Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 247 – The Return of a Great Man (3/4)

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Volume 3: Chapter 247 – The Return of a Great Man (3/4)

Moreover, the humans only used their bows the first time around before switching to their spears and charging. So great was their anger that it could not be calmed unless they bathed themselves in the blood of their enemies.

Given such a situation, it was impossible to fight calmly. In their anger, the centaur warriors skewered the enemies, and though magic would descend upon them to blow away one of their arms, they would keep going while using the skewered humans as their shields.

The descending arrows were their cover. They divided the enemy, shot them down, and prevented them from moving as one. That was the handiwork of the Ganra Archers.

Gilmi was Gilmi, after all.

Though his brethren and the demihumans may have given themselves to their wrath, he used his wrath to foster his calm mind, allowing him to coldly analyze the enemy.

And the enemies were also notorious adventurers.

Individually, they would not lose out to either the goblins or the demihumans. They started grouping themselves up and started resisting against the fierce attacks of the demihumans. Had they been led by a skilled commander, perhaps the outcome would have been different, but alas, they did not have such a commander.

Esgare and Gaerix may indeed be skilled as far as individuals went, but their ability to lead large armies was so poor that they could not even receive a passing mark for it.

Every one of them was strong, so they were able to attack the demihuman villages even without a commander, but a real battle was a different breed altogether.

One needed the resolve to be able to cut down the few to make the most of the majority, as well as the authority to make others understand that. Unfortunately, no one naturally blessed with such talents was present among the adventurers.

Amidst the fierce battle that was the very picture of the saying ‘to wash blood with blood’, Gilmi’s eyes miraculously gathered into one point. An arrow of ether shot forth without a physical arrow.

It was the adventurer using the greatest treasure of Ganra, the Meteor Bow (Byunei Bow).

“Warriors of Ganra.”

Quietly but loudly, Gilmi’s voice resounded.

As if lost in the words of a hero, the gaze of the Ganra Warriors gathered onto his back.

The First Archer (Gadieta), the Hero of Ganra, and one of the four generals that the goblins prided themselves in. Many names exalted his heroic feats. He looked down on the battlefield as he drew his arrow on his bow.

“Prepare to charge.”

The tribe howled.

Archers were not supposed to fight up close.

They were the Ganra Tribe. They were smaller than the other goblin tribes and lived by climbing up trees.

But they were goblins.

The arrow Gilmi shot was the signal for their charge.

The warriors of Ganra abandoned the advantageous position that was the hills and charged forth toward the battlefield where the adventurers and demihumans fought. As they shot their bows while running, Gilmi led the charge. He moved quickly like the arrow he shot, all to regain the honor they had lost.

They shot their bows accurately and quickly as they charged toward the battlefield. It was the final push to claim victory. The outcome of the battle was clear, but the remaining adventurers were tenacious.

Even though they were adventurers, they knew that being wiped out here meant death. So they tried to gradually leave the battlefield by receiving Gilmi’s charge with the vanguards, while the rear guards tried to cover them.

The mad attacks of the demihuman also had a disadvantage to it. They could attack fiercely for some time, but they wouldn’t be able to maintain it for long. The demihumans have started to tire, but the adventurers were still moving as an organization and were trying to retreat. It didn’t seem as if they would be wiped out just yet.

Moreover, there was also the arrows shooting from the rearguards.

If those were just mere arrows, then even Gilmi and the others wouldn’t mind them. But the arrows of the Byunei Bow shot by Gaerix the Raptor possessed enough power to even stave off Narsa. An arrow of ether that could blow away three people with one shot.

Every time that arrow hit them, the Ganra Tribe’s pride was hurt.


The arrows shot by Gilmi flew into the air. For a moment, the rain of arrows caused the adventurers at the vanguard to be disordered.

In that moment, the battlefield seemed to stop, and Gilmi and Gaerix’s gaze met each other.


They nocked certain death upon their bows, and did so with such haste that not even a flicker could compare. Their arrows shot forth through the gaps between the soldiers, but the slight contact caused them to miss their mark.

One arrow grazed past Gilmi’s cheek, while the other buried itself into Gaerix the Raptor’s chest.

Gaerix looked on with shock at Gilmi, but Gilmi did not so much as feel happiness from shooting down his prey, and he quickly moved on to his next target.

Esgare quickly rushed over, and in the next moment, an arrow precisely found its way into his head.


That was Gaerix’s last word.

After the archers supporting the vanguards collapsed, the vanguards too lost their foothold. To make things worse, Gi Zu Ruo and Bui attacked them from their flanks after receiving Gilmi’s message.

Already, they had no place left to run. The Leon Heart Clan’s cavalry that was dispatched to block their rear attacked them with Gi Zu.

With this battle the adventurers that were wrecking mayhem at the back of the kingdom were completely wiped out.

Ra Gilmi Fishiga the Hero of Ganra.

Once again, the name of Ganra’s hero reverberated among the goblins.

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