Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 204 – Retreating Battle IV (2/4)

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Volume 3: Chapter 204 – Retreating Battle 4 (2/4)

As soon as the night ended, the mixed army chased after the goblins. It was remarkable how even though the enemy has been chasing the goblins on sand horses for the past few days, the goblins have still yet to collapse, but the fatigue had already started to slow them down.

“Make those goblins pay for attacking our southern lands! Take back the people they kidnapped!” Allen said.

Allen stood frozen and speechless for a moment when he saw the traces left on the battlefield where Gi Ba had died. Although monsters had already come and eaten the corpses, Allen could still see remnants of the unarmed women and children, as well as the large number of goblins and human soldiers. When Allen saw that, he assumed that the goblins had kidnapped the people and that the forces of the Red King had failed to recover them.

Allen was concerned about the movements of the Red King, but he didn’t have the time to check on them. A passionate fury welled up from deep inside his cest, lifting the corner of his eyes and dyeing his exhaustion in anger.

“Unforgivable! Let these goblins know the price of killing our people! Onwards!” Allen said.

Having a just cause has always made it easier to rule regardless of the era. Although the truth that Allen believed was actually far from the real truth, there wasn’t a single soldier from the forces of Pena who would dare believe that the goblins were protecting the humans. As such, the forces of Pena burned in righteous indignation as they chased after the goblins.

Even the adventurers who only thought of money sympathized with Allen’s anger after seeing the devoured traces of the corpses of the young and the old.

“We may be good-for-nothing scums who throw their lives away for money, but… We would never lay a hands on women and children! Those monsters are scum!” Said a young clan leader of a medium-sized clan as he followed Allen’s command and upped the pace.

“Kill the monsters! Make them pay in blood!”

As the furious adventurers raised their sword, several clans sympathized and raised their speed.

Upon the grass-covered plains that stretched out as far as they eyes could see, patches of forests could be seen here and there. This was the northernmost part of the borderlands. Just a little further up, and they would be entering the regions known as the Western Region, but the forces of Pena were pursuing the goblins.

The pursuing forces of Pena could finally see back of the goblins. It seems they had at long last been exhausted. With the body of the god of fire still high up in the sky and army morale being at an all-time high, Allen decided to rush straight into the fray.

The mixed army didn’t even bother to fix their formation as they jumped straight for the monsters, but the clans that made up the mixed army were originally created for the sole purpose of hunting monsters.

They specialized at hunting monsters independently. Under the command of their clan leader, their vanguard kept the enemy at bay, while the rear guard supported them. Allen’s job was just to regulate the distance between the clans.

It was a chaotic battle for goblins. It was almost as if they were fighting a hydra, a snake with a hundred heads. The clans attacked as they pleased, and the Goblin King had to deal with them. The enemy’s left flank would focus on long-ranged attack. The enemy’s right flank would focus on suppressing them. The enemy’s center would push with their vanguards. The clans that were also differently sized fought against the goblins in their own ways.

Even the Goblin King could at most only deal with three fronts. Having to deal with so many clans was too great a burden for the Goblin King, who himself was unable to think well due to exhaustion. The other goblins were also exhausted and had difficulty moving. SOme of those even ended up falling prey to the humans’ fierce attacks.

One goblin would try to cover a hole, but then another goblin would fall to a human’s sword.

The Goblin King himself was full of wounds and was already at his wits’ end trying to drive away the humans. The Goblin King stifled whatever thoughts he had of fatigue and focused solely on responding to the threat before him. But even as the Goblin King cut down a human before him with his zweihander, another spear would thrust toward him from the side.

The Goblin King bellowed out, but even with his powerful voice, the humans surely wouldn’t withdraw. But be that as it may, just dulling their movements was good enough. When the Goblin King saw their movements dull, he immediately used that as an opportunity to order another retreat.

To the goblins, having to turn their backs and flee was a thing of humiliation. In fact, there was both fear and humiliation to it, and the more evolved a goblin was, the greater the scales swung toward humilation.

“Damn you, humans! Damn you all!”


Even the bellows of Gaidga’s Rashka vanished before the Goblin King’s rodes, while Gi Go Amatsuki the Sword King could only powerlessly regret his weakness.

Though the Goblin King, Gi Jii Yubu, and Gu Verbena tried to stop the enemy from the rearmost part of their forces, the enemy was gradually devouring them.

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