Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 216 – Negotiations for an Alliance (2/3)

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Volume 3: Chapter 216 – Negotiations for an Alliance (2/3)

The goblins are coming. And with the retreat of Germion Kingdom, the Kushain Believers quickly became elated. To the Kushain Believers, who were hopeless from dealing with the siege, such good news was no different from the teachings of their god. Their voices under the castle were brimming with praise.

The soldiers had fought with the goblins against the Red King, so they recognized the goblins as their comrade-in-arms. The little anxiety they had in regards to them was quickly blown away by the retreat of Germion Kingdom.

Not to mention that the Cultidian Believers did not even think that the goblins would be so dutiful toward their alliance. Because of that, innocent happiness filled the believers, and an atmosphere akin to that of a festival filled the city. The governing body, however, didn’t make as big of a ruckus, as they watched the goblin army approach half-doubtful-half-hopeful that they had truly come as an ally.

When Saint Mira got word of the goblin army’s approach from a soldier, she went and locked herself in her room under the pretense that she needed to prepare a messenger to send to the goblin army.

When Vilan Do Zul followed her in, she had already thrown herself into bed. He could tell that she was crying from her slender shoulders that were shaking.

A young man like him did not know what he should say at a time like this. All he could do was remain flustered. Still, he was able to muster a smidgen of courage, and after coupling that with the so-called ‘man’s duty’ that he heard from others, he was able to call out to Mira.



Mira’s voice couldn’t be further from joy.

“Are you… shaking?”

When Vilan said that, Mira embraced her shaking shoulders.

“What do you think the goblins will demand from us?”

When Vilan heard those words said in a shaking voice, he couldn’t help but consider Mira’s position. Goblins going to war was already an unprecedented event, so he could not imagine what they could possibly want.

Perhaps they want food? Or maybe money? Maybe they want land? And then… he thought of another possibility. It was something that Vilan did not want to think about.

Woman. And as that thought appeared within his mind, his gaze turned to Mira.

If there is such a thing as a Goblin King, then the only woman that could possibly satisfy him in Cultidian was none other than Mira herself. Though it would be best if they could give him something else. But really… When the word ‘goblin’ comes to mind, nothing could be a more obvious partner than women.

Vilan shook his head and brushed away the thoughts of the goblins humiliating his lord, but it was hard to argue against the possibility. At the very least, it was true that the goblins had a stronger army than the Kushain Believers.

The Red King that neither Mira nor Vilan could defeat despite all their efforts had been defeated by the goblins. As for the things that they could give to the goblins, in terms of territories they had none. After all, they had been driven all the way to their castle. What could they possibly entice the goblins with on that front?

As for food, they had used much of it during the siege. Considering the coming winter, they did not have much to spare. As for precious stones, they could lend them some, but if they asked for a lot, that would again be difficult.

As for why, that’s because most of the treasures they had gathered during the holy war have already been exchanged by Mira for food.

And from Mira’s perspective, she had no choice but to entice the goblins and use them as a shield for the believers. The Kushain Believers no longer had any power left after all the holy wars.

“…Say something, Vil.”

As fantasies of the worst possible situation flashed through Vilan’s mind, he did his best to brush those thoughts away, but before he knew it, Mira was already standing before him.

Inadvertently, he turned his eyes away from her and stepped back, as if trying to run, but then Mira weakly held onto his clothes.


As Vilan cried out, Mira jumped into his chest.

“…Hey, Vil. Vilan Do Zul. Won’t you take me away?”

Hearing those words that the young general had never even once dreamed off, left him too shocked to reply.


“…My… apologies.”


Mira lightly pushed Vilan’s chest, then she brushed him off and she gallantly walked away.

“When you think about it… I could save the lives of 10,000 people in exchange for my body. From that perspective, I suppose it’s not such a bad deal. It’s basically no different from prostitution.”

Not a hint of that earlier weakness could be seen in Mira as she brushed up the golden hair on her shoulders.

“…Milady, I…”

“How long are you planning to stand there? I still need to prepare for the negotiations with the goblins. Get yourself together, Vil! The only one who can protect me is you.”


Vilan shook his head as he warned himself not to think of anything unnecessary for now.

Negotiations were also a kind of battlefield, after all.

The young empress embellished her own body as she set off for war.

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  1. I’m confused, wasn’t she friends and in love with him when she stayed with the goblin king? Why is she suddenly acting like she doesn’t know him? Or was that someone else?

  2. I bet itll be like we want to carry on with this allaince and want you lot to be part of our government

  3. When the king met reshia the first time he made a joke about her and her friend giving birth. I hope the king will run with this for a little bit to tease mira.

  4. I understand where she’s coming from, but I was laughing my ass off this chapter.

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