Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 203 – Gi Ba Hagar (2/4)

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Volume 3: Chapter 202 – Gi Ba Hagar (2/4)

While the battle between the forces of Pena and the goblins continued, with each side taking turns being the dominant force, the vanguard of the Red King led by Saldin were making their way toward the goblins.

“What did the scouts say!?” Saldin yelled from atop his horse.

“Pena’s camp is half a day to the west,” his trusted friend yelled back.

“Bastards! We’re kicking it up a notch!”

Saldin lightly kicked the stomach of his horse as he urged his army to go faster.

“Those who can’t keep up, just follow later! We’re attacking the goblins with Pena from both flanks! Don’t lag behind, riders!”

The forces Saldin led were the adventurers and soldiers that survived the defeat of Razuel. They numbered 5,000. He also had the soldiers given to him by the old enchanter, Grave, adding another 1,000 sorcerer cavalry (mana guard) to his forces.

The mana guard platoon could be said to be Grave’s precious child. So, the fact he was willing to lend them to Saldin showed just how much he was expecting from him.

“To the west!”

Saldin pointed his sword toward the west as he pulled the reins on his horse and changed direction.

“We’ll take the heads of those goblins!”

Because Saldin was more spirited than normal, the morale of the army was naturally lifted.

“A reward will be given to the first spear! I will personally negotiate with our clan leader, Brandika, for it!” Saldin said as he brandished his sword above his head.

Saldin took the lead as he rode onward, voices shouting in glee as adventurers and soldiers rode after him from behind.

Two hours later, the wings of the goddess of darkness have already covered the surroundings, and voices of fighting could be heard from up ahead.

Half of Saldin’s soldier fell behind on the way here, but Saldin didn’t think that was a problem.

“Mana guards, cast flame bullets at my command! You will casting them in a volley 3 times!”

Saldin squinted his eyes as he tried to see through the dark area up ahead.

“Now! Aim toward the sky and shoot!”

The mana guards aimed toward the sky and casted their flame bullets.

Half of the one-thousand mana guards shot their flames up high.

In an instant, flames illuminated the surroundings, lifting up the veil of darkness and laying bare the terrible spectacle that was the battlefield.

Saldin thought poorly of Pena’s forces as they expanded toward both flanks. Meanwhile, he moved his entire army around the left.

“Tell the dimwits of Pena that we’re taking this one!” Saldin said to a nearby soldier before riding away. He didn’t even wait for the soldier to respond.

“Onwards!” Saldin yelled.

The brilliance from the light of the flame bullets reflected off Saldin’s long sword, turning that sword of his into a torch for the soldiers to follow.

“Second volley! Fire it just like you did the last!”

When they were passing the Pena encampment, the mana guards fired another volley.

The corners of Saldin’s mouth lifted up when he saw the goblins and the adventurers fighting.

As he smiled that bandit-like smile, he put strength into his grip on his sword.

“After the last volley, you bastards are to breakaway! Understood!?” Saldin told the mana guards.

The adjutant of Grave’s platoon nodded in response, and Saldin turned away with insanity in his eyes.

“Third volley. Let those goblins have it!!”

700 flame bullets rose up into the sky before descending and crashing into the flanks of the goblin army. As wall of flames were erected, Saldin ordered for the charge to begin.


Clouds of dust rose up behind Saldin’s force of 2,000 horsemen as they began their charge.


With great vigor, the Red King began their charge.

But Gi Jii Yubu’s regiol was not just about to watch themselves be burnt and skewered.

They equipped large shields to minimize the damage from the flame bullets, then when Saldin’s horsemen began charging toward them, they raised up their spears.

“They’re coming! Push out!”

At Gi Jii’s command, they put down their large shields and held their spears with both hands as they ran to meet the incoming horsemen.


Each army bellowed out a war cry.

Roars clashing, the very air shook, and horses flew into the air as goblin limbs fluttered in the sky.

“Don’t cower! Push back!”

Gi Jii Yubu the battle demon encouraged the goblins and they fought as hard as they could. Unfortunately, the difference in numbers was simply too great.

The forces Gi Jii led now numbered only 300 after all the fighting they’ve been through.

With such a huge difference in numbers, Gi Jii had no choice but to call for a retreat after only pushing back the enemy a little.

Still, they were able to pour cold water over the enemy’s high spirits and slow down their momentum, so their attack could still be called a success.

The Goblin King used the opening Gi Jii’s army made to command the army.

“Gi Gu, retreat but don’t allow the front lines to collapse! Rashka, we’re going to the left. After me!”

At the Goblin King’s behest, Rashka and his Gaidga tribe met the cavalry in front, while the Goblin King himself took the soldiers under his direct command to meet the cavalry going left.

Gi Go Amatsuki the sword king and the others became like two spears as they bore out the enemy camp, while the Gaidga tribe’s fierce attack made the hole they bore bigger.

After temporarily dulling the enemy’s momentum, the Goblin King judged that they couldn’t survive being attacked from two sides

They could no longer wait. They had to retreat now. So, he ordered the entire army to retreat.

“Gi Zu! Gi Jii! We’re retreating the entire army! Keep the enemy here!”

“As the king commands! Rouse yourselves, goblins!”

The platoon that had been exhausted the most was none other than Gi Gu’s platoon, but still, Gi Gu took the lead and attacked the adventurers.

The rare class goblins followed him from behind. Each and everyone acting just as one would expected from Gi Gu’s subordinates, attacking with perfect coordination.

Their blood-stained axes bashed into the skulls of their foes. And when they’d judged that the enemy’s momentum had weakened, they turned around.

To protect the back, Gi Zu and Gi Jii took the flanks of the scattered clans that were attacking them, then they retreated even further.

The Goblin King himself protected the rearmost part of their line while the goblins fled into the darkness.

“Not yet. It’s not over yet!” Saldin spat from atop his horse while covered in goblin blood. “Tell the platoons coming after us! There’s no time to rest! We’re pursuing them!”

The platoons that were left behind were now just catching up. Saldin had originally planned to bring them into formation when they arrived, and then throw them into battle.

But if the goblins were retreating, then things were different.

Now that Saldin could smell victory on the horizon, he was going to pursue the goblins.

“Tell the stupid turtles of Pena to chase after the goblins! Our signal will be the flame bullets!”

After sending a nearby adventurer as a messenger, Saldin took the platoons that just arrived and began heading north.

He spread out the mana guard that Grave entrusted him, then as the dark of the night was illuminated, he chased after the goblins.


Tl Note: I’m not sure if I’ve been calling Gi Go Amatsuki a sword god for a while now, but he’s actually supposed to be a sword king, not a god.

Also, I mentioned something way way way before about the Blue Knights supposedly being Blue Chicken Knights, but while that’s true kanji-wise (they are quite literally blue bird knights or blue chicken knights. I suppose a chicken is a bird, so…), the reading the author provided is ‘Blue Knights’. So, no mistake there, apparently. It’s just that the correct reading isn’t present most of the time, so sometimes I forget that the author has provided a reading for a certain kanji.

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