Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 232 – A Resolute Pursuit (1/4) (SHORT)

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Volume 3: Chapter 232 – A Resolute Pursuit (1/4)

 Although the goblins had only lost sight of the enemy for a moment, they sent the demihumans to scout and watch their surroundings while they made preparations to retreat. Being chased was exactly what they wanted, but it still put a considerable strain on their soldiers.

“Enemy attack!”

 That scream-like report immediately woke Shumea from her shallow slumber.

“Where and how many!?”

 The soldier called out to Shumea from outside of her tent. It would appear that out of consideration for her, he refrained from entering, but Shumea didn’t care about it one bit, as she exited her tent in her underwear and spoke to the soldier.

“T-The details are unclear, but the enemies are coming from the northeast. They number approximately 1,000.”

 Shumea clicked her tongue as she listened to the report. She asked the kneeling messenger.

“The distance?”

“Roughly 5 kirols (kilometers)”

 5km to the northeast. They were too close, Shumea thought, so she sent the messenger to Gilmi, while she closed her doors to wear her armor.

“They slipped through our patrols!?”

 The patrolling demihumans were spread 10km around them. If the enemy were halfway through that, then that must mean they were able to slip through their patrols.

“Damn it. Why are ill forebodings the only guesses that are accurate!?”

 He quickly wore his armor, took his spear, and left his tent. He called for all the commanding officers, starting with the assistant officers, and ordered them to immediately retreat. They were to leave the tents behind, taking only the bare necessities with them.

 1,000 was too few.

 It was likely there was a detached force elsewhere. The question now was where the holy knights were, Shumea thought.

“Still, I can’t believe they managed to slip through the patrols of the descendant of the crystals.”

 Gilmi’s question made Shumea change her thoughts.

“I know it’s hard to accept. But the truth is that they’re headed here right now.”

“That’s true.”

“Gi Zu-dono, Bui-dono. I’m sorry about this, but please take care of the rear.”

“Of course. Just leave it to us.”


 Shumea put aside her usually joking self and gave out orders.

“Gilmi-dono, you are to give us cover just as we’ve planned.”


“We’ll contact the centaurs and the fangs, then as soon as we meet up, we’ll move down south as fast as we can. Cover us until then.”

 After confirming that everyone understood the plan, Shumea sent out a messenger. They had to meet up with the demihumans. The world was gradually moving from the hands of the Night God (Ya Jansu) to the body of the God of Fire (Rodo).


 Shumea frowned when she felt like she’d heard a scream coming from the northeastern side of the camp, the direction from where the enemy was supposedly approaching.

“…A scream?”

 Gi Zu, who had relatively good ears, turned with suspicion.

“I’ll take a look. Bui-dono, please go as well when you’re ready,” Gi Zu said.

 ”Yes,” Bui replied. Gi Zu left Bui and the others to lead his subordinates toward the direction of the scream.

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