Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 233 – A Scathing Counterattack (4/5)

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Volume 3: Chapter 233 – A Scathing Counterattack (4/5)

 At this point in time, Germion Kingdom had been divided into three. But even without knowing the situation to that extent, Valdor, who was at the front lines, felt the overwhelming power of the enemy.

“The Enemy is ahead! Continue retreating!”

 When the eastern division soldiers began to reduce the size of the front lines, Valdor noticed that the first line of Fanzel had started to retreat.

“1st Platoon, advance. Maintain the line while pushing the enemy! 2nd and 3rd platoon, turn around. Save the nobles’ army!”

 Valdor sent half of the army around, but the might of the goblins approaching from behind was far beyond anything he could have imagined it to be. The attacking prowess of the goblins from behind was so overwhelming that it surpassed even the strength of the eastern division soldiers. The nobles’ army were already on the brink of destruction.

 The Felduk that penetrated the nobles’ army from the flanks – the penetrating power of its front led by Gi Gu Verbena and the other high class goblins – tore a hole through their flanks.

“Gu Naga (Long), Big, Tough! Send some of the soldiers to support the demihumans! The rest follow me!”

 Having read the situation of the battlefield, Gi Gu gave out those orders, and the Felduk that had overcome countless battles obeyed.

 After sending a third of their forces to help the demihumans that were trampling over the mage army, Gi Gu led the rest of his subordinates to attack the eastern division soldiers. Felduk’s charge remained strong, and even the renowned elite eastern division soldiers did not have an easy time dealing with them.

 After all, there was just simply too many of them. Fighting the 700 of the eastern division soldiers were Gi Gu’s 2,000 goblins. That was almost three times the numbers of the humans. Moreover, because the eastern division had to spilt their forces to deal with the Fanzel that they were fighting with at their front, the gap between their forces and the goblins became desperately big.

 Sensing that his army was gradually being pushed by the waves of goblins, Valdor decided to appear in the front lines himself, but as soon as he did, he heard a scream coming from the 1st Platoon he sent to deal with Fanzel.


 The reason Fanzel had retreated despite their allies turning the situation around was to prevent themselves from getting caught up in the attacks of the Ganra Archers. The rain of arrows that fell upon the eastern division soldiers, who were already barely hanging on against Gi Gu’s goblins, was no different from a merciless rain of death.

“Make them pay for everything they’ve done to us until now!”

 Gi Zu’s subordinates attacked with great fury. And as if spurred on by them, even the heavily equipped orcs attacked the humans. Pressed on by both sides, Valdor gave out another set of orders.

“We’ll ward off the enemy’s attacks. After reversing the offensive, move to the right wing! 2nd and 3rd platoon, assume the Tortoise Shell Formation and move to the right wing!”

 Valdor took out his twin swords – the very swords that gave him his title ‘Twin Swords’ – and leaped in front of the first platoon to deal with Fanzel.

“He’s here!”

 The strength of the holy knights had left a kind of trauma to the orcs and the goblins because of Jize.

“Valdor the Holy Knight is here! Falter not and press on, brave warriors of the eastern division!”

 Valdor’s twin swords met the attacking orcs and goblins, and in the blink of an eye, 10 corpses were piled up just like that.

 After the offensive of Fanzel had weakened, Valdor fixed the formation of the 1st platoon. By working together with 2nd and 3rd platoon, they endured the attacks of Felduk and Fanzel.

 As the eastern division army was somehow able to fix their formation and endure the attacks of the monsters, the holy knight, Jize, was caught up in a violent battle with a giant goblin.

“Rage, my wrath (Slash)!”

 The black light shot from the club flashed through several soldiers and cut them down.

“KU. He can do that from that far away?”

 Jize clicked his tongue as he was forced to run from the giant goblin. It would’ve been a different matter were he like Gowen who could neutralize magic, but as it stood now, he had no choice but to slowly close the distance between him and Rashka if he wanted to deal with Rashka’s ability to attack consecutively from a distance like that.

“Attack! The holy knight is mine to hunt, so go attack the others instead!”

 At Rashka’s behest, the goblins of the Gaidga Tribe started attacking.

“My army will be going too then. May the fortunes of war be with you.”

“HA. I don’t need you looking after me! A strong adversary is exactly what I’m looking for!”

 After seeing Gi Jii’s army ignore the holy knight and leave, Rashka called out to the holy knight that approached him.

“So you are the rumored holy knight?”

“…You sure are big for a goblin. Are you the master of this horde?”

 Rashka laughed.

“I am Rashka, Son of Mishka. The goblin who leads the strongest Gaidga Tribe! Now, human. Let us fight!”

“I can’t afford to waste time either. I am Jize the Holy Knight! Come!”

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