Verdna, to spread her wings and welcome the hour of the night god, Ya Jansu.

Everything has gone well for them until now, so the deciding battle would be difficult.

One wrong step and all their efforts would be put to waste.

Allen was at a loss.

Should they brave the dangers of the night and attack the goblins? Or should they take extra caution and wait until the next day before attack?

But on the other hand, if they waited for tomorrow, the goblins might well recover. Or they might even run. Allen couldn’t stop thinking such things as he watched the battlefield looking for an opportunity.

Before long a messenger on horseback came to him.

“Reinforcements from Elrain Kingdom! 6,000 horsemen!” The messenger said.

When the surrounding blue knights and adventurers heard that, they clamored.

Victory was at hand! Morale rose to an all time high.

But if the Red King defeated the goblins here, Allen’s respected queen would be affected.

This was not a battle they could give to the Red King. They had to win it by themselves. Only then would it have meaning.

In that case, then it might be necessary to muster all of the blue knights and attack.

Allen considered his next move as he watched the adventurers fight the goblins.

“How long until they arrive!?” Allen asked.

“Approximately 2 hours!” The messenger replied.

The figure of the Red King rushing madly ahead within the dark of the dusk flashed through Allen’s mind.

Allen made up his mind.

“Spread the flanks. Surround the goblins,” he ordered finally.

“Are we…!?” Allen’s adjutant asked.

Allen nodded.

“We will attack with all of our strength. Ready yourselves within 30 minutes! The Blue Knights will go around to the right flank and bring chaos to the rearguard of the enemy! We finally have the monsters by the heels! We’re not about to give this to Elrain Kingdom!”

As morale rose up high among the forces of Pena, the formation of their army started to take on the shape of a bird spreading its wings.

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  1. It’s usually that the King is the only one who survived, he got transported to far away place, slowly creating new forces there and levels up before coming back.

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