Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 233 – A Scathing Counterattack (3/5)

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Volume 3: Chapter 233 – A Scathing Counterattack (3/5)

 Fortunately, Valdor the Holy Knight didn’t appear in the front lines because he expected they would have the advantage in this battle. The monster forces gradually began to collapse. Valdor’s goal was mainly to pressure the goblins, and then wait for the crown prince’s imperial guards to finish them off.

“…It’s going well for now.”

 The demihumans were keeping the flanks in check, so the line of battle collided at the center. The eastern division army were pushing into the enemy where the lines collided. Gradually, the flanks were able to shake off the demihumans’ attacks and the eastern division army was able to start pushing the enemy there as well. The resistance of the demihumans were clearly weaker than that of the orcs and the goblins.

 But just as Valdor saw victory dangling before his eyes, a messenger from the back came to him screaming.

“Goblins appeared in the forest! There’s roughly 4,000 of them!”


 Valdor muttered as he shook a little.


 How did the goblins deceive the scouts and appear within the forest? The reason is because the goblins there were Gi Gu Verbena’s southern goblins. It was true that the scouts went into the dimly lit forest looking for goblins on land. It was also true that they searched both above and below the ground.

 But these goblins hid themselves atop the trees. By hiding above the heads of the scouts inside a forest that was dark even in the day, the goblins were successfully able to hide themselves from the scouts.

 On top of that they even borrowed some of the elves to manipulate the forest and make it harder for others to see through their camouflage. Thanks to their magic, the goblins hiding atop the thick trees were able to successfully conceal themselves.

“So it’s finally my turn. Still, I really can’t find myself liking treetops. Why do the Ganra and those guys like to live in these places so much?”

 Rashka the Chief of the Gaidga carried his blue-silver steel (srilana) club on top of his shoulders as he asked that question to the Gi Jii Yubu beside him, who was currently giving orders to his own subordinates.

“After we put so much effort bringing you and your people up the trees, that’s what’s bothering you?”

 Gi Jii replied in astonishment. The ends of Rashka’s mouth twisted.

“It can’t be helped. I’ve never needed to climb until now.”

“That’s true for us too, but… Anyway, Gi Gu-dono’s army has already began their charge. We have to hurry too or we might not be able to get the result my lord seeks.”

“What an impatient goblin. If we’re going to be hunting, then we might as well aim for the best or there’s no point to it. And as far as the best prey go, that should be obvious.”

 Rashka fiercely smiled as he looked over the battlefield.

 The Axe and Sword (Felduk) army led by Gi Gu Verbena was fiercely charging toward the side of Germion Kingdom. They numbered approximately 3,000.

 At the head of their army was Gi Gu Verbena, accompanied by noble and rare class goblins. The penetrating power of such an army easily tore through the back of the eastern division army and the nobles’ army that was about to attack Fanzel.

“Kill the enemy! Don’t leave even a single one of them alive! Kill them all!”

 Just as the words Gi Gu howled dictated, Felduk mercilessly cut down the screaming humans. In the blink of an eye, they penetrated halfway into the enemy forces, then they spread their forces to both flanks to widen the opening. From thereon there were no lines or formations.

 Only a chaotic battle that relied on one’s own strength.

 But the goblins were overwhelmingly numerous. On top of that, being attacked at the sides was a painful thing for Germion Kingdom. In order to destroy Fanzel, Germion Kingdom had assumed a charging formation that left their flanks wide open.

 As such, only the eastern division army could respond to the sudden charge of the goblins, but they were currently caught in a battle with Fanzel. Asking the nobles’ army to deal with the goblins was simply too cruel.

 Felduk was like a heated iron rod plunged into a tub of butter. Of course, the nobles were the butter. The nobles’ army were destroyed as easily as the butter melted. Caught in that explosive power that was like a storm of winds, the humans found themselves sinking in a sea of blood.

 Naturally, Valdor and Jize understood the situation.

“So, they wanted to split us apart…”

 After confirming the situation, Jize ordered the southern army to go around the right flank of the imperial guards. It was a decision he made to protect the crown prince, but because of that Rashka of Gaidga noticed him from a distance.

“Oh, I found one. A worthy prey.”

 Gi Jii followed Rashka’s gaze inquisitively, and when he saw the platoons donned in extravagant armor, he understood.

“That should be the enemy leader that Pale-dono was talking about.”

“Doesn’t it seem like they’re trying to hide something important? Alright! I’ve made up my mind! I’ll go for that!”

“Let’s go together.”

 The Gaidga Tribe’s 500 goblins and the regiol led by Gi Jii advanced for the imperial guards guards and the southern army protecting them. Meanwhile, the demihumans, who kept their distance and focused their attention on keeping the enemy at bay, was now starting to charge toward the hateful mage army.

“If we can just get near them, those guys are nothing! Onwards!”

 At the behest of Mido, the Fang Tribe (Werewolf) fiercely ran for the mages. The mages were powerless against the pack of werewolves pouring in. They were beaten and trampled underfoot.

“…Let’s make the front smaller. 2nd and 3rd platoon, retreat!”

 Valdor the Holy Knight, who was leading the eastern army that was currently pushing into Fanzel, felt that the odds of winning this battle had suddenly plummeted. But despite that, he still maintained the chain of command and looked for a way to win.

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