Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 216 – Negotiations for an Alliance (3/3)

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Volume 3: Chapter 216 – Negotiations for an Alliance (3/3)

Negotiations were set to be held at a town that was within a former territory of the Kushain Believers. It was about a day’s distance from Cultidian. The this place was chosen was partly because of the Goblin King’s consideration that made him wonder if he should bring in the army or not and partly because of Mira wanting to get as much of an advantage as she could in the negotiations.

It was at the highest place of the town, within the mansion of the feudal lord that the meeting was held.

The Goblin King couldn’t sit on a normal chair, so Mira and her people hurriedly went to prepare a special chair. Unfortunately, the chair still creaked, causing the feudal lord’s face to pale. Present in the meeting were the Goblin King himself, his tactician, Pale, Gi Za Zakuend the Wizard Class Goblin, and Felbi the Elven Warrior.

On the Kushain Believers’ side was Saint Mira, Vilan the Young Tactician, and the old commanding officers that organized the army. Around the manor were the soldiers of the goblins and the Kushain Believers. Both forces glared at each other.

“Greeting, Goblin King. I am Mira Vi Burnen.”

Mira gazed into the Goblin King’s red eyes without cowering, earning the Goblin King’s nod.

“On behalf of my people, I thank you for coming to our aid as allies and rescuing us.”

“It is only right that we help you. We value integrity, after all. Still, we too have something we seek.”

When the Goblin King suddenly brought up the critical part of an alliance, Mira couldn’t help but gulp. Although the Goblin King had said what he said, to Mira it sounded like he was demanding them to give them something worthy of their integrity. Mira continued to smile, but behind that facade, she was desperately racking her brain, trying to figure out just what it was that the goblins wanted.

“So, you say, but did you not kill the late patriarch after betraying him?”

It was an elder who yet remembered fighting the goblins who said that with a calm but poisonous tongue.

“It is only natural that death be given to the insolent. To dare demand tribute from my king is more than enough reason to be bestowed death.”

Gi Za Zakuend smiled coldly as he glared at the three people in front of him. That was a threat. Should they act rudely before the king, the same fate shall await them, is what he was basically saying, though he did not say it out loud.

As Gi Za tussled with the old man, Mira sighed and looked at the Goblin King with resolve.

“King of Goblins, your majesty, if you could please allow us some privacy, there is something I would like to ask of you.”

Most of the people from the goblins’ side were confused. But they did not think that these representatives would try to harm anyone during negotiations. In the first place, the person asking for privacy was none other than a young woman.

“Are you saying that this request of yours cannot be given with these people present?” The Goblin King asked with much confusion.

How could they negotiate if they were alone? The Goblin King knew that the goblins weren’t trusted. But without witnesses, even if they successfully formed an agreement with the Kushain Believers, they wouldn’t be able to change that commonly held prejudice against them.

The Goblin King’s real objective was to use this negotiation as a way to gradually strengthen their alliance. An alliance wherein the goblins were masters and the Kushain Believers were subordinates.


Mira replied in a small voice with her eyes downcast.

The Goblin King was very confused, but try as he might, he couldn’t possibly think of a way for this little girl to be able to hurt him. They call her a saint, but he couldn’t feel anything that could charm him like he did from Reshia.

Since he couldn’t even sense the blessings of the gods on this girl before him, the king didn’t think there was anything to be feared.

“Very well. I shall ask them to leave then.”

Gi Za looked at the humans with suspicion and confusion, his gaze bare with displeasure, but he said nothing as he exited the room. Felbi didn’t particularly care and simply left as told. Pale, on the other hand, could tell that one of the men from the Kushain Believers were staring daggers at the king, so she walked up to the king before leaving and whispered at his ears.

“I hope you don’t let your lust get the better of you and attack the girl. It simply wouldn’t do if we had to kill everyone who came to negotiate with us.”

Pale said those things without the slightest hint of concern, leaving the Goblin King even more confused.

“You think this is a honey trap?” The Goblin King asked. “But I can’t even sense the slightest trace of the gods from that girl.”

“Sometimes, humans do really foolish things even when they’re aware of how foolish it is. No matter. Remember, you mustn’t succumb to your lust.”

“…You know I’d appreciate it if you could trust me more. Don’t you people call me your ‘wise king’?”

“I beg your pardon then.”

Pale chuckled a little before exiting the room and leaving the Goblin King and Mira to themselves.


Name Shumea
Race Human
Level 5
Job Border Warrior
Possessed Skills Spear Mastery B+; Giant Swing; Triple Thrust; Quick Thrust; Possessed Skills; Pinwheel; Arbitrator; Guide; Lightbringer; Flame Attack; Divine Protection of the God of Flame
Divine Protection God of Flame
Attribute Fire

Arbitrator Charm effect on those with the opposite attribute. (LOW)

Guide Charm effect on people of the same race. (LOW).

Lightbringer Those with levels lower than one’s self will receive a bonus to fighting spirit, strength, agility, and ether. (LOW)

Flame Attack Clads one’s weapons in flame and increases damage dealt. (LOW).

Divine Protection of the God of Flame Resist against the charm effects of other gods. (LOW).

Name Felbi
Race Sylph
Level 4
Possessed Skills Heaven-Sent Child of the Wind; Sword Mastery A-; Bow Mastery B-; Inspire; Ether Manipulation; Guidance of the Goddess of Wisdom; Forest Dweller; Sword Dancer; Guardian of a Race; Bestowed Talent
Class Chief Soldier
Divine Protection Wind God
Attributes Wind
Abnormal Status Seven Duels Seven Losses
Status Blessing of the Forest God

Sword Dancer When using a sword, receive a bonus that corresponds to the attribute (MEDIUM). Because of wind attribute, it will be possible to increase one’s sword speed and create shockwaves.

Guardian of a Race Charm effect on those of the same race. (MEDIUM)

Bestowed Talent When using two or more weapon types, the skill mastery applied will be the one with a higher rating.

Name Pale Symphoria
Race Sylph
Level 11
Class Bow Master; Guardian
Possessed Skills Seal Ether; Deep Schemes; Inscrutable Stratagem; A Tactician’s Wit; Magic Manipulation; Chivalry; Bow Mastery A-; Wind’s Voice; Glorious Race; Commander of a Large Army; Bow Master of the Elves
Divine Protection Goddess of Vengeance; Wind God
Attributes Wind
Status Blessing of the Goddess of Vengeance

Commander of a Large Army Receive a bonus when controlling a large army. (HIGH) The odds of a plan succeeding will also increase. (LOW).

Bow Master of the Elves Receive a bonus when fighting with other archers. (MEDIUM)


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  1. Is the goddess of vengeance Altesia or some other goddess? Also I wonder if the King even gets horny. Despite being a goblin and probably having died a virgin as a human he has yet to show any signs of lust. He feelings for Reisha are pure love rather than lust so I highly doubt he has any lustful feelings. Also every female that was described as beautiful was described that way by the narrator or a different character. The MC tends to just say their race, gender and hair color. I think it might be because he isn’t one of those virgin mcs who go weak in the knees when he sees a beautiful woman. Heck the only being he ever refered to as beautiful was Altesia and he still wasn’t seduced. I highly doubt any human or elf can compare to the beauty of the goddess.

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