Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 240 – The End of the Kingdom of Knights (3/5)

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Volume 3: Chapter 240 – The End of the Kingdom of Knights (3/5)

“W-What is the meaning of this? Even if we may be allies, this is simply…”

The most senior of the government officials criticized Blanche, but she showed no signs of worrying. If anything she smiled sadistically as she looked down at the officials.

“You have not been granted permission to speak.”

She laughed as she enjoyed the fragrance of the tea poured by her subordinate. A nearby subordinate of hers understood what she meant and pinned down the official that spoke. When she saw the official groaning, she took a mouthful of black tea, held it in her mouth, and then swallowed.

“Hmm… Now then, normally I wouldn’t talk to commoners such as yourselves, but I’m enjoying this delicious black tea, so I might as well. I’ll explain it so that it’s easy for you to understand.”

She brought the cup made out of luxurious clay to her mouth as she enjoyed the warmth of the black tea.

“Just recently, my beloved king has given me a wonderful gift. Do you know what that is?”

The government officials exchanged glances, but none of them could answer. She was in a good mood, though, so she continued.

“War. The authority to declare war on you has been granted to me.”

The face of the government officials gradually paled, then as Blanche enjoyed the aroma of her black tea, she said.

“Well, what I’m trying to say is… I, Blanche Ririnoie, hereby declare war on your country on behalf of the Holy Shushunu Kingdom.”

Stricken with despair, the government officials hung their head and Blanche laughed loudly.

“All of the people of this city belong to me. Of course, that includes you officials and the refugees.”

“T-This is preposterous!”

“Take them away.”

After emptying her black tea, Blanche put down her tea cup on its coaster and asked her feeble aide.

“What did the foolish nobles say?”

“They reluctantly agreed.”

“It seems they know their place. That makes things convenient for me.”

She smiled with satisfaction as she had the map spread on the floor. It was a map large enough to take a third of the space in the room. That much information on the eastern region had been placed before her eyes.

“Now then, how long will it take to transport the slaves?”

“The refugees can be transported immediately, but the citizens wish to pay for their freedom.”

“1,000 duma per person and I will permit them not to fall into slavery.”

1,000 duma was enough for a commoner family to eat for three years.

“Most of the commoners will probably fall into slavery… Perhaps only a tenth will be left.”

She became thoughtful at that figure, then she smiled wryly and nodded.

“That will do. See to it.”

“As you will. My master.”

Blanche looked down at the map and quietly smiled.

“Come, let us begin this enjoyable war.”


A horde of monster beasts ferociously raised up a great cloud of dust as they rode from the west to the east.

This was the Tiger and Spear Army (Aransain) led by Gi Ga Rax. They, who prided themselves as the fastest among the goblins, moved at a speed that no human army could dare match.

Gi Ga’s policy revolved around mercy and forbearance, allowing the defeated to surrender. He wanted to quickly subjugate the various territories, but surprisingly, few surrendered. In fact, many fought back.

One reason was because just before the collapse of Germion Kingdom, most of its nobles were able to return to their respective territories. Although it couldn’t be helped since they wanted to conquer the imperial capital as fast as they could, the scattered forces were now receiving support from their locals and were fighting against the goblins.

Another reason was because of the influence of the Holy Knight, Sivara Bandier, who has held his ground at the eastern region.

Even if the people of Germion Kingdom rebelled and lost, they had a place they could run to. Because of that they were more than eager to rebel.

Gi Ga informed Pale of the situation, but all she said in response was…

──“The areas that can be occupied have been minimized and the path to the east taken, but there’s no need to hurry the war.”

Gi Ga could not understand her intentions and neither could Zaurosh of the Proud Clan (Leon Heart Clan). In the first place, while Zaurosh may be a veteran warrior, he was not a tactician.

In the end, they headed east as ordered without understanding Pale’s intentions.

While a human and a goblin were racking their heads trying to make sense of their orders, the reorganization of the army at the former capital of Germion Kingdom was proceeding steadily. While their king was occupying the north, the goblins that had just experienced their first campaign were being reorganized.

“It’s really hard to organize them when the king isn’t around.”

Although one of the four generals, Gi Gu Verbena, was complaining, he was actually satisfied with the goblins under him. Gu Tough, Gu Big, and Gu Naga (Long) of his army were given permission to have an independent force of their own.

Although the main power of the Blood-Stained Axe and Sword Army (Felduk) revolved around the southern goblins, which Gi Gu led himself, but with the inclusion of the new soldiers, they now numbered 6,000 and were simply too big.

Although that made them the biggest army among the goblin forces, it also made them too big for Gi Gu alone to lead. To make it easier to manage the army, Gi Gu picked out the three sibling goblins, who have been with him the longest, to each lead 1,000 soldiers and serve as adjutants to Gi Gu’s army.

Although they have been entrusted with subordinates of their own for a while now, it was only now that they were officially being entrusted with a battalion. Because of this the Gi Gu faction has now become the largest faction among the goblins.

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