Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 231 – Harsh Offensive (4/4) (SHORT)

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Volume 3: Chapter 231 – Harsh Offensive (4/4)

The reason the holy knights and the military authorities that wanted to increase the authority of the royal family did not refuse was because of the military aspect.

 It was true that they were able to expel the monsters during the crown prince’s expedition. It could be said that they were now standing at the starting line they were thinking of. But because the crown prince was so skilled, Jize and Valdor were now thinking of starting their own war.

 Another reason they decided to allow the pursuit of the enemy was because of the little casualties suffered by the southern and eastern army led by the two holy knights.

 If the holy knights could retake the western region during the crown prince’s first expedition in exchange for the sacrifices made by the noble’s army, then their merits would become unequalled. They would garner far more attention than any of the holy knights within the country.

 Moreover, this expedition was made with the objective of retaking the western region. If they could accomplish that, then nothing would be better.

“…It’s a bit unexpected.”

“What is?”

 After the war council ended, the various generals went back to their platoons to lead their respective forces. Of those generals, the two holy knights took the same route.

“That you were not against pursuing the enemy, Valdor-dono. You are a prudent man, so I thought for sure…”

“…Ah, so that’s what. It’s because I want to give more merits to the crown prince.”

 The achievement of expelling the monsters with one’s own army was sweeter than honey and would silence anyone within the Germion Kingdom that so respected power. King Ashtal himself had gone out on expeditions to hunt monsters when he was younger. It was because of his achievements then that his subjects and the nobles continue to support him to this day.

“I see. So, it’s parental love.”

 Ishtar will probably rule for a long time. As such, his educator, Valdor, wanted to gift him a huge achievement, and there could be no better opportunity than this expedition.

“Go ahead and laugh. I don’t mind.”

“What? If we’re talking of personal reasons, then I too have mine.”

“The goblin and orc leaders, huh?”

 As Jize quietly nodded, in his mind flashed the appearance of those high-ranked monsters that tried to trap his army.  

“If there is one thing I’m worried about, it’s that these monsters seem to be trying to lure us into the western region.”

“Of course, I’m aware of that too. We can’t let our guard down. Defeat isn’t impossible, but the odds of winning for us isn’t zero just yet.”

 Valdor was basically saying that they won’t know who’s the victor if they don’t try. To that, Jize wryly laughed.

“This battle isn’t like you, Twin Swords Knight. Though I do prefer you like this.”

“I wasn’t always so cautious. We have to win this war. That’s why we have to prioritize our speed as much as possible.”

“Umu. I agree.”

 After deciding to pursue the enemy, the holy knights took the lead, and Germion Kingdom began pursuing the goblin forces even when it was still dark.


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