Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 248 – Battle of Gilgimel Plains I (2/3)

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Volume 3: Chapter 248 – Battle of Gilgimel Plains I (2/4)

“You’ve done really well actually.”

After recovering from his illness, Yoshu was now meeting an adventurer inside the governor-general’s office alone.

“I did it for money.”

The short statured girl said as she received her compensation. She opened the bag of copper coins and counted them, then frowned and glared at Yoshu.

“It’s too much.”

“I’m sure it must be hard raising so many children at your age. Just think of it as a little act of kindness from the governor-general.”

The frowning half elf, Mill Dora, showed her business smile to Yoshu.

“…Sorry, but I don’t need such kindness.”

“Hmm. If you need a reason to accept it, then just take it as compensation for contributing to the public order of the city.”

“I fulfilled the contract I took. That’s all. No more no less.”

“Hmm. Stubborn, aren’t we? In that case, how about you run a little errand for me?”

Other than dispatching the adventurers from his guild, another reason why Yoshu was able to find the whereabouts of the adventurers right after his return was because he paid attention to the adventurers that had a high success rate.

It was by gathering them and commanding them that he was able to fulfill the difficult tasks demanded from him as the Governor-General of the Western Capital. In the Holy Shushunu Kingdom, the jobs he gave these adventurers would be considered S Rank.

These adventurers skilled enough to complete the works posted by the Governor-General himself were not only regular members of the guild, but they were also paid more handsomely for taking on such jobs. Of course, an increase in pay also meant an increase in difficulty and special requirements. But just dispatching Mill wouldn’t have been enough, so he had to dispatch new adventurers and even people who weren’t adventurers.

A lot of money had to be used to mobilize so many people, but compared to the wealth flowing through the Highway of Wealth (Jewel Road), it was a meager sum.

By accepting the brilliant officials dispatched by the king as aides, the economic bloc spreading from the Western Capital gradually solidified Germion State, the southern city states, and the Forest of Darkness as important locations.


“Thank you. I just need you to deliver this letter to someone.”

“I can’t go too far.”

“I know. It’s inside the Western Capital.”

“So to who should I deliver it?”

“A demihuman child by the name of Leonis Verdio. He should be easy to find if you head to the southwest district.”


After that Yoshu sent her off, and Mellisia peeked in from the next room, while Yoshu was already setting about his next work.

“Was that wise? Wasn’t it an important letter?”

Mellisia was a girl dressed in maid clothes, but she possessed excellent administrative abilities that allowed her to serve as an important secretary to Yoshu. Still, if that were the only good thing about her, then there would have still been many other candidates. The real reason Yoshu put much importance to her was because she could easily distinguish the goblins and wasn’t afraid of them like the other humans were.

“That’s why I picked out someone I could trust.”

“An adventurer and a girl my age?”

“I trust you a lot too.”

Yoshu’s faint smile caused Mellisia to blush a little and reply with a high-pitched voice.


“Oh? A letter from the Governor-General of the Western Capital?”

A letter was delivered to the prime minister of Elrain Kingdom, Elbert Noen, when the disturbance caused by the adventurers sent by the enemy had finally calmed down and the goblins were attacking the Holy Shushunu Kingdom.

The letter brought to him had the seal of the Governor-General of the Western Capital and was stamped with wax. It was most likely authentic. Elbert read the letter sent from the western capital to various countries through the merchants distributing goods. His sagacious expression showed no change as he nodded.

“And here I thought there were no humans under the Goblin King. What an unexpected discovery.”

Rumors of the Western Capital’s development reached even Elrain Kingdom through the merchants.

The proposal brought forward by that letter was to compete with the guilds through another guild. The network of adventurers put up by the Holy Shushunu Kingdom throughout the world was vast and thorough. They worked closely with the daily lives of people. But humans weren’t the only ones who could be adventurers. There were elves among their ranks too.

The expansion of the adventurers guild of the kingdom of monsters. With its doors opened wide, it will accept goblins, demihumans, elves, and humans as adventurers, increasing the number of personnel that could be mobilized and prevent things such as the last incident from occurring.

“An interesting proposal.”

If this proposal could be realized, then they could even hire adventurers from the conquered territories and send them to the battlefield. On top of that, they would also be able to eliminate the prejudices between races and further develop their culture.

“Do you think so too, Felbi-dono?”

He turned to the garden, where a wind elf (sylph) warrior and an earth elf (gnome) warrior were crossing swords. It was rare for Felbi to find someone he could properly fight with, so he couldn’t help but smile.

But even that battle that looked like a dance came to an end when the earth elf (gnome) warrior threw away his sword.

“What? Giving up?”

Felbi smiled like a predator eyeing its prey as he asked that question, but the gnome that took on the name of homeless (Royon) only shrugged his shoulders.

“We’ll settle this at another time. Rather than this, I’m more interested in if that king will accept our proposal or not.”

“He has a big heart, so I’m sure it will be fine.”

Felbi said as he put away the swords. Berk Alsen Royon heave a breath of relief.

“Thank you, Brethren.”

“Don’t mention it. This too is a kind of fate.”

Then Felbi asked Elbert if he minded, and the latter wryly smiled and nodded.

“Maybe I’ll become an adventurer too when the goblins take over the world,” Felbi muttered.

“If you do that, my daughter will throw a tantrum and ask you to take her with you,” Elbert pointed out.


Felbi deeply sighed and covered his face with one hand.

“Well, either way, you probably won’t be fighting until the Holy Shushunu Kingdom surrenders.”

The goblins have already attacked the Holy Shushunu Kingdom. It was because Elbert knew that that he said that, but Berk’s pensive face didn’t crumble.

“Blanche Ririnoie the War Princess. She’s not someone you can underestimate.”

Felbi patted the thoughtful Berk’s shoulders.

“You’re such a worrywart. Just let the war take its course. And even if things don’t turn out well, I’m sure that too is the guidance of the gods.”

“I see. If it’s the guidance of the God of Forest (Chenzhen) and the God of Water (Iren), then I guess it can’t be helped.”

As Berk nodded, Felbi smiled and turned his eyes to the north where the battlefield was.

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