Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 228 – The Battles Concerning the Western Region (3/3)

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Volume 3: Chapter 228 – The Battles Concerning the Western Region (3/3)

 On that day, at a room within Germion Kingdom, was a party held to celebrate the conquest of the Western Region. The supreme commander was Ishtar Do Germion and his aide was the Holy Knight, Valdor. The name of the holy knight, Jize, also appeared. Because of the departure of the crown prince, the soldiers usually stationed around the capital, two platoons under the Holy Knights, and the mage soldiers under the direct control of the kingdom were all mobilized. Their numbers summed up to 4,000 soldiers.

“Oh, Valdor-dono. It’s been a while.

“Lord Bedoru.”

 The middle-aged knight looked like he was trying to make that stiff expression of his forcefully smile as he softened his sharp gaze and responded to Bedoru.

“I hear you will be bringing the best of your soldiers from the east in this expedition.”

“It is to ensure the safety of his highness.”

“Ha ha ha. As humble as ever. You won’t lose as long as you keep that heart with you.”

“Thank you very much.”

“Anyway, about this expedition… Could you add a few more noble children?”

“…Are these noble children loyal to the crown prince?”

“Well, it’s that sort of thing. After all, the crown prince prince who is to succeed His Majesty has been too busy with his training at the east and never had the time to come back to the capital. He is said to be a mysterious person to young flowers. But even without such rumors, from the perspective of the young and ambitious second eldest male of the noble families, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

“…The battlefield is a place where one is always risking his life. Do these people understand this?”

“I did tell them that many times, but they just don’t seem to be able to understand.”

 As Valdor touched his chin and looked down a little, he became thoughtful. A little later, he decided to accept Bedoru’s request while proposing this.

“I’ll teach them the basics first.”

“Ohh, so you’ll do it? My stupid son will be coming along too, so please do coach them.”

“Victor is coming too?”

 The last he’d met him, Victor was still a young boy who couldn’t even reach past his waist, so it couldn’t be helped that he was confused.

“He’s 16 this year… Good grief. He must be at a rebellious phase. He just won’t listen to his parents anymore.”

 I give, Bedoru said with a bitter laugh, but even then, there was still an implication that he adored this son of his.

“Some unexpected people came too it seems.”

 The two talked idly for a while, but then Valdor seemed to realize something and spoke to Valdor about it.

“Hmm? Oh, if it isn’t the Imperial Court Priest.”

 Germion Kingdom has employed many magicians for its army. It has been decided to adopt a policy that prioritized growing adventurers, people who lived in the towns, and those that owned a part of the town as a part of the army. The one spearheading that initiative was none other than the old woman the two of them were looking at.

“‘Doll User’ Falmia… But wasn’t she the sort of person to hate wars like this one?”

 Although the person did not hear Bedoru’s remarks, she, who was known as the Doll User, quietly walked to where they were.

“How are you, Minister of the Military?”

“I am doing well thanks to you, Imperial Court Priest.”

“You too, Twin Swords Knight.”


“I hear we will be fighting monsters in this war.”

“We are. The goblins have been getting impudent lately. As such, the objective of this war is to discipline them.”

“I see…”

 Faintly, Falmia seemed to make an expression that looked like she was enduring some kind of pain, but very quickly, she went back to smiling.

“Are you worried? So long as Valdor the Twin Swords is with us, we could not possibly lose to the goblins. Right?” Bedoru said.

“I will do my best,” Valdor said.

“Ha ha ha. Sometimes humility is a troubling trait, isn’t it? Even 100 or 200 goblins shouldn’t be a problem for you,” Bedoru said.

“That would be true on the battlefield,” Valdor said.

“…Well then, if you may excuse me,” Falmia excused herself.

 As the two wordlessly thanked her, Falmia muttered in a quiet voice.

“Even though the goblins are also living…”

 Although Bedoru couldn’t hear that quiet mutter, Valdor was able to pick it up. Still, all he did was raise his brows and he did not respond any further as he quietly saw her off.

“What’s the matter, Valdor-dono?”

“It must be my imagination.”

 After that the Twin Swords Knight no longer mentioned her.

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  1. What? Could it be that woman also happen to know some inteligent goblin in her past?

    Thank for the chapter

  2. Ok maybe the king will get an ally within this kkingdom when he annexes it. ALso How can they call the goblins impudent when they lost like 5 times already to these impudent goblins.

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