Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 244 – Dance of the War Princess (3/5)

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Volume 3: Chapter 244 – The Dance of the War Princess (3/5)

They didn’t understand. It was a common sentiment among the high-ranked goblins that although they may have lost once, if the Goblin King himself were to lead them, the likes of the Holy Shushunu Kingdom would be nothing.

At the south, they were able to defeat the great army led by the human king, and then they even defeated their archenemy, the Germion Kingdom.

So why did the Goblin King refuse to act? The goblins could not understand it.

They wanted him to leave the management of the territory to the humans and the elves, and then lead them to victory. That was their honest opinion. But for some reason, the king refused to grant their wish.

“No. You must wait for now.”

The Goblin King will only go out to battle when his footing was secure. The Goblin King’s steel-like self-restraint and the will that has supported him all this time did not allow his wisdom to dull even in these hard times.

“Once we have rid ourselves of those squirming behind us, we shall head east.”

When the Goblin King firmly declared that, his goblin subordinates could only obediently bow their head. As such, their expectations naturally turned to Ra Gilmi Fishiga’s bow and arrow army (Fanzel).

When the messenger reached them, Gilmi and the other goblins felt that expectation weighing down on them painfully.

But even for the brilliant Gilmi and his Fanzel, things were not so simple.

First, there were revolts occuring throughout the Goblin King’s lands that needed to be suppressed. It would be nice if they could be suppressed with just the goblin soldiers and the government’s soldiers, but for the revolts that had grown far bigger than expected, only Gilmi’s Fanzel could deal with them.

Second, with Yoshu collapsing, the backbone of the kingdom with the western capital at its center was in chaos. When Germion Kingdom was in good health, the Western Capital included even the area known as the Eight Fortresses. All that was currently in chaos, and there were several revolts occurring outside of the Western Capital too.

Third, the transportation problem of the food from Fatina.

Just as Felbi and the prime minister of Elrain Kingdom, Elbert, predicted, the escorts for the transportation of goods was threatened to the point that Fanzel had to take over it too. Meanwhile, Gi Gi Orudo and Gi Ji Arsil needed to stay at the southern border in case the Holy Shushunu Kingdom were to attack.

Another reason why it had to be them keeping watch was because the monster army, Zailduk, wasn’t actually suited for escort missions despite its many beast tamers.

Presently, Fanzel is being led by the Ganra Tribe, and included the Fang Tribe (Werewolf) from the demihumans and the gray wolves, and the orc soldiers led by the orc chief, Bui. Of the humans, they had Shumea’s border defense unit and Zaurosh’s Proud Clan (Leon Heart Clan) with them.

The reason they had few goblins from the Forest of Darkness with them was because Gilmi had taken into consideration the harmony between the different races. This formation was something unique to Gilmi. To other goblins, such a formation would have been nothing but a shackle, but to Gilmi, it was a boon that allowed each side to demonstrate their abilities.

Besides, the battle they would be facing now was a battle within their own territory.

Within these lands lived mostly humans, but there were also demihumans and goblins living here. This kind of army was more mobile than a mixed army.

With three problems to deal with, Gilmi arranged them according to priority and solved them one after another. The first thing he chose to prioritize was the suppression of the revolts.

The transportation problem of the food supplies from Fatina required them to cross a great distance, so there was no point rushing it. Gilmi decided to focus his attention on steadily advancing and stopped thinking about it.

The chaos at the Western Capital was a problem for a ruler. As skilled a goblin as Gilmi may be, if one asked him how he was as a ruler, he would have no choice but to shake his head.

He believed that the best way to solve it was to wait for Yoshu to recover, so he decided to focus his attention on the suppression of the revolts.

First, he tried to negotiate.

Gilmi tried to talk to the rebels near the western capital to get them to surrender and go back to their previous lives, but apparently, once humans have unshackled themselves, they will become increasingly arrogant.

The rebels only saw the goblins’ attempt at negotiation as weakness, and then returned their diplomacy with jeers and attacks.

“It can’t be helped. Defeat them and advance.”

“Is that fine? They are still citizens.”

“If they were citizens, then they would listen. But instead they have taken advantage of the king’s kindness and have grown arrogant. Discipline is in order.”

Bui the orc asked, and Gilmi narrowed his eyes and drew his bow.

Just as the bow being drawn seemed to sound, the arrows of Gilmi and Ganra’s Archers flew toward the sky, raining death from the azure skies onto the heads of the rebels.

Shumea’s soldiers looked like they were still hesitant to fight the rebels, so Gilmi had them take position at the back, while Mido the Great Chief of the Fang Tribe (Werewolf) was to advance with them.

“Mido-dono, there is no need to hold back.”

“Hah! Who do you think I am!”

Mido the Tyrant smiled fiercely, then true to his name, charged onward without the slightest fear to the death raining from above.

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  1. Thanks for the chap Jiggly! The chapters are very spread out now so yea, I too forgot what was going on in the last chap, had to reread about 8 chaps back to get my footing back. Caught up now tho, definitely still loving this series and with the longer wait times, the suspense of how the King will beat the Shushuu Kingdom is high asf.

  2. Thank you for the chapter! It brings me great enjoyment to always return here time after time to continue reading this unique story that you have written.

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