Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 213 – The Kishin of Melgion (4/8) (SHORT)

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Volume 3: Chapter 213 – The Kishin of Melgion (4/8)

“At this rate…”

Gi Za withdrew his staff after hearing Pale’s words, but the situation before them was not really something that could be called favorable. It was true that the Goblin King had broken through and was causing panic everywhere.

But that was it. The damage the king has inflicted was really no more than a little panic. As soon as the humans shook it off, the threat of a surround will once again be hanging upon their heads.

“Indeed. At this rate, even the king’s cavalry will eventually run out of strength.”

“Then why would you have them attack like this!?”

“It’s not an oversight. I have a plan. It’s just that…”


“The burden on the defense will become greater. You will need to prepare yourself.”

“You don’t need to tell me!”

Gi Za turned heel and ordered his subordinates to prepare to defend. Gi Gu Verbena the Ruler of the South and Gi Jii Yubu the Battle Demon eyed him from the side as they set out with Gi Zu Ruo who led the Brawler Faction.

“Can you take a second arrow?”

Pale narrowed her eyes as she saw the departing goblins off.

Gi Zu headed southwest in order to suppress the enemy that was going around from that direction. Gi Jii and Gi Gu mustered their strength to support the Goblin King, who fought in the southeast.

“Ready your spears! We shall aid the king!”

The regiol led by Gi Jii Yubu the Battle Demon raised their large shields in front as they closed the distance to the enemy, then they gathered themselves in a tight formation. The hedgehog formation (trista) was weak to blows from the side, but its defensive prowess and assault prowess toward the front was unparalleled.

The purpose of their 600-monster regiol was to support the king’s cavalry from behind. Although right now the Goblin King was tearing through enemy lines and had no one attacking from behind, should his assault be stopped once, he could very well be surrounded and wiped out along with his cavalry.

In order to prevent that, the second arrow was released. Its duty: to destroy the panicking humans before they could get back up.

“Go, go, go!!”

Although their forces were made up mostly of normal goblins, the ferocity of their assault was several times greater than that of a human army. With spears as their choice of standard weaponry, they breathed as one and thrust their spears at the enemies that sought take the king from behind. Because of their tight formation, there was none that could run from the reach of their long spears.

Be it those who turned around and fled, or those who attempted to dodge but failed, or those that tried to block with their shields, only to have their shields penetrated along with their body, all of them perished. And as if it were feeding off their screams and blood, the Regiol that had taken the Hedgehog Formation (Trista) advanced steadily.

The soldiers who tried to surround the king’s cavalry were pushed one-sidedly by the goblins that left the fortress. The generals Pale had sent into the fray were a pair of goblins skilled in teamwork and a goblin whose army could be considered as the army’s main force. They were strong.

When Gi Jii took formation and started bleeding the humans, Gi Zu Ruo took advantage of that opportunity to attack with his southern goblins. They used theslings they developed in the Forest of Darkness to throw fist-sized stones one-handedly at the humans. The might of those wreaked even more havoc among the enemy formations.

After having the regiols of Gi Jii Yubu ruined the formations of the humans, Gi Gu Verbena also attacked.

“Release the monster beasts! After me! Attack!”

Gi Gu bellowed, and the rare class goblin messengers beside him brought word to his entire army to attack. They took the Spear Arrow Formation with Gi Gu at the center, and at Gi Gu’s behest, simultaneously howled.

In the next moment, the dinos positioned at the edge of the arrow’s head attacked the humans. Before the massive bodies of the dinos, some were crushed, some became lost, and some continued to attack, but regardless what action they took, their formation was already broken.

Gi Gu pressed on the attack and led his southern army to clash with the enemy. The attacks of the goblins were fierce, and the goblins were able to successfully break the enemy line. But it should not be forgotten that the humans numbered over 10 times the goblins.

The line Gi Gu and his men had broken was nothing more than one of the many large heads of the monster they faced.

In order to win, the goblins had no other choice but to take the head of the king general of the enemy, Brandika, himself.

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