Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 233 – A Scathing Counterattack (2/5)

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Volume 3: Chapter 233 – A Scathing Counterattack (2/5)

“I… suppose. Anyway, let’s send the demihumans now. If they can, I’d like for them to disturb the enemy with their mobility. If we just sit here and wait for the holy knights to attack, I don’t think I’ll be able to watch.”

“I’ll leave it to you then.”

“Just leave it to this oneesan.”

 Shumea said as she showed off her biceps. Gilmi nodded and went back to the Ganra Tribe he led.

“Now then, Ms. Pale. Show me this plan working.”

 As Shumea fearlessly laughed, she ordered the demihumans to advance.

“You don’t have to force yourselves. Just stop the enemy from moving!”

 An order was sent to the demihumans that were running at the flanks through Gilmi, and the chiefs of the centaurs and the werewolves gave their approval.

 The eastern division army of Germion Kingdom equipped themselves with half cone-shaped shields that were about as tall as their soldiers were. The demihumans approached them, and the centaurs shot their arrows from a great distance. It was a strategy that made use of their specialty, which was archery on horseback, so they tried to get around the enemy as they shot their bows.

“Second platoon of the left wing! Fish Scales Formation!”

 The eastern army changed their formation while running, but under Valdor’s command, they were perfectly coordinated. The arrows of the centaurs could easily penetrate even iron, but because of the half cone shape of the eastern army’s shields, there was little room for the arrows to stick themselves into. The soldiers needed only to tilt their shields a little and they would easily be able to deflect the arrows.

“Send a messenger to the mages! Tell them to cover us!”

 While the eastern army were deflecting the attacks of the demihumans, a barrage of fire spells from the mages covered for them.

“KU… Distance yourselves from the enemy!”

 Because of the mages’ fire spells, the chief of the centaurs, Tianos, ordered his tribe members to stop attacking and retreat. The same was true for the fangs. In order to avoid the fire bullets of the enemy mages, they had to assume a wide attacking formation, but when they approached the eastern army and spears were thrown at them, they had no choice but to literally run with their tails between their legs.

“We wouldn’t have lost if we were fighting up close! Damn it!”

 When the rain of fire bullets were followed with spears, the attack formation of the fangs were sent into disarray. They had originally assumed a wide formation. So when spears were thrown at them after the rain of fire, the spears were not thrown against a pack of werewolves but individuals due to how big the space between them was. As expected, Mido, who has experienced many battles realized that the formation was no good, so he steered the army into a different direction. As such, Mido had to retreat temporarily to fix his army’s formation.

 After the national army of Germion Kingdom easily repelled the demihumans, they resumed their advance with the eastern division army at the lead. Behind the eastern division army followed the nobles’ army, the mage army, the imperial guards, and the southern army. They prepared to charge into the goblin forces.

“We’ll break through them in one fell swoop. Cry out, warriors of the east!”

 The eastern division army ignored the demihumans that came to suppress them from the sides and ran madly for the enemy’s main force.

“Archers, fire!”

 As the national army of Germion Kingdom approached, the archers of Ganra aimed their bows at the sky and shot. Countless dead birds wielding iron beaks fell upon the ground.

“Raise your shields! Cover your heads! Mages!”

 Despite that, the eastern division army showed no signs of stopping. The moment they raised their shields above their heads, the support fire of the mages came raining down on the goblins. Their attacks fell from right atop them. It was as if meteorites were raining from the sky.

Many of the human mages excelled at fire magic. Because of that their fire magic developed and they were able to create an environment that allowed them to perfect their mastery of the fire. Naturally, that would allow for a higher average skill regarding fire spells among human mages compared to the mages of the other races. Although these human mages were using only the normal fire spell that shot in a straight line, they were able to make that normal spell curve from the sky toward the orc and the goblins.

 Because of this it was possible for them to support the eastern army more effectively. As the fire bullets shot above the eastern army in the lead, they rained down on the goblins and orcs that were holding tightly to their shields.

“Endure! If anyone breaks formation, I’ll kill him myself!”

 Thanks to Gi Zu and Ved screaming, they were somehow able to minimize casualties, but now, the eastern army was right in front of them.

“They’re coming!”

 The goblins and orcs were prepared for this impact, and now, it came just as they expected. The charging humans raised up their shields as they threw themselves at the goblins. The humans rammed their whole body along with their shields against the horde of monsters, causing the goblins and orcs to be pushed back, their legs leaving a mark on the ground.

 Immediately after the two armies clashed, the battle switched to a melee. The eastern army was equipped with long swords that excelled in close combat. They were using a type of double-edged sword that was made shorter than usual. An eastern sword known as Spatha. The spatha excelled in thrusting more than cutting, and the soldiers of the eastern division used them to thrust turns top and bottom as they attacked the goblins.

 Such tactics made the goblins and the orcs struggle. They had originally not received much training when fighting up close like this while packed so tightly. They had to clump up so tightly in order to defend against the spells, but now, they couldn’t move as much, and their weapons were also ill-fit, given that they were wielding long spears.

 As a result, the line of battle was gradually being pushed back.

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  1. Thats why you only use spear when in formation and use sword in close melee fight

    Thank for the chapter

    1. Their purpose is to hold them back and have little casualties not engage in melee. They’re meant to buy time judging by how the conversation earlier went.

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