Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 247 – The Return of a Great Man (4/4)

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Volume 3: Chapter 247 – The Return of a Great Man (4/4)

“It’s simple. If he can regenerate endlessly, then just stop that.”


When Esgare tilted his head, Blanche the War Princess said that simply.

“If you could do just that, then the monsters might run away in fear.”

“Is that how it is?”

“That is how it is indeed.”

Before Blanche the War Princess’s captivating smile, Esgare scratched his head, troubled.

“I’ll leave it to you then.”

“H-Huh? To me?”

“Yes. I picked you out. So I’m expecting a lot from you.”

“Well, I’ll do my best, but please don’t expect too much. I’m a coward, after all.”

“Very good. Honesty is a good thing indeed. Three months. Stir up trouble behind them for three months and my plan will be— No. Three months and you can go home.”

He recalled the conversation he had with Blanche the War Princess.

When word of Esgare’s defeat reached the western front lines were the War Princess was facing off against the goblins, it has already been four months since he started troubling the goblins.

“…I see. So he died.”

“Yes. All the adventurers were killed.”

She nodded to her feeble aide and leaned on her chair’s backrest.

“I wish to be alone for awhile. You may excuse yourself.”

“As you command.”

The scent of the highest grade tea caused her face to twist.


She offered a silent prayer for her subordinate, and then faced off against the country that was akin to a mighty monster.

It wasn’t until three days later that word of the political instability behind was brought to her.

“The Agarmua and Kushunora are gathering soldiers.”


Blanche closed her eyes for a moment and became thoughtful, then immediately said.

“We’re withdrawing. We’ve gained plenty of time.”

“As you will.”

“It’s not elegant for them not to show an opening. I will stand at the rearguard. Have the allied countries withdraw first.”

At Blanche’s orders, the entire army withdrew from the western front lines. When the subordinates of the Goblin King saw that, they immediately wanted to jump at them.

The enemy was withdrawing. It was a perfect opportunity to attack.

To these goblins who wanted to defeat the Holy Shushunu Kingdom as soon as possible, the withdrawal of the War Princess’ army was no different from dangling a delicious treat before their eyes.

“The War Princess positioned herself at the rearguard, huh… It would be best to take care.”

“But still…”

Gi Gu wanted to pursue the enemy and lashed out at Pale, but she calmly explained the situation of the army.

“While the situation behind us was a complete mess, Gi Gi-dono’s Zailduk fortunately finished reorganizing itself. Aransain also looks like it’ll make it in time. The efficacy of an attack from every direction has been proven last year in the battle with Germion Kingdom.”

If there was anything to be concerned about, it would be the circulation of goods at the disordered Western Capital. Because of that the new soldiers might not make it in time, but it wasn’t that important. Now that the reorganization of the four armies have been completed, they had more than enough power to conquer the Holy Shushunu Kingdom.

“There is certainly some truth to that.”

Pale nodded to the king’s words, and started explaining her strategy to defeat the Holy Shushunu Kingdom.

“In other words, we will be attacking the enemy from two directions. Aransain and Zailduk will take the enemy from the south. While Felduk and the king’s imperial guards will attack from the west.”

“What about Fanzel?”

Gi Gu asked.

“The traces left behind by the rebellions run deep yet. And considering the burden on the Governor-General of the Western Capital, Yoshu, I believe it would be best to leave one of the armies behind.”

Because of the unexpected effects of the disorder at the rear on their military progress, Pale changed her appraisal of Yoshu, and decided that overworking the people working to support them from behind would only impede the king’s path to world domination.

As such, she advised to leave behind Gilmi’s Fanzel.

“Hmm… I feel bad for Gilmi-dono, but I understand.”

Seeing Gi Gu nod, Pale continued.

“The War Princess will most likely aim for the king. All our enemies so far have fought following that line of thought. That if they could just take the head of the king, then they would be able to turn the war to their favor; therefore…”

Pale’s eyes narrowed.

“Gi Go-dono, the Gaidga Tribe, and the strong among Gi Za-dono’s druid will be with the king and his imperial guards.”

The king raised his brows, but didn’t say anything. He knew better than anyone about the state of his body. It was only natural that one would choose a method that would produce more reliable results than an uncertain one.

“In this battle, Aransain and Zailduk will attack from the south and aim for the Imperial Capital of the Holy Shushunu Kingdom as quickly as possible. We’ve also promised the throne to one of the three great nobles, the Kushunora House, so they will be taking our side.”

“But that’s…”

“Of course, we won’t be giving power or authority to the Kushunora.”

Gi Za’s eyes gleamed sharply and he was about to point that part out, but Pale interjected and continued talking. In this world, there were no words weaker than that of a loser’s. So long as they could defeat the Holy Shushunu Kingdom, a great noble house was nothing to speak of.

It was also commonly known that the Holy Shushunu Kingdom did not have anyone more capable than the War Princess. After all, if such a person existed, then authority over the army would have been handed to him instead.

“Depending on the situation, Gi Gu-dono’s Felduk might have to turn around and create an encirclement.”

Pale’s slender fingers moved the piece placed atop the map and positioned it to form half an encirclement.

When she saw Gi Gu nod, she turned to the king.

“Your decision, Your Majesty.”

“Very well. There is the matter regarding the schemes as well, so let us open hostilities 20 days later.”

As Pale bowed to the Goblin King, the rest of the high-ranked goblins followed suit.

And so, it was in this way that the War Princess Battle finally began.

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