Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 244 – Dance of the War Princess (4/4)

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Volume 3: Chapter 244 – The Dance of the War Princess (4/4)

“Bui-dono, I’ll leave it to you.”

Bui nodded and commanded the orc soldiers to advance.

The orcs boasted a durable body the goblins couldn’t compare to, and with the steel armor they wore, their defenses were further bolstered.

In their hands were clubs as big as human legs. The orcs couldn’t learn the three-man-cell, but with the equipment from the Goblin King, they were overwhelming.

The charge of the orcs that were on average two heads taller than the humans caused fear to quickly spread among the rioting people. Though even without that, the ‘Orc Madness’ was a renowned monster calamity.

Even Germion Kingdom spoke tales of the ferocity of orcs; hence, it was to no surprise that the sight of the steel armored orcs swinging their clubs was met with screams. These humans weren’t properly equipped in the first place.

One human had his arm crushed by a descending club, while another was sent flying with his head shattered. The heavy class orcs mercilessly crushed the fallen as they advanced. But though the orc army was roused by the fire of war, Bui led them with tranquility and wisdom.

Perhaps it was because of the favor of the Goddess of Wisdom that Bui was unusually estranged from the orcs’ madness for war. Still, it was precisely because he could fight without being swept away by that madness that he could stand at the top of the orcs as the Savage King.

As the orcs advanced with their dull weapons, Mido pushed onwards like a sharp blade. When the rioters tried to fight back, Ganra’s arrows rained on them from above. They couldn’t even put up a decent fight before falling into chaos.

Unable to reorganize themselves, chaos spread through their ranks, and before anyone knew it, they were routed.


“Thank you for your kindness.”

The Vice Clan Leader of the Leon Heart Clan, Zaurosh, led his cavalry from behind and persuaded the rioters to surrender. He chased after the fleeing rioters and threatened them with death if they refused to surrender.

“We don’t have time to screen the rioters that have surrendered, but if they want to commit violence so much, I’ll give them the opportunity.”

Gilmi gathered the hundreds of humans that surrendered and formed companies out of them just like Gi Gu Verbena once did.

He spurred them on himself and used the Ganra Tribe to keep an eye on them. Shumea and the others looked at them with sympathy, but no one had a better suggestion, so they all went along with Gilmi’s orders.

“We have our list. Let’s go to our next objective. We must fortify the king’s back as quickly as possible.”

Gilmi led Fanzel with great resolve, and they took the southern roads from the western capital.


“They’re here. Gi Gi.”


With a groan and a bitter expression, Gi Gi watched Gi Ji Arsil from behind. The very clouds of dust rising over the horizon seemed themselves to be heralding the coming of their arch nemesis.

But alas, how regrettable it was.

That Zailduk did not have the power with which to fight, and Gi Gi knew that all too well.

“At this rate, we can’t win.”

“If we can’t win, then we can only run.”

Gi Gi nodded to Gi Ji’s advise.

“…It can’t be helped. Let’s run.”


At Gi Gi’s behest, the beast tamers under him gathered, and they led their monster beasts away. The memory of their last defeat was yet fresh on their minds, and the ferocity of Blanche the War Princess’ Sorcerer Cavalry (Mana Guard) has been beaten hard into their bodies.

Despite Gi Gi’s long history with Zailduk, enemies that could make him feel so powerless numbered few. After all, his army was so big that even when the king was present, he could lead them as an independent force.

But his recent battle with Blanche the War Princess overturned his common sense.

His saturation attacks that relied on numbers were ineffective. It was if she could see through all of Gi Gi’s plans in the way his forces were separated, isolated, and then with no place to run, exterminated. Gi Gi could only believe that they can’t win against this foe just yet, and if they were to lose, many of their monster beasts will be slain again.

If that were to happen, they will be unable to fulfill the duty of maintaining the border that the king had given to them.

Hence, they had no choice but to abandon the front lines and move down south.

Unless they worked in concert with the Kushain Believers, a plan that could even hold a candle to these magic riders did not seem feasible.

“Retreat! We’re retreating!”

Gi Gi cleched his fists bitterly and turned his back on his enemy.

“Let’s go.”

Gi Ji clasped Gi Gi’s shoulders and retreated alongside him.

It was in this way that the western border under Gi Gu’s charge was broken through by Blanche the War Princess. Blache hurried the reorganization of her forces, then drove away Gi Gi Orudo’s Zailduk and spread the borders of her country to the south.

Blanche the War Princess’ offensive showed no signs of ending. Like a rondo, she rode across the battlefield beautifully.

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