Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 216 – Negotiations for an Alliance (1/3)

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Volume 3: Chapter 216 – Negotiations for an Alliance (1/3)

The hydra or the commander system of the goblin army was brought forward to deal with the now bigger and multifaceted battlefield.

Pale’s objective is to suppress the south and conquer Germion Kingdom.

Although the Goblin King’s army was indeed strong and represented the greatest of the goblins’ might, it made it impossible to make substitutions. In the final battle with the Red King, although the only objective was to slay King Brandika, and although the rare goblins had gathered together, the goblins still lost 100 goblins.

This was despite the Goblin King calling upon the power of the underworld, and Gi Ga Rax the Knight Class and Gi Be Slay the One-Armed Goblin fighting to quell the powerful foes. With such losses, it was evident that fighting consecutively wouldn’t be possible, and so was pursuing the Red King single-mindedly on a land as vast as the southern territories.

It is imperative that the goblin forces be able to preserve their strength for the coming decisive battles while advancing. Since the fall of the Red King, chaos has been spreading among the southern countries, but the problem now was Germion Kingdom, whom they would be facing next.

Known as the Land of the Holy Knights, in Germion Kingdom, one can find glory and honor even as a mere adventurer. So long as one possesses power, in Germion Kingdom, it is possible for one to climb society regardless of one’s pedigree. And it was that very policy that allowed Germion Kingdom to become the power it was now.

Though Germion Kingdom may have lost Gene Marlon the Lightning-Fast Knight and Gowen Ranid the Iron-Armed Knight, it stands strong yet. As Pale tried to work out a plan according to the Goblin King’s intentions, it became apparent that the current system which focused the strength of the goblins onto the Goblin King wasn’t going to work.

Moreover, the Goblin King himself was unwell.

Each time he mustered the power of the underworld, he would incur an irreversible wound that cut away at his life.

The king’s pride was real, and Pale herself thought that was something to be treasured, but it was not easy to use the power of the king.

As it stands, the Goblin King is a sword that would cut even his own body.

Often times, it would not be the blood of his foes that would dye him, but that of his own.

Pale doesn’t believe that the current situation could be maintained without the Goblin King.

“Watch and I shall make this world kneel before me.”

Pale didn’t hate the Goblin King that laughed fearlessly.

He carried with him a pride that allowed him to laugh while saying he would conquer the world.

And with that pride, he also carried with him a firm will that loathed sacrifices.

The Goblin King was indeed blessed as a king.

But going beyond one’s limits comes at a price. Pale knows that the king would eventually have to use his power, but as much as possible, she wanted to keep such instances to a minimum. It was her job to achieve the greatest results with the least sacrifices.

To that end, she came up with the new system.

Procuring soldiers was easy. Not to mention that the enemy soldiers could also be added to the human army. And as long as they could secure enough food, the goblins would rapidly increase in number. In order to use these forces well, Pale came up with the Commander System.

Fortunately, the initiative in the coming wars would lie with the goblin forces. Now that the Red King’s forces have been driven into a corner, any move they make will only cause them to lose more of their strength. Moreover, the old king of Germion Kingdom was not the proactive sort.

The Merchant Country of Pena also had no army to rely on, and their government wasn’t even in a state where they could initiate a war.

Right now, the goblins were free to choose where and when they wanted to attack. If they could keep the initiative every time, the scales of victory will swing greatly toward their favor. Pale could already see the goblins cheering in victory at the castle of Germion Kingdom.


Word of the Red King’s defeat at the hands of the goblins had spread not only to the nearby country, but even to the distant small country of Orphen. The Council of Three Towers was the pinnacle of authority within the ivory tower that held a unique position among the nations. The three educational institutions: the Blue Tower, the Red Tower, and the White Tower would regularly hold a meeting.

The topic would normally be decided by the elder, but this time the topic was brought forward by the small country of Orphen. Although the council had no lack of topics to discuss, from time to time, a country would seek their counsel and they would discuss that instead.

The topic was regarding the flourishing demihumans.

The over 70-years-old elder of the white tower, Tanya Fedran. The handsome and ever young wizard, the elder of the blue tower, Floyd Berchen. The highest archbishop of the ‘church’ and elder of the red tower, Serion Harlon, who believes that the Ancestor God Who Birthed the Nations, Ativ, is the greatest of the gods.

It was under the name of these three elders that the council was held, and they had no choice but to make an unpleasant conclusion.

“The southern countries have been overrun with demihumans.”

Serion’s already grim face became even grimmer as he said that.

“Good grief. There’s really no other way to put it other than that things are really getting bad. By the way, Lady Tanya, what has Lady Reshia been up to lately?”

The over 120-years-old Floyd asked in that curious manner he usually adopted.

“…Playing with dirt and planting crops or visiting the orphanages…”

“That can’t be all. I hear she’s taken a demihuman servant,”Serion said while Tanya was still talking.

“She seems to have purchased a slave,” Tanya said.

“Considering what we’ve been discussing just recently, can’t you turn a blind eye to it, Serion?” Floyd said, amused.

“That girl—” Serion was about to say, but Tanya cut him off.

“The saint’s decision will not change. She will accept it. Can’t you just watch over her for now?”

Serion inhaled deeply before speaking firmly. “At this rate, the humans will lose their hold over the world. We must make a decision. As the highest archbishop of the church, and as the elder of the Red Tower, I will not budge from this position.”

“Archbishop Serion,” Tanya said.

“But my thoughts as Serion Harlon is different. I still remember when that girl was brought to the Ivory Tower still in her tender years. I don’t believe there’s any reason to burden her any further as long as the demihumans don’t thrive any more than this,” Serion said.

“I will let her know just how heavy the words she has spoken are,” Tanya said, leaving Serion with no choice but to agree as well.

“But if we turn away from something just because it is unpleasant, then for what reason have we aged? We should support Germion Kingdom a little. And should the demihumans continue to thrive, then the saint will have to act like a saint whether she wants to or not. And should their fangs reach even the Holy Shushunu Kingdom, then…” Floyd said.

“I understand,” Tanya said.

Floyd turned to Serion. “Shall we takes this is an opportunity to announce that it would be a good time to stop the conflicts in the small country. Highest Archbishop?”

The moment the blue elder called Serion not by name but by his occupation, he had already donned the mask of an experienced machinator that sought to steer the Ivory Tower where he wished it to go.

“…We can invite the Holy Kingdom Alsas and the Holy Shushunu Kingdom,” Serion said.

“Very well.

Well then, Highest Archbishop, Lady Tanya, it was a pleasure.”

Before the ageless and handsome wizard, Tanya and Serion could only hang their head.

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  1. Hopefully they don’t force reisha to be the kings enemy b/c they can’t be that strong otherwise they wouldn’t have enlisted Germion kingdom in recovering the saint.

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