Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 204 – Retreating Battle IV (3/4)

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Volume 3: Chapter 204 – Retreating Battle 4 (3/4)

“…This is it! Let our might resound through the azure skies!” As Allen brandished his sword, he ordered his best soldiers, the Order of the Blue Knights, to charge.

“Slay the enemy and let us offer their heads!” Allen howled. “To my dear friend Aizas!”

And the members of the Blue Knights cried out in response.

While the mixed army were attacking the fleeing goblins, the Order of the Blue Knights took a long way to the right. With the plains wide open, they took full advantage of their great mobility and rode like the wind.

The rearguard of the goblins that was led by the Goblin King was already at their wits’ end just dealing with the mixed army. No one had the leisure to notice the movements of the Blue Knights. If they did something like that, they would immediately be killed by the flood of humans.

Accompanying the flood of swords was a flood of spears, arrows, and magic. Just brushing all that away and retreating without losing control of the army was already a miracle in and of itself. In fact, the human forces themselves couldn’t maintain such good control over their army. But even as the goblins struggled valiantly, every passing moment brought them closer to the end of the battle, as the Blue Knights inched ever closer.

Under the light of the brilliant sun hanging high above the sky, clouds of sand rose up as sand horses valiantly galloped through the desert. The knights that rode upon the back of the sand horses were – fitting to the honor of the kingdom that they carried – were led perfectly by their commander, Allen, who held back his rage that sought to break free and go wild.

The long slender spear that was raised by Allen twinkled under the light of the sun. The end of that spear was pointed at the enemy to be destroyed.

“Ready your spears!”

The wind carried Allen’s voice, allowing it to reach all the way to the back.

The long and slender spear of the Order of the Blue Knights were fastened to the sand horses. At Allen’s command, the members of the order took out the spear, then Allen gave another command. Every command Allen gave needed to be given at the perfect moment. Too early, and he would end up tiring his soldiers. Too late, and he would impede the momentum of their charge.

“Geese formation!” Allen said.

The Blue Knights were gathered together like one lump until now, but when Allen gave that command, they changed their formation into something akin to that of an arrow-head with Allen at the center.

It was as if the Blue Knights had changed into the appearance of a living creature as they rode toward the goblins.

The geese formation maximized the penetrating power of the Blue Knights, giving them the necessary strength to destroy the enemy formation.

The Blue Knights had absolute confidence in Allen as he led the charge. The Blue Knights rode through the plains with their spears lined up. The blue overcoat that was the symbol of the Blue Knights fluttered in the wind as they rode like a bird swooping for its prey.

When there was only 300 meters left between them and the goblins, the goblins finally noticed them.

“My lord—!”

When Gi Jii Yubu saw the speed and the formation of the approaching knights, he immediately realized their strength and cried out to the Goblin King, but it was already too late, for by the time the Goblin King could react to Gi Jii’s cry, the enemy was already before them.


The brilliance of the enemy’s spears reflected on the Goblin King’s eyes. The Blue Knights approached with such speed that the Goblin King no longer had the time to give an order.

“—Onwards!!” as Allen bellowed out that order, so did the members of the Blue Knights.

A battle cry that could shake the heavens and the earth resounded as the Blue Knights charged for the goblins.

“—GURUuuooOOA AaaAA!”

As the Blue Knights easily trampled over Gi Jii Yubu’s forces and broke through the goblins led by the Goblin King himself, the Goblin King bellowed out in anger. The black flames upon the Goblin King’s great sword burned ever stronger. With each step the Goblin King took, the earth seemed to break. And a terrifying presence seemed to accompany every swing of his great sword.

“Disperse! Dodge it!”

Allen immediately broke his platoon into three platoons.

After penetrating halfway into the forces of the goblins, Allen suddenly gave the order to disperse, changing the formation of the Blue Knights from that lone arrowhead into three arrowheads.

Allen did not know exactly what the Goblin King was up to, but the chills that ran up the nape of his neck immediately forced him into action. And he gave the order to change formation while keeping those chills he felt in check.

By maneuvering his horse masterfully, Allen was able to immediately change the course of his horse. But just because he could didn’t mean everyone else could. As such, not all of the Blue Knights that were aiming for the Goblin King could stop in time.

After the Goblin King swung his great sword, the black flames that clad his great sword transformed into a sword wind that tore the approaching knights asunder. With one swing of his blade, the Goblin King had literally cut down 50 knights. There wasn’t even any time for the dead knights to cry out in pain.

But even then, the greater majority of the knights had successfully broken through the goblin’s forces.

“They no longer have the strength to chase us! Come! Let us charge a second time! This place here shall be their grave!”


Allen and his men were in high spirits as they took some distance and prepared a second charge. Just as Allen had said, the goblins did not have the strength to pursue them. They were simply too tired.

The exhausted Goblin King, who had expended much ether, gauged the distance between his men and the enemy. The Goblin King had just literally let loose a killing strike, but he longer had any cards left to play.

The only card left was to defend and flee to the north.

“Retreat! Retreat now!!”

Though the Goblin King burned with shame, the Goblin King struck down the approaching adventurers, if only to ensure that at least one more goblin would be able to flee safely.

“My lord… At this rate…”

After getting hit by the enemy’s charge, Gi Jii Yubu’s forces could no longer defend. As such, Gi Jii could clearly see their defeat. Before long the enemy knights would come charging again, and even though their formation had yet to fully collapse, they were already at their limits.

With their numbers reduced, all the goblins in the area could hear the Goblin King’s voice. That was one of the reasons why they were still hanging on, but there would surely not be a second time.

The pressure from the adventurers was also increasing. It was increasing in response to the charge of the Blue Knights.

Arrows and magic rained mercilessly upon the fleeing goblins, while warriors weaved their way through and fought up close.

Should the goblins receive another attack from the knights, they would surely be wiped out like dead leaves being jostled about amidst stormy seas.

But Gi Jii put those thoughts aside and eyed his surroundings

The regiol that he devoted himself into making had already been reduced to just 100 soldiers.

“But even then!” Gi Jii grit his teeth.

Those 100 soldiers should be more than enough to serve as a decoy.

If they could just make an opening, the Goblin King would surely be able to retreat.

The few would sacrifice their lives to allow the many to live. That was one of the odd strategies Pale Symphoria showed in their war with the elves.

Gi Jii took a deep breath.

But just as Gi Jii was about to give the order to die for the king, a volley of arrows came shooting from behind the goblins.

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