Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 247 – The Return of a Great Man (2/4)

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Volume 3: Chapter 247 – The Return of a Great Man (2/4)

The three great nobles of the Holy Shushunu Kingdom, the House of Kushunora, the House of Agarmua, the House of Ririnoie. Of these three houses, it was the House of Ririnoie who held military authority, but the Kushunora and Agarmua did have soldiers of their own.

After all, they too had to retain the great power they possessed and needed a way to quell the violent rioters that would pop up occasionally. Regardless of whether the soldiers under them were their private army or guards, there was no denying that they were great powers that could stand alongside the Ririnoie House.

According to Pale’s investigations, the Kushunora House and the Agarmua House have indeed been gathering since the month of Tiga.

Word on the streets says that Blanche the War Princess provoked the Kushunora and Agarmua Houses during the New Year celebration. Although it was only in the south, it was indeed true that she succeeded at repelling the goblins that destroyed Germion Kingdom, and twice no less.

Praised by the king, it is said that Blanche sarcastically and arrogantly spoke to the head of the Kushunora House. The Agarmua House also having apparently been offended by her behavior, decided to work alongside with the Kushunora House, whom they normally did not get along with, to try and threaten her.

That was the story after putting together the many rumors.

As amazing as Pale’s intelligence network was, they didn’t have the time to go as far as to penetrate the royal palace. They have been collecting information continuously, but the situation was moving a lot faster than expected.

And it was also Yoshu who was able to grasp information about the enemy at the front lines at the back.

That information reached them when the month of Tiga was coming to an end.

The adventurers believed to be the main force of the enemy was moving east from the west.

Gilmi, who has been searching for the enemies in the south, moved his army north as soon as he received that information. They couldn’t ascertain which route the adventurers were taking, but Gilmi still brought his army north with all of his strength.

The soldiers gathered in Fanzel under Gilmi all hastened their pace without saying a word.

The village of the Ganra Tribe have been burned to the ground, over 10 human villages have been plundered, and even 2 demihuman villages have been destroyed. The Ganra Tribe in particular, those under Gilmi, searched for the enemy with bloodshot eyes.

It was another seven days before they found the enemy.

Gilmi left a group of soldiers to Shumea, another to Gi Zu Ruo, and led one his own. In this way they split their forces into three as they searched for the enemy. Shumea was given the entire border defense unit to incorporate, while Gi Zu had the orcs’ heavy infantry. As for Gilmi, he had the Ganra Tribe, a small number of humans, and the demihumans burning with anger after having their villages burned to the ground. They each also had some of the cavalry from the Leon Heart Clan.

The Leon Heart Clan’s cavalry set out to scout, and when they came back and brought word to Gilmi of the enemy’s numbers, Gilmi sent a messenger to the two other groups and moved up a hill where they could look down at the enemy.

The place was a hilly region further east from the northern borderlands.

They caught up to them in the area stretching between the break of the region dotted with forests and the hilly area.

The enemies below numbered 1,500.

The forces behind him didn’t even number 1,000.

Gilmi closed his eyes for a moment and deeply sighed.

He has been enduring the critics among his brethren.

He also been enduring the critics among the populace who called him incompetent.

He even endured the cries of resentment of those who’ve been plundered from and killed. The sight of his home scorched, the sight of his brethren dying with regret, he closed his eyes, and for a moment, all of those memories flashed through his mind, and then… He opened his eyes.

“Found you!”

Two words and a ferocious smile, but those words were so full of intent they could be expressed in a million words.

And the same was true for the Ganra Tribe behind him.

With hate like joy, Gilmi ordered the demihumans to charge. And then as if his brethren couldn’t wait a moment sooner, they nocked their arrows on their bows.

“Take this, humans!”

The arrows soared into the sky and rained upon the humans. Gilmi didn’t have to give orders one after another for his tribe to follow after him. There was no need for words as they chased his back.

Meanwhile, the Leon Heart Clan’s cavalry took a long way around the battlefield and rode swiftly to block the enemies’ path.

They were resolved not to let even one of these men go, but there was still a gap in strength for them to fight them straight up.

The descending arrows of Ganra seemed to have been possessed by the will of Ganra itself as they tore through the adventurers, flesh and armor together. The fangs and the centaurs, whose villages have been attacked, burned madly with thirst for vengeance as they charged toward the adventurers.

When the fangs lost their right arm, they would use their left. When both arms were lost, they would use their fangs to bite at the adventurers.

Even when their legs were injured, they would crawl toward their enemy and grapple with them to drag them to the ground. In the face of such madness, where it seemed as if the Fang Tribe (Werewolf) would fight till the last drop of blood in their veins dried, the adventurers could not help but waver.

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  1. The last few chapters of the volume start to feel like im just reading a summary of what happened rather than an actual scene. Not sure if its just a me thing. Also thank you for the translations.

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