Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 230 – Battle of Cromshtock (3/3)

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Volume 3: Chapter 230 – Battle of Cromshtock (3/3)

“Gi Zu-dono!”

 Gilmi had been shooting his arrows, but now, the enemy cavalry has gotten in. Gilmi continued to shoot at the enemy, but he also called out to Gi Zu.

“Leave it to us! Let’s go, boys!”

 The biggest brawlers of the goblins, Gi Zu Ruo and his men. They took their weapons with them and fought against the cavalry that had entered.

 In the blink of an eye, blood and jeers filled the camp, and the place was turned into a battlefield.

 The goblins had successfully lured the enemy cavalry, but with their great numbers, it was still uncertain to whom victory would fall. Valdor realized that the cavalry had been lured, so he gave the order to elite of the eastern division to attack.

“Go! We can’t just watch our allies get killed!”

 Valdor stood at the head of his army. In his hands were the twin swords that gave him his name. Valdor was dressed in light armor. His valiant figure as he naturally led his army from in front bolstered his troops’ morale. With that, Jize the One-Eyed’s southern army and the noble army also increased their pace.

“Onwards! Kill those goblins!”

 The fierce knights stood at the head of the army and raised the morale of the infantry, but Shumea and Gilmi were waiting for them.

“They’re here!”

 This is what they’ve been waiting for the most in this battle.

 A charge led by the holy knights. Normal soldiers couldn’t contest the holy knights and were cut down like flies. Like that the entire formation was torn apart. The goblin forces knew that it did not matter whether Gilmi, Shumea, or Gi Zu went out to fight. The result would be the same, so they prioritized on carrying out their plan.

“After my arrow! Focus fire!”

 At the behest of Gilmi the Hero of Ganra, an arrow flew to the sky and shot for where Valdor was. But if he could be taken down by a mere arrow, he would not be called a holy knight. Arrows rained from the sky, but Valdor did not seem to care as he cut down only those that would make contact with his body. Valdor’s army showed no signs of stopping.

 Valdor slowed down the pace of his army a little, but his eastern division army still steadily made their way for the goblin camp. Naturally, by doing that, the other infantry would be able to take the lead.

 The southern army of Jize the One-Eyed and the nobles’ army went ahead.

“Damned monsters. Endure the rain of arrows.”

 Gilmi clicked his tongue in annoyance. He was panicking a little because of the enemy’s speed.


“I know! All forces retreat! Retreat!”

 After causing enough losses to the enemy cavalry to incapacitate them, the goblin forces immediately started retreating.

“Damn it! I’ll take them on!”

“Ved! We’re retreating!”

 Gi Zu’s noble class subordinate, Zu Ved, had lost his temper and did not want to retreat, but Gi Zu was beside him and was able to grab him by the scruff of his neck to take him away from battle.

“…We’re retreating too!”

 As Shumea led the main forces of the goblin army to retreat, Gilmi also started to retreat. The magic winds blowing violently in the air threw the arrows out of their trajectory. causing them to miss their target. The approaching unit of mages poured their spells toward the goblin camp.

 When Gilmi saw the goblins of the Ganra Tribe caught up in the attacks, he immediately gave the order to retreat. The southern army and the nobles’ army that had taken the lead were approaching the outer part of the camp, but Gilmi’s traps that they had built day and night were waiting for them.

“Damn you impudent bastards.”

 The nobles groaned as they were forced to jump over the pit falls

“…So the enemy wanted to lure us in.”

 As Jize quickly avoided the traps, he figured out what the goblins had in mind.

“In that case!”

 Jize immediately increased his pace.

“Those that can’t keep up, follow after you avoid the traps!”

 In a display of superhuman physical strength, Jize bolted off. Every step he took was equivalent to ten steps of a normal footman. When Gilmi saw Jize rush off by himself, Gilmi cried out to retreat.


 Jize cut down the fences blocking his way with a stroke of his blade, then he rushed through the opened gate. Inside were the heaps of corpses from the cavalry that fought earlier. Jize only glanced at them for a moment before he charged into the camp and looked for the enemy. The goblins that were late running, the wounded humans, and the demihumans. Any and all who stood in his path were cut down with a stroke of his blade, but Jize was looking for the enemy leader.

 After breaking through several gates, Jize found himself in an open area.

 It was then that he saw that figure.

“Nu. I was told the enemy were goblins, but…”


 The brutish orc ate the forbidden fruit and roared. In his hand was a thick iron spear that humans could not wield. The air flattened as the spear came swinging for Jize, but it only hit the ground.

“—So, there really are goblins!”

 When Jize was about to cut Bui’s head, Gilmi’s perfectly accurate arrow shot at him. Jize cut down Gilmi’s arrow and easily dodged Bui’s iron spear.

“The monsters are working together. A terrifying thing. But unfortunately, it won’t be enough to kill me.”

 On the face of the One-Eyed Holy Knight was a ferocious smile. Jize could more or less infer where Gilmi was based on the direction the arrow came from and where he was. Although there were a lot of places to shoot him from given this was an open area, there weren’t a lot of places were one could shoot while still hiding.

 Bui once again swung his iron spear.

 Clouds of dust stirred up in the wake of that destructive power that would crush anything in its path, but Jize easily dodged it. He kept his eyes on the location he thought Gilmi was hiding in and used Bui’s body as a shield by standing around him.

“It doesn’t matter how strong your spear is if it can’t hit!”

 One stroke.

 Jize’s blade ran through Bui’s arm, cutting him from his hand to his shoulder. In the next moment, blood spurted out of Bui’s thick arms. Bui didn’t seem to care at all, however, as he once again swung his iron spear.

“Unu. That should have been enough to keep a normal orc from moving again…”

 Bui’s brutish body reinforced with an armor of muscles made it imposisble for Jize to finish him off with a single blow.

“The longer this drags on, the worse off I’ll be.”

 Jize never once looked down on the physical abilities of monsters. He still remembered that Germion Kingdom once suffered greatly because of the Orc Madness. Records of the fear on that day lingered yet when the orcs wold keep running even after having their heads were lopped off.

“Although it’s not on the same level as the goblins, taking your head should get me a decent prize!”

 Jize easily dodged Bui’s spear again and cut at his body.

“Still too shallow?”

 Jize calmly observed as blood came out of the orc’s body, then he attacked with his sword again. He slashed down from the shoulder to the chest, but the overly developed muscles blocked his attacks.

“I guess it really has to be the head then?”

 Jize eyed Bui’s neck like a hunter eyeing his game. In the blink of an eye, three strokes were drawn. Bui was already covered in blood and had slowed down, but Jize never let his guard down as he watched the orc in front of him. When Jize was about to move again, an arrow was once again sent flying toward him.


 As a result, Jize had to jump back. At the same time, it was then that he saw a giant goblin.

“Did I make it?”

 Although not as thick as Bui’s, Gi Zu Ruo fiercely smiled as he spun a similarly thick iron spear in his hands.

“…Hmm. Three monsters then? Very well. I shall happily take all of your heads as my trophies!”

 The One-Eyed Holy Knight smiled mightily like a demon.

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  1. So no one actually strong enough to duel holy knight. Even Gi Go defeated Gowen after Gowen suffered fatal wound from king. Still a long way for them it seem.

    Thank for the chapter

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