Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 240 – The End of the Kingdom of Knights (4/5)

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Volume 3: Chapter 240 – The End of the Kingdom of Knights (4/5)

Another reason why Gi Gu was so happy was because the king bestowed a name on the three sibling goblins before he left.

Gu Tough Duen.

Gu Big Rueh.

Gu Naga Ferun.

When Gi Gu thought back to when he first picked up these three goblins, his face bloomed into a smile. Receiving a family name from the king meant receiving the right to own a territory.

The three goblins he picked up during his expedition had grown to the point were the king himself had given them a name. He was happy that they were able to survive this long, and also happy that they were able to grow up this well.

“Elder brother.”

The ‘small’ Gu Naga (Long) represented the three of them as he knelt on one knee and called out to Gi Gu.


As the three sibling goblins looked up and one goblin looked down, no more words needed be said.

“Stand, my younger brothers. From here on you will be able to have a family of your own. Remember. You must never be frugal with your life when working for the king.”

Gi Gu patted the shoulders of the three goblins as they nodded, then he turned to Felduk, which was standing in attention behind them, and raised his voice.

“Rejoice! And cry out! It is time to see our brothers off!”

The war cries pushed the three goblins from behind as they left the imperial capital. The three goblins each led 1,000 soldiers and departed to suppress the eastern region of Germion Kingdom.

Other than them, Gi Do Buruga the shaman class goblin and Gi Zu Ruo and the others were made to lead the soldiers that could not be accomodated by the four generals. They were sent to suppress the eastern region.

One reason was that it was simply too inefficient to use the four generals to suppress the rebellion of the remnants of Germion Kingdom, as they were needed to maintain the public order in the imperial capital and in the front most lines, where the powerful enemies were.

Another reason was to give these other goblins an opportunity to gain more experience leading other goblins and strengthen the goblin army as a whole.

By taking over Germion Kingdom, Pale was slowly but steadily making her way toward the plans she needed to win the coming great wars.


It was only after Sivara Bandier had clashed once with the vanguard of the goblins that used monster beasts that that report was brought to him. It was well into the middle of the month of the Sheep.

After Sivara soemhow managed to repel Gi Ga Rax’s Aransain, word of Blanche the War Princess’ surprise attack at the east was brought to him.

“…You’re certain this message is authentic?”

Sivara asked as his hair dirtied by the dusts of war fluttered in the wind.

“There is no mistaking it. Citizens that couldn’t pay for their freedom have been sold to the Holy Shushunu Kingdom as slaves.”

“This isn’t the time for us humans to fighting among ourselves, but I suppose that’s not something that the great powers can understand.”

He muttered as his face twisted from the exhaustion of fighting battles to no end.

Even Gulland, who was supposed to be his insurance, failed to become a pawn that kept Shushunu in check.

The plan he gambled his survival on has just been destroyed.

“Refugees sighted in front! They’re being chased by the goblins!”

When the few cavalry they had sent as scouts came back with that report, Sivara stopped his thoughts and raised his head.

“All forces! Gather yourselves! We’re fighting the goblins! Fish Scales Formation!”

The people being chased was a group of minor nobles that rebelled against the goblins. When they saw Sivara’s group, they ran as if they’d found a sliver of hope from the depths of hell.

The goblins pursuing them were mostly made up of quick monster beasts.

“I can’t see one arm! That’s the black tiger horde!”

Of the mounted goblins, the ones they had to be most vigilant of were the long-armed goblins. Sivara once saw the state of an army chased to the imperial capital by them. These long-armed goblins truly led their armies like a storm.

“There is no need to fear! At my signal, expand to the flanks!”

Although that was what Sivara had said, the black tigers were not an enemy that they could let their guard down against. Not to mention, the movements of those black tigers were simply too flexible compared to the horses Sivara and his men used.

When the group of minor nobles passed by them, Sivara heaved a sigh of relief.

Then in the moment before they clashed with the goblins, Sivara raised his voice.


The fish scales formation expanded to both sides and tried to push the frontlines. The black tiger horde also spread to both sides.

“That was too weak! They’re coming from the back!”

Just as Sivara thought, the black tiger horde took advantage of their superiority in mobility and regrouped behind them, then attacked once more.

“Left Wing! Right Wing! Turn around! Center! Advance!”

Sivara ordered only the center force to advance while he ordered the flanks to turn around. This was a battle against time. While Sivara was busy fixing their formation, the black tigers were attacking.

Fortunately for them, this time the polished tactics of the humans won over the mobility of the goblins. The goblins attacked, but Sivara was able to finish fixing their formation a little faster.

Immediately realizing that they were at a disadvantage, the goblins gave the signal to retreat. Despite incurring losses, Sivara attacked the goblins once more.

But he didn’t pursue after them when they fled. After all, the goblins moved too quickly. As the human side cheered for their victory, Sivara went to meet the humans that were being chased.

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