Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 220 – The Cunning of Fanzel (3/3)

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Volume 3: Chapter 219 – The Cunning of Fanzel (3/3)

 The goblins and orcs were the two wings of the army. If one side fell, the other would have no choice but to also fall. If one wing insisted on standing their ground, they would immediately be surrounded and exterminated.

 Bui knew that, so he allowed his forces to back down alongside Gi Zu’s.

 As such, the forces of Germion Kingdom slowly pushed back the goblins.

“…Is it time?”

 Despite being pushed by the enemy, that was how Ra Gilmi Fishiga the Hero of Ganra saw the situation. Shumea agreed with him.

“…Let’s retreat to the camp. Give the signal to our demihuman friends!”

 As the goblin forces were being pushed back, a messenger came running to the werewolves and the centaurs.

“Alright! It’s starting, boys! Don’t fall behind, centaurs!”

“That’s my line, you mutts!”

 As Mido and Tianos bantered among themselves, they struck their fists and ran to the sides.

“Go, go, go! Crush the enemy!”

 After being freed from the fear of the goblins, the army of Germion Kingdom attacked arrogantly. The days since the death of Gowen Ranid and the beginning of the prosperity of the goblins have been nothing but a nightmare to them.

 The martial artists of the King’s Faction of Germion Kingdom all shared a headache at the disaster of the western region. The young but talented commander of Germion Kingdom sent a line of footman toward the crumbling enemy formation.

 The more they pushed, the more the goblins fell back and the further the army of germion kingdom advanced.

 Eventually, the demihumans at the back finally couldn’t handle it and were forced to flee to the sides.

“They’re fleeing! Victory is ours!!”

“OU! OU!”

 The commander enthusiastically cried out victory and the soldiers followed suit. Morale was at an all time high. They pushed their shields against the orcs and pushed the enemy back to their camp.

“Cavalry! Don’t let those bastards run away!”

 It was possible that the demihumans might be trying to execute a pincer attack against them, so the commander made sure to move the cavalry while paying attention to their back. The cavalry gathered together and scattered the demihumans.

“Are you seeing this, demihumans! The cavalry of Germion Kingdom isn’t unique to just Bandie Territory!

 When the cavalry cheered, the commander was certain that victory was theirs. And then he turned his head back to the frontlines. Already, the orcs and goblins were fleeing back to their castle gates.

“After them! Don’t let even a single one of them alive! Chase them out of the western region! To victory!”

“To victory!”

 Carrying their great momentum, the army of Germion Kingdom pursued the goblins all the way into their camp. Before long, they found themselves in a wide open space that seemed to be the training grounds of the goblins, where a wall made out of logs blocked their vision.

 The human soldiers were doing everything they could to strike the goblins from behind. As such, they couldn’t possibly see the situation of the entire army. That area was unnaturally big.

“Die monsters— GU!?”

 A soldier struck out his spear toward the back of an orc, but then he lost his balance and fell over.

“Damn it! What is this? …This …Is this oil?”

 The voice of the excited soldiers gradually quietened. There was a narrow uneven part on the ground that was like a ridge. It was through that that the orcs and goblins fled.

 But the human soldiers were too caught up in their excitement to pay attention to their footing, because of that they reacted too late. Inside the camp was a wall of logs without any openings between them that divided the camp like a fortress. That wall was about twice the height of an average human.

 When the humans saw the orcs and goblins that had climbed up help their fellow soldiers up, they took the spears in their hands and threw them at the enemy while jeering at them.

 But those jeers very quickly turned into screams when orcs carrying torches appeared.

 It was at that moment that they realized that they had messed up.

 This was a trap.

 But by the time they realized it, their fate had already been sealed.

“Throw it.”

 Bui’s expression didn’t change even a little as he gave out the order. In the next moment, the place below turned into a lake of fire. The screams of the burning humans coupled with the lake of fire was the very picture of hell. But because there weren’t enough oil, only the first group of soldiers were burned, and after that the flames weakened.

 As the Orc King folded his arms and looked down at the humans, the orcs peeked from behind the king’s strong back.

 But while the orcs were looking, at the back of Bui’s head, he was desperately thinking of a way to get out of this situation. The flames were much stronger than he’d expected. Although they built the place using lumber that didn’t burn easily, the flames had spread even to the walls. If they went about this poorly, they could burn to death themselves.

 Thinking that they should leave this to the goblins, Bui stopped his orc soldiers from jumping at the enemy.

“Welcome to our hunting grounds, humans.”

 When Gilmi saw that the flames had weakened, he ordered the archers of Ganra to shoot the human soldiers that were trying to escape. The humans fled from the fire, but then arrows descended from the sky to which the smoke of the black flames rose, taking the lives of the humans with them.

 Each time those strings sang their song, the smoke from the black flames in the sky would absorb the twinkle from the descending arrows. Like this death fell from above with the sound of cutting wind.

“The time to hunt has come! So, hunt! Hunt to your heart’s content!”

 As Gi Zu raised up his voice, his goblin subordinates cried out.


 The goblins of the brawler faction have always been peerless in strength. As if to vent their pent up anger from earlier, they took the lead and trampled down the humans.

 As Gi Zu rushed at the vanguard, he swung his spear and struck the enemy. When Ved saw that, he followed from behind and called the rest of the henchmen behind him.

“Our boss fights! To him!”

 Zu Ved’s fist was big even among the noble class goblins. With a strike from his fist, he crushed the head of a soldier.

 The goblins from behind were unafraid to show how fierce they were, and they threw themselves at the confused human army. Just as they had done to them, they struck their spears into their backs and bit out the throats of the humans that dared face them. Humans that crawled underfoot had their heads crushed with a stomp from their feet, and the humans that were overcome by fear were killed with the swing of a sword. The goblins under Gi Zu mercilessly wiped out the humans.

 As the soldiers fled from the rain of fire and arrows, the human commander paled.

 His duty was to repel the goblins invading from the west. So long as no goblins were able to move out of the western region toward them, his duty could be said to be complete. But any more losses than this and the situation will quickly become dangerous.

 Having thrown half of his soldiers into the pursuit of the enemy, there was a chance that he wouldn’t be able to endure an attack from the goblins. That being said, it should still be possible to defend so long as they stuck to their camp and firmly defended it. Having decided that, the commander gave the signal to retreat.

 By attacking with the cavalry that was still in good health and shooting arrows at the enemy, they were able to flee to their camp.

 When Shumea saw that Germion Kingdom had retreated, she intentionally did not pursue them and instead called for people to kill the fire.

“…With this, we should finally be able to relax a little.”

 She left the subordinates of Gi Zu that wanted to pursue the enemy to Gilmi, while she had the orcs kill the fire.

 In her report, Shumea reported the activities of everyone exactly as they had done. She herself couldn’t write, so she had to get someone among her subordinates who could. When the king read the report, he was full of praises for them.

 Not only were they able to take into consideration the entire region that the king ruled, they also made the correct decision to not needlessly spread war. Because they were able to meet his expectations, the Goblin King was able to leave the western region to them without having to worry.

“Ra Gilmi Fishiga, his cunning in the battlefield is enough for the western region to be entrusted to him.”

 Gi Za was the one who had brought the report to the king. When the king praised Gilmi so, word of it quickly spread among the goblins, and Gilmi’s fame rose just as quick.

 The battle flag of Falzen stood tall and proud as it held up the kingdom amidst the unbending winds of the frontlines that was the borders of the western region.

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