Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 213 – The Kishin of Melgion (5/5)

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Volume 3: Chapter 213 – The Kishin of Melgion (5/5)

After Gulland and Saldin passed, the cavalry led by the Goblin King easily broke through the humans’ breakwater.

The Goblin King’s cavalry that rode onwards with great momentum looked like an army from hell. That ominous image burned itself into the eyes of the humans.

Seeing that, Grave turned to Brandika and spoke, “Let’s send Lord Wyatt and Lord Kanash.”

“If we did that, then the formation is sure to collapse!” One of the staff officers said that in rebuttal.

Grave’s eyes opened as he said angrily, “Are you blind!? Are those eyes of yours just for decoration!? There is nothing more important in the battlefield than King Brandika!”

Grave inhaled after saying that, then as his old wrinkles knitted, he bowed his head.

“The enemy’s plan is clear. Only by doing this can we keep Carlion’s plan alive. Please make the decision, Your Majesty!”

“I permit it.”

As Brandika nodded, Grave deeply nodded, then he took his platoon and led them to stand against the Goblin King.

“Not even a kishin shall pass through here!”

Grave was willing to sacrifice even the platoon he had personally raised if it meant killing the Goblin King. If he couldn’t do this much, then he wouldn’t have the face to show Carlion, who had sacrificed everything to bring them this opportunity.

Grave split his army into two and attacked the Goblin King from two sides. The momentum of the Goblin King’s cavalry slowed down a little at that.

But that delay was only so they could show an even more terrifying nightmare to the humans.

As soon as the soldier at the head of the cavalry clashed with the goblin king, blood splattered in the air and the soldier was cut in two. The sight of the Goblin King’s two great swords cutting the soldier along with the horse was nothing short of a nightmare.

Grave’s greatest miscalculation was the speed of the Goblin King’s cavalry.

The cavalry led by Grave was a sorcerer cavalry (mana guard). Although it wasn’t on the same level as Holy Shushunu Kingdom’s, it was by no means weak. They normally fought by employing hit-and-run tactics; hence, they were poor at close combat. Still, they did not expect for their casualties to be this great.

A swing of the Goblin King’s great sword was all it took for him to dispel the barrage of fire bullets shot at him and mow down Saldin’s soldiers dead. Seeing the forces under the direct control of the Red King, which were praised to be powerful, fall just like that before this horde of monsters left even Grave groaning despite his resolve.

The speed of the Goblin King’s charge was so fast that they didn’t have the time to withdraw. And without even the time to turn around, they ended up on the receiving end of the Goblin King’s attack. The forces under the direct control of the Red King were turned into lumps of meat as blood splattered about.

But that sacrifice was enough to buy time for the authority of Elrain Kingdom, Kanash, and the guest general from the Blood Oath of the Flying Swallow (Swallow Clan), Wyatt, to arrive.

“Sorry, we’re late.”

When the general of Elrain Kingdom, Kanash, said that, Grave, shocked from only being able to watch as his cavalry was decimated, turned around.


That was all he said as he bowed to the general before him. In response, Kanash nodded back.

His army was the most balanced of those affiliated with the Red King. An army of archers and footmen that fought according to the book.

“Don’t panic. After the archers shoot, we will crush the enemy with our footmen! Bows at the ready!”

Playing by the book meant that their odds of victory were higher.

Arrows rained at the Goblin King’s cavalry. It wouldn’t be odd if this rain of arrows hit even the humans’ own allies, but in response, the Goblin King brandished his great sword above his head, and then wordlessly swung it. And then just like that, in an instant, a path was cleared for the entire cavalry.

At the end of that path was none other than Kanash’s footmen.

Only Kanash himself was mounted on a horse. The Goblin King rode toward him with his Terrifying Carnivorous Horse as he cut down the footmen that sought to block his way.

With a breath in, the Goblin King swung his great sword. With a breath out, he pierced with his other great sword. It was a momentum so quick it was as if the rider and the steed were one. Kanash’s army was easily broken through and the Goblin King rode ever closer for Kanash.

“Your decision isn’t bad, but you’re too soft, monster!”

When Kanash brought up his shield and yelled that, the Goblin King’s instincts noticed an enemy approaching. When the Goblin King turned to his left, eh saw Wyatt approaching him ferociously. In the veteran brave general’s right hand was a Blue-Siver Steel Halberd (Congo) and on his left hand was a Magic Steel Shield (Fudo).

“To purge evil, this once, I shall become a demon!”

The aura about Wyatt gave the impression of a Scarlet Speckled Big Bear as he swung his Blue-Siver Steel Halberd (Congo) fiercely and his hipparion slammed itself against the andoryu sarkus.

Wyatt’s attack was powerful.

“But it’s no longer enough to stop me!”

The Goblin King howled.

If a normal goblin were to receive that attack, he would surely have no choice but to turn into ground meat, but the Goblin King’s black-red great sword was able to receive it and repel Kanash’s spear.


The force when Kanash’s spear was deflected was so great that he was forced to groan. The speed and strength of the Goblin King’s attack was like that of a giant’s, even though he deflected the spear while receiving the attack from a brave general like Wyatt.


Kanash yelled loudly as if to reprimand the fear he felt, then he kicked against his horse. His horse was small compare to the Goblin King’s and Wyatt’s steed, but it was already big for a horse. Unfortunately, try as he might to slam Sui with that horse of his, he couldn’t stop Sui from moving. Wyatt and Kanash rode parallel to the king as they continued to exchange attacks.

Kanash threw away his shield and approached the king to challenge him to a melee. Kanash used all sorts of secret techniques and gave the Goblin King no chance to swing his great sword, while Wyatt’s blue-siver steel halberd (congo) created sparks with the Goblin King’s black-red-speckled great sword.

But then in a flash, the Goblin King found a way out of their attacks.

The Goblin King found and opening and brought Sui to Wyatt.


The Goblin King entered the inner range of Wyatt’s halberd and without any delay swung his great sword. Although Wyatt was able to defend with his magic steel shield (fudo), that was enough to allow the Goblin King leave the staggered Wyatt and attack Kanash.

As the two great swords swung, the general who was at the prime of his life, Kanash, groaned out loud and fell from his horse. The Goblin King glanced at him only for a moment before pressing the attack on Wyatt.

In less that 10 clashes, Wyattalso fell from the horse, and the Gblin King was free to ride for Brandika.

“I can’t let you go!”

Grave enchanted his own staff and stood before the king.

“You challenge me knowing you cannot win!?”

With every blow, Grave’s posture broke and his body creaked. Despite that, he still managed to endure three clashes, and was able to buy time fro the sorcerer cavalry (mana guard), Wyatt, and Kanash to get back up on their feet and surround the king.

But then Gi Be called out from behind the king.

“Please go ahead, Your Majesty! Bring victory ot us!”

When the king heard that, he brandished his great swords and brought them to his side.

“I hereby order you my soldiers!”

The Goblin King gave orders while riding upon Sui.

“Trample upon our enemies!”


The cavalry led by the GI Be and the Lady of the Lake Shore (Cynthia) turned to the left and the right, and foght back against the three armies.

“Die monster!”

Grave managed to attack the Goblin King from the side, but the Goblin King swung his sword and spoke angrily.

“Your resolve is praiseworthy, but you are better off dead!”

The great sword that split the old enchanter in half did not even touch the ground.


Before the Goblin King that had trampled upon all of his foes was Brandika, who wielded a long double-edged axe.

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  1. That’s a fearsome cavalry unit GK has. Ofc the most fearsome unit is the king himself.

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