Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 245 – Insurrection (1/4)

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Volume 3: Chapter 245 – Insurrection (1/4)

After king left and the war council ended, the higher ranked goblins approached Pale. They asked what the enemies might be thinking, and Pale gave them an answer.

“They’re trying to lure us.”

Pale had heard of Gi Gi Orudo’s second defeat at the southern border, but she knew what the War Princess was trying to do, so she asked the king to restrain himself.

“I’m sure they must’ve many tricks up their sleeves.”

“We could just tear through them all.”

It was Gi Gu Verbena who argued that with heavy breathing.

“With your Felduk who is already struggling just defending without Zaurosh-dono? Besides, because to their recent defeat, Zailduk will find it difficult to take an offensive. As you know, Fanzel is behind.”

“We could trample their puny army if we just take the offensive. I want to lead the charge again.”

“The king will permit you to fight now only to lose again.”

Gi Ga Rax asked to be sent to battle once more, but Pale mercilessly shot him down.

“You think we will lose again?”

“Is there a chance you can win?”

When asked on what basis he believed could win, Gi Ga could only keep mum. He couldn’t possibly say something along the lines of not knowing to whom victory would fall unless they fought, as that would surely just result in him being turned down.

“Haven’t we completed our line of defense? We should switch to an offensive now.”

“Going out alone will only ensure Felduk’s annihilation. Since we’ve completed our defensive line, we should gradually advance like that.”

“We’re digging holes again!?”

“This too is war.”

Gi Gu yelled angrily, but Pale calmly replied. To unknowing third parties, it must have looked like Gi Gu was about to attack Pale from anger, but Gi Gu didn’t so much as flinch outside of his words, and Pale too didn’t think Gi Gu would actually attack her.

Seeing Gi Gu fold his arms and become thoughtful, Pale turned to Gi Jii.

“You look like you want to say something?”

“No, there’s something I want to ask. Why can’t we win against Blanche?”

“…Because she has trained more and is more skilled at leading her troops.”

“I understand. In that case, I should train more. When the time comes, we will definitely win.”

After that he said no more and nodded to Pale.

“Yes, definitely.”

Pale left them and headed to the office of the king. The Goblin King had taken residence at the eastern part of Germion State known as Lianga. This was a result brought about by his desire to be as close to the front lines as possible.

Pale looked on at the old capital in the west.

“That must have been annoying to deal with.”

The one who called out to her was Gi Za Zakuend the Wizard Class, who had his back to a wall. It seems he heard the conversation earlier.

“If you know that, then why don’t you help persuade them?”

Pale narrowed her eyes angrily, while the corners of Gi Za’s mouth lifted into a smile.

“I may have called it a problem, but in the end, it’s the king’s will. They will have no choice but to understand.”

“…It would be terrible if they lost it from the pent up stress.”

“If you want to help them let loose so much, you could let them attack the east. Losing a few soldiers isn’t that big of a deal. You’ve gone soft from being influenced by our king too much. If they lost some of their soldiers, they’d realize too that they can’t attack just yet.”


As Pale cast her eyes down, Gi Za threw her a parchment.

“Listed on that are the notable people pushing Shushunu’s schemes.”


When Pale’s eyes fell on the spread parchment, Gi Za turned his back and left as if that was all he came for.

“I’ll leave it to you,” Pale said.

“Alright,” Gi Za replied.

Pale closed the parchment and hurried to the king’s side.

Gi Za should be able to take care of it on his own. As for Pale, she had a different role. With how many rebellions there were occurring in such a short time, someone must be pulling the strings from behind. Of course, Blanche the War Princess had a hand in it too, but there should also be someone directly giving orders.

The way the rebellions occurred at the weak points of the goblins was too good to be a coincidence.

“Someone who can slip through the information network of the Elks Clan, huh.”

As Pale appeared to have a hunch, she hurried her steps.

A month later, upon finding out the name of their enemy, she laughed, and those dark emotions she left at Melgion welled up once more.

“Cell the Sword Dancer, from the Red King…!”


The ones instigating the rebellions occurring in the territory of the Goblin King were none other than the intelligence personnel of the Red King cultivated by Cell the Sword Dancer. After Cell left, they followed Saldin until Fatina was defeated, but they suddenly vanished.

With their unit’s leader, Cell, gone, they too left the Red King, but now they were back as the dogs of the Short Sword Battle Maiden (Valkyria).

After Cell vanished, a man called Esgare brought them together.

He was more skilled than Cell when it came to making sport of his enemies. Perhaps, he was using the rebels as a front while he lurked about in Pena as a dark hand. In terms of individual strength, Cell was a cut above the rest, but what Esgare lacked in that regard, he more than made up for with his ability to take advantage of human hearts.

With that power he convinced people that it was a shameful thing for humans to live under goblin rule. Other times he could also pretend to be a saint or say that he was a spy with the support of the Holy Shushunu Kingdom, but regardless, he used his people to plant seeds of displeasure into the hearts of various people.

To that end, there was no lack of material.

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