Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 233 – A Scathing Counterattack (5/5)

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Volume 3: Chapter 233 – A Scathing Counterattack (4/5)

 Rashka’s club clad in black light and Jize’s curved sword clashed. Jize was planning to dodge Rashka’s attack, but it was a lot faster than he expected. As a Lord Class goblin, Rashka’s attack was an extremely dangerous thing to receive even for the holy knight.

 Jize understood that just from seeing one of his attacks, but it wasn’t easy to dodge it either. Jize had mobilized all of the healers to heal the cavalry. They didn’t have the leisure to heal Jize too. Because of that the wound he got from Gi Zu was still with him.

 Another reason why he didn’t insist on receiving healing was because he was meant to fight at the back, and so he wanted to get the cavalry back on its feet as much as possible. Because of his wounds, Jize’s movements were a little slower than usual.

 Rashka’s club crushed the earth and sent stone fragments flying.

“Clad me in the power of violence (Ra Gilion)!”

 The club clad in black light crushed the ground and attacked Jize. Jize somehow managed to dodge it, but he clicked his tongue after glancing behind him a little.

 The southern army was being pushed under the attack of the Gaidga Tribe. The enemy was attacking with a proper formation and were executing a pincer attack. Gi Jii Yubu’s regiol worked together with the merciless and savage Gaidga to spill the blood of the southern army.

“You sure are leisurely to be looking elsewhere!”

 Rashka roared and swung his club. That attack of his crushed the ground once again.

 Before the two holy knights knew it, they were caught in a predicament.


 Fanzel was being pushed back just a while ago, but thanks to the support of the Ganra Tribe, the situation has turned around and now the goblins were in the offensive. The powerful vanguard consisting of Gi Zu, Bui, and the others advanced toward the eastern division army with the border guards and the Ganra Tribe, and suddenly, they were starting to approaching the imperial guards.

“Let’s show them our power! Take a huge detour to the left!”

 The soldiers that volunteered to be border guards nodded to Shumea’s orders despite not understanding her intentions. When Shumea saw that, she nodded.

“What? Not too confident?”

“W-We’ve already gotten the advantage, so if we just leave the rest to the goblins and the orcs…”

 Despite that negative opinion, Shumea continued to smile and nodded.

“It’s true that things will probably go well even if we leave things to the goblins and the orcs. But you know…”

 The goblins were probably still beneath Shumea when it came to encouraging one’s own soldiers. Shumea did not pressure the soldiers with power, but instead spoke to them.

“You soldiers are strong! There’s no need for you to remain as mere border guards!”

 The soldiers looked at each other half-believing-half-doubting, but Shumea cheerfully continued.

“The soldiers you have been fighting until now are the renowned elite of Germion Kingdom, the Eastern Division Army! Their commander is none other than Valdor the Holy Knight!”

 ”And,” Shumea said as she looked at the soldiers.

“We haven’t been fighting all this time just for show! It was because we defeated the noble soldiers and the regular army that we are standing here today! What do you think? Aren’t we awesome?”

 Although still confused, a seed began to sprout within the soldiers, and they started to think that perhaps that actually be the case.

“Our next opponent is the renowned imperial guards! Now that things have reached this point, why don’t we make a name for ourselves that we can leave behind for our descendants!? Can you imagine what kind of stories we can tell our families when we come back home!? Every one of us would be a member of the border guards that defeated the number one nation of the west, the military country of Germion Kingdom!”

 Every word Shumea spoke gradually changed the soldiers’ fear into hope.

“Well, I won’t tell you to push yourselves. But as for me, I’m going. There won’t be another opportunity like this! An opportunity to rise from being a mere slave to conquerors that defeated the crown prince of a kingdom! Raise your voices, soldiers! Who’s with me!?”

 Suddenly, all the border guards cried out as if all that earlier weakness was nothing but a lie.

 Gilmi’s Ganra Tribe covered the border guards led by Shumea for when Gilmi saw the border guards burning in high spirits because of her speech, he couldn’t help but open his eyes wide in shock. Thus, he commanded his subordinates.

“Kill any and all who get in their way!”

 At Gilmi’s behest, the Ganra shot down anyone that tried to impede Shumea’s border guards and suppressed any platoon that tried to approach them.

 Due to the support of the Ganra Tribe, the border guards that moved out met barely any obstacles and were able to quickly approach the imperial guards led by the crown prince. On the other side, the Gaidga Tribe and Gi Jii’s regiol pressured the southern army and hindered the movement of the imperial guards.

“Support them. We shall mark our victory in this battle!”

 At the words of Gilmi the Hero of Ganra, the tribal goblins shot their arrows toward the imperial guards. While arrow was raining from the sky, Shumea’s border guards began their attack.


 Shumea swung her short spear and skewered the imperial guards as she ran past them. Victory was already within reach. At Shumea’s behest, the border guards attacked the imperial guards with spirits high. When an arrow shot and injured the crown prince, the imperial guards were defeated.

 The defeat of the imperial guards led by the crown prince decided the battle.

 The victory of the goblins in this battle that would later come to be called the Battle of Three Forests (Rakushuto) that was fought mostly by the main forces of Fanzel and Germion Kingdom would make the decline of Germion Kingdom apparent for all to see.

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  1. Is the prince dead? Its be a mess for the holy knight, the king might be execute or throw both of them to prison for this

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