Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 235 – The Turning Wheels of War (1/4)

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Volume 3: Chapter 234 – The Turning Wheels of War (1/4)

 The snow would melt and the water would flow down the surface of the mountain. Before long, the land would drink the water and the water would flow into the river, spreading out into the lower reaches, becoming a vast source of water that would nourish the crops of Germion Kingdom and the southern countries.

 In the year 232 of the history of Germion Kingdom, in the year 3 of the history of the goblins, on the month of Rabid, a season where the snow melted late visited the north.

 Word of such a season was brought to Lili, the fedual lord of the north, but with it also came word of the barbarians’ attack.

“Snow Demons (Yugushiva)! They’re back!”

 As Lili calmed down the screaming soldier, she took her Sky Splitter (Vashinant) and went to the Great Mountains of the Snow God (Yugrasil).

“Have the guards help the people evacuate. The mountain patrols are to go with me to look for the enemy!”

 She had already predicted that the Yugushiva might one day return, so she didn’t lose her calm and was able to give out one order after another. As she received follow-up reports from her men, she headed for the mountains of Yugrasil.

“Milord, we have spotted goblins among the enemy forces!”

 *BA BUMP. The moment she heard those words, her lips that have been giving orders without pause suddenly stopped.

“What kind of goblin?”

“There is one that’s nearly 2 meters tall. He has a slender build. But what’s most important is that the goblin is fighting at the front with his curved sword alongside the snow demons (yugushiva).”

“Not a great sword or a spear, huh.”


“No, it’s nothing. Let’s hurry!”

 As she got up her horse, she spurred her horse on and rode a straight line. With the image of that which should be protected within her heart, the holy knight stood before the invasion of the goblins.

 At the same time, the axe and sword army (Felduk) along with Gi Jii’s regiol had gathered by the eight fortresses in between the Western Region and Germion Kingdom. A part of the Bow and Arrow Army (Fanzel) also came with them, bringing their total numbers to 6,000. The one leading that army was Gi Gu Verbena, one of the four generals.

“A magnificent view.”

 Every soldier wore an armor produced from the Forest of Darkness and the demihumans and the goblins wielded weapons made by the small people (koro toku).

 Donned in the armor bestowed unto him by the king, Gi Gu folded his arms and on his eyes were reflected the siege weapons they acquired from their alliance with the humans. The ones handling these siege weapons were Gi Jii’s regiol and the humans of the border defense unit.

“General Gilmi is ready!”

 He nodded to Gu Naga’s (Long) report.

“The human, Shumea, and general Gi Jii are ready!”

 He nodded to Gu Big’s report.

“Felduk is ready!”

 Gi Gu Verbena nodded to Gu Tough’s report and drew his sword from his waist.

“I’m not fond of being led by the nose by that elven girl, but the story changes if it’s leading the advance army of the king. All forces, march!”

 As the goblin forces began their march, the earth shook. The blood-stained Felduk, who came to be synonymous with the word ‘fear’ in the southern lands, began moving toward the sturdiest fortresses of Germion Kingdom.

“Our axe of fear shall carve itself into their minds!”

 Felduk throbbed with Gi Gu’s words.

 Even the forces of the Goblin King’s army at the south sped up.

 It was as if several snakes were gathering together to become one giant snake as the clouds of dust kicked up by the cavalry gathered into one. At the head of that cavalry was a goblin. He did not even turn around as he swung his spear with one arm and changed the formation of the cavalry according to his will.

 As they assumed the Wedge Formation and rode upon the land, the only thing reflected on their eyes was the territory they were about to trample underfoot.

“Gi Ga Rax-dono!”

 A goblin rode parallel to the one-armed goblin leading the cavalry and greeted him.

“Please give Paradua the honor of leading the vanguard!”

“Swing your spearheads as you please, Hal-dono.”

 When Gi Ga nodded, Hal trembled in excitement for a moment, and then he rode ahead of Gi Ga.

“The honor of the vanguard lies with Paradua! The very existence of our spearheads is to hunt for glory. Do not let it go dull! Bring victory to the king!”

 Hal raised his spearhead, and the soldiers under him cried out with spirits high.

“Bring victory to the king!”

 The fastest of the goblin forces, the Tiger and Spear Army (Aransain), attacked from the south.

 As the goblin forces moved out in the north, the west, and the south, the long arm of Pale the Tactician stretched out to surround Germion Kingdom.

“Listen up you bastards! You can name your price for this job, so put your backs into it!”

 The clan (Red Moon Clan) led by Vine the Mad Blade spread its feared name far and wide. Just a few years ago, it was but a small and weak clan, but now, its momentum was so great that it seemed it could make even the birds flying in the sky fall.

 Supported by funds from who knows where, they gathered the clans and staged a revolt in the eastern region of Germion Kingdom. After attacking the government office, they took over the city.

 Germion Kingdom was now surrounded by enemies in all four directions.


Tl Note: Changed the name of the snow god to Yugrasil as that’s more correct.

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