Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 228 – The Battles Concerning the Western Region (2/3)

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Volume 3: Chapter 228 – The Battles Concerning the Western Region (1/3)

 Pale’s advice was correct. The Goblin King himself knew this.

 The race known as goblins would never be accepted by the humans. Because of that blood needed to be spilled.

 The reason the Goblin King was hesitating was because he did not find this battle all that dangerous. After becoming stronger from the southern war, although it was still dangerous to leave Germion Kingdom alone, the Goblin King had already half-assumed their victory.

 Ever since they were able to secure the bountiful southern lands, they became able to support a significantly bigger army. Now that they held the advantage, the softness of the Goblin King was beginning to show.

“…You are correct. Forgive me for being unable to see that.”

“No. Your subjects can all feel your gentleness. But while that may be a virtue as an individual, it is not so for rulers. Please forgive me for me speaking out of line.”

 The Goblin King nodded and resolutely spoke.

“In that case, we have to kill them. Any and all who invade my land, they will not be forgiven.”

“Yes. To that end, I will exercise my abilities to its limits.”

 Pale bowed her head deeply.

On that day, the Goblin King sent a messenger to Ra Gilmi Fishiga, who was standing on the frontlines.

 ’Lure the enemy to the Western Region and kill them. Any and all who invade my land, bring down the hammer of justice upon them.’

 Gilmi could see the wrath of the king from the harsh words written upon the letter.

“Is… Is His Highness angry?”

 Gilmi asked Shumea while drawing cold sweat.

“I don’t think he’s that sort of king.”

“But he has never used such strong words before. If we lose, won’t the king get mad at me?”

“Hmm? Isn’t it fine, though?”


“We racked our heads to come up with a plan. There’s no better plan than what we have right now, so there’s nothing we can do even if become flustered because of the king’s words.”

“…You’re right.”

 Gilmi opened his eyes wide when he heard Shumea’s words, then he wryly smiled and chuckled at Shumea.

“As expected, you are suitable to be a general.”

“Please stop. It doesn’t suit me.”

 As Shumea laughed loudly she once again confirmed their strategy.

“We’ve sent out scouts, but if the enemies show no signs of moving, then we’ll have to lure them. This hasn’t changed.”

“Of course. We’ll lure them while fighting and then wipe them out.”

“Alright. In that case, I will go and train my soldiers.”

 As Shumea walked away, Gilmi quietly thanked her.


 The clan leader of the Red Moon Clan, Vine the Mad Blade, looked over the letter she was given. As the corners of her mouth lifted, she happily laughed.

“Hey, hey. Now, you’re saying there’s going to be a war? Ku ha ha ha. This little girl just keeps giving me one good time after another!”

 Vine the Mad Blade spoke to herself and imagined the sensation of cutting people down without even talking to the earth elf (gnome) Berk Alsen, who was quietly performing maintenance on his weapons beside her.

“I’m fine with it as long as there’s money.”

 Berk didn’t even look at her as he said that.

“You got that right. As long as I can cut people, it’s all good.”

 When it comes to an abhorrent like her, if you’re surprised by something at this level, then you won’t last. Alse knew that, so he didn’t bother reacting to her.

“So, where and who are we fighting? Are we fighting the remnants of the Red King?”

“Nope. It seems we’re picking a fight with Germion Kingdom this time.”

 Kihihihi, Vine happily laughed. As expected, this time, Berk couldn’t help but ask.

“…We’re picking a fight with a country?”

“Yeah! Awesome, ain’t it?”

 Berk was making a difficult face as he thought about this, while Vine was drinking sake and making merry as usual.

“Hah? What’s the problem, Berk-chan? You’re not scared now, are ya?”

“No, but show me that letter.”

“Hmm? Here.”

 After looking over the contents, Berk turned to Vine.

“I’ve been wondering about this for a while now, but it seems the person behind Pale is the Goblin King.”

“Goblin? You mean those little green men?”

“No. The Goblin King is probably a considerably higher variant. I heard he was wreaking havoc at the south… So, it seems Pale teamed up with him.”


 Vine drowsily glanced at Berk as she drank anothe mouthful of liquor and spoke.

“Berk. This isn’t the first time that the girl’s been fishy. If you keep making a fuss, I’ll kill you.”

 Vine threatened Berk, but the latter just shook his head.

“The Goblin King alone isn’t the problem. As long as the client is paying, I’m willing to work for anyone. Morality be damned. But this is a problem that might concern the rise and fall of us earth elves (gnome).”

“Huh? You mean your place?”

“Yes. I should probably get in contact with the elders first.”

“Hmm… Well, if you think so, then go ahead. I also don’t want to lose a big investment.”

“Alright. I’ll contact them then… If there’s anything you want to say, I’ll tell them too.”

“…I’ve got nothing to talking to them about.”

 Vine said in a seemingly pouting manner.

“Alright. I’ll send them your regards then.”

“T-That’s uncalled for! Idiot!”

 It was a rare sight for Vine to be panicking, but Berk just left her alone. After that an unhappy Rue and Shurei and entered. When Vine saw them, her eyes dazzled like that of a predator eyeing its prey.

“Oh! Rejoice, brats! Your beloved Pale-oneechan has sent a letter.”

 When Vine saw their eyes twinkling, she smiled mischievously and said.

“This time we’re going to war! Kill lots, okay? Ahaha!”

 Immediately after that, the two children screamed.

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