Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 221 – The Storm of Felduk (1/2)

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Volume 3: Chapter 221 – The Storm of Felduk (1/2)

The army of Gi Gu Verbena the Ruler of the South headed to Pena with nothing but goblins among his ranks. Gi Gu carried the Flag of Felduk (Axe and Sword) with the biggest army among the subordinates of the Goblin King. Under the support of a vast land and an abundance of food, the goblins reproduced, and the entirety of the southern goblins were gathered under Gi Gu.

 They numbered 2,300 in total and among those, 300 were rare class. There were also all kinds of goblins among Gi Gu’s army, and their platoons included even beast tamers and druids. It wasn’t wrong to say that it was just a little smaller compared to the king’s army.

 Being the last surviving member of the Ashunasan Alliance, although weakened, the merchant country of pena hung onto life yet. In order to defeat this colossal enemy, the Goblin King has decided to spare the best among his forces.

 Gi Gu Verbena himself thought that and he puffed up his chest at the joy of having been entrusted a powerful foe. Although Gi Gu Verbena steadily advanced, his progress was a lot slower compared to the other goblins.

 One reason was because his platoons were composed solely of goblins.

 Another reason was because the leader of the Ashunasan Alliance, Pena, despite being weakened, was still in good health. At first, Gi Gu wanted to imitate the king and do as Gi Ga did when he conquered the Labyrinth City, but while Gi Ga had Zaurosh with him, Gi Gu had no humans to cooperate with. The effect of this one factor was huge, and managing the cities that had capitulated greatly impeded their progress.

 Because of the slow progress, the Goblin King sent Gi Za Zakuend as an envoy of consolation. His purpose was to see how Gi Gu was doing, as well as to ascertain if there was a need to send reinforcements. When he arrived, it was just right after the city that surrendered to Gi Gu rebelled.

 Given that the clan leaders they relied upon were still alive and well, they could not accept submitting themselves to the goblins, so the capitulated city drove out the influential people and the young and vigorous youth took over the city.

 When Gi Gu heard of the results of the other three generals through Gi Za Zakuend, he couldn’t help but twist his lips and mock himself.

“It seems I’m not as shrewd as the others.”

 Seeing Gi Gu so dispirited, Gi Za frowned.

“…Did you think that everything will go well just because you did as the king would? That is no more than a fantasy. Isn’t the most important thing to be able to think on your own and then act?”

 When Gi Gu heard the words of this goblin that looked so much like a human, he closed his eyes.

“Indeed. It might be just as you said.”

 Gi Gu looked at the goblin before him, who once challenged the king, with awe and reverence. Those emotions might apply to Rashka and Gi Go Amatsuki as well, but he himself could not do it.

 When Gi Gu first met the king, the fear he felt was so great that he knelt before him without even fighting. Gi Za’s words weren’t only meant for a comrade in arms who fought honorably under the king, but also for a goblin he believed was worthy of his respect. They were words meant to help Gi Gu strengthen his resolve.

 What spurred Gi Gu the most was Gi Ga Rax, who himself was one of the four generals. Gi Gu himself was became a rare-class goblin earlier, and it was only later that a loyal one appeared from the group of eccentrics that he led.

 Although Gi Gu envied Gi Ga’s way of life and even respected him, that did not mean that his sense of rivalry had vanished.

“So the quick spear tamed the humans with wisdom…”

 After closing his eyes for a long time, Gi Gu suddenly opened them. Not a trace of that disheartened spirit from before was left.

“In that case, I shall become an axe of fear that will strike terror into the hearts of the humans.”

 After Gi Gu had made up his mind, he quickly went into action. He called for a war council and announced that he would change how he’s been doing things until now.

“I was wrong. Even if I copy the king, I can’t become the king! We are goblins. From now on, I will use the savage strength that has made the humans call us monsters and display it for all to see.”

 At that declaration, unbeknownst to the king, the ferocity that had been suppressed all this time was – with the cry of the goblins -unleashed. The goblins under Gi Gu’s direct command Gu Tough, Gu Long, Gu Big were also taken over by his zeal and they all approved his decision.

“For the sake of our elder brother.”

“Let’s do this!”

“Elder brother! Elder brother!”

 From that moment on, the state of the war at Pena quickly shifted.

 Gi Za looked on with a cold gaze.


 The name of the city that had rebelled was called Hildor. It was a small settlement with a population of only 2,000, but unlike most of the cities in the south, they had walls and weapons to protect themselves from outside threats. By hiring adventurers, they were able to bring their numbers up to 400.

 It was that very city that Gi Gu attacked in the night.

 He had beast tamers take the lead with giant monster beasts that were peculiar to the south, and as they attacked the city gates, they slipped into the dark of the night and climbed the city walls from every direction. Their great numbers were not something that a mere 400 adventurers could deal with. In just one night, they once again took over Hildor.

“We were wrong. Please save us!”

 The humans cried mercy, but Gi Gu only looked down at them coldly.

“Then gather everyone who has surrendered to the city square.”

 At Gi Gu’s behest, the representative humans took all the surviving adventurers and residents and gathered them all at the designated place.

“Look! We did as you told us! So please spare our— GU.”

 The representative couldn’t even finish what he was saying before Gi Gu smacked him.

 If it were the Goblin King, he might have been generous enough to give them a chance to earn forgiveness. But Gi Gu had been ordered to take Pena. There were no goblins here who would betray him to save the humans.

 As Gi Gu took a deep breath, he faced the goblins and the humans and said.

“Kill them! Kill them all! Any and all who betray our king need not live!”

 At his behest, the goblins shouted and the humans screamed.

 As axes were swung, the crown of the human heads were crushed. As their corpses fell languidly, the goblins kicked them aside. Be it the men or the women or the children or the elderly, not a soul was spared as the goblins sought to pluck out every life from the city. Babies that yet drank milk from the breasts of their mothers were skewered dead with the thrust of their spears and men that fled were struck from behind with the swing of their swords.

 After confirming that there was no one left moving anymore, Gi Gu led his soldiers out of the city and ordered his soldiers.

“Set the city on fire! Let the humans know what fate awaits those who betray us!”

 The goblins surrounded the city and literally tried to burn the city down completely. Those that had hid in their houses had no choice but to flee. When the goblins caught them, they were brought to Gi Gu, who then gave a grim command.

“Cut off their heads. Just one human will be left behind.”

 There were 100 humans left in the city, but not a single one of them was able to flee. Instead their heads were loaded onto a carriage and the only survivor was made to drive it.

“In the next village, you will speak to the representatives and tell them this. You will tell them what happens when they try to stand in our way. You will tell them that no man no child no woman no elderly – not one – will be left alive. You will tell them that the only path to survival is to prostrate themselves before the glory of our king and beg for forgiveness.”

 As the sole survivor trembled like a broken doll and nodded his head, he drove the carriage and followed Gi Gu to the next city.


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  1. Ermmm…..this is like 100000000% counter productive gi gu…. Your king is trying to rule the world as a wise and just king…not as a bloody tyrant who’d go as far as murder childrens, elderly and womens alike of the soldiers…

  2. The only other evolved Goblins who did not Challenge the King were Ra Gilmi and Go Go Amatsuki. Amatsuki lost it and fought the King. Will the South go too far as well?

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