Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 235 – The Turning Wheels of War (2/4)

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Volume 3: Chapter 235 – The Turning Wheels of War (2/4)

 One could only imagine how confused Germion Kingdom was after being surrounded by enemies from every direction. The Kingdom of Holy Knights, whose power once resounded throughout the world, now didn’t even have an inkling of its former majesty. The people fled and the nobles left the imperial capital to go to their respective territories.

 The lines of people fleeing the country created a long line at the gates of Germion Kingdom.

 And the king who should have been managing all of these had lost all interest in government affairs. He did not do anything and merely sat there upon his throne. Ever since the day he lost his grandson, Ishtar, he had become nothing more than a husk.

 Not a trace of his majesty as the Majestic King was left.

 Although the old king showed himself again after grieving the death of his grandson, Ishtar, the old but brilliant king never again came back. Only an old main waiting for death. And with that emerged the long seething conflict between the nobles and military officials.

 The power struggles delayed the rebuilding of the country, and in the end, even Lord Bedoru reached his limits. The power struggles also changed the standing of the holy knights.

 The holy knight, Sivara, was relocated to the east to accomodate Valdor’s territory, while Gulland was continuously sent to the Holy Shushunu Kingdom as reinforcement. Jize remained in prison, and Lili the Scarlet Maiden was wary of the north.

 In the battle of the imperial court, Gulland was essentially forgotten and Jize was left alone to prevent political enemies from using him as an opening. No one wanted to pick chestnuts from the fire.

 As for Lili, her territory was originally poor and she was of little threat as far political enemies went, so she was detained in the north.

 Sivara was the only one who successfully increased his territory by spurring on his friends from every direction, but the power he could display was by no means equal to the territory he owned.

 The elites of the eastern division had gone with Valdor and were wiped out.

 Rebuilding the weakened soldiers now would be difficult even if the late Gowen were with him. Moreover, he also had to expend effort for the management of his now bigger territory. If anything, rebuilding his army had been slowed down.

 The people themselves may not have realized it, but this result was actually brought about by the schemes of Gi Za Zakuend the Wizard Class. He pulled the strings from behind the scenes to prevent the holy knights from being able to show their power.

 Although it was only possible through the intelligence network built by the Soar to Freedom (Elks Clan), Gi Za’s display of power that was akin to that of pouring oil into the flames of the conflicts of the imperial court was still nothing short of brilliant.

 Entangled within the great web of schemes woven by the goblins these past 8 months was none other than Germion Kingdom.


 The ruler of the plains, the Holy Shushunu Kingdom. Its war princess, Blanche Ririnoie, led her sorcerer cavalry (mana guard) and headed for the neighboring minor nations.

 Her objective was to reestablish an alliance with them and the Holy Shushunu Kingdom.

 She brought a diplomat with her, but it was clear as day that she was planning for an armed diplomacy. It is said that the minor nations once teamed up with the people who once competed for the peak of the military with her.

 Her bringing only a small number of her troops with her to a place such as that showed just how courageous she was.

“I want to go back to Shushunu quickly,” the feeble man for an aide said.

“…You still miss your hometown even though you’re with this princess?” The girl laughed scornfully.

The ways of the nobles have been taught to her from birth, their pride and their elegance deeply rooted within her. She is a pure noble groomed from birth to stand above others.

“A crafty courtier only good for flattery. A foolish lord. A persecuted populace. As curious as these things may be at first, showing such things repeatedly to His Majesty the King or to I is simply too cruel. This sort of life is too far from elegance,” Blanche said.

“…If I may speak frankly,” the aide said.

“You may,” she immediately replied.

“Is it not because His Majesty the King hates you, princess?”

“You think so too? What a sad thing. Even though I adore His Majesty so.”

“…And who wouldn’t be scared of a woman that comes in laughing while carrying the four fresh heads of those that opposed her?” Gulland interjected.

“Hmm. That’s a fresh opinion. So what do you think I should do in that situation then, Gulland?” Blanche asked.

“…Like I’d know. In the first place, I don’t even understand what’s so good about that incompetent king.”

 Blanche smiled like a cat teasing a mouse.

“That’s precisely why. A fool who does not understand the extent of his authority and does not even know how to use it. A dunce who does not realize his subjects’ ambitions. There are plenty of reasons to adore him.”

“There is one thing I do understand. You are one hell of an eccentric.”

“Fu fu fu. Thank you for the compliments. The more brilliant a person is, the further from normalcy he will stray. To wish to abide in the same place as others is no different from stagnation. Such a thing is no different from betrayal, no? It is not beautiful.”

 Gulland came here as reinforcement from Germion Kingdom, but for some reason, this eccentric girl has taken a liking to him ever since their first meeting.

 When the sound of a horse galloping resounded from behind, their conversation immediately halted, and a messenger appeared before her.

“An army of roughly 2000 from the Kingdom of Shirad is approaching from behind. They are equipped with heavy armor. It is likely that they are pursuing us.”

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