Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 248 – Battle of Gilgimel Plains I (3/3)

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Volume 3: Chapter 248 – Battle of Gilgimel Plains I (3/3)

The king’s cavalry at the center, Gi Gu Verbena’s Axe and Sword Army (Felduk) at the vanguard, and Gi Za Zakuend and Gi Do Buruga’s druids at the flanks. At the rear was the king, the Gaidga Tribe, the snow demons (Yugushiva) led by Yustia, the special forces led by Gi Go Amatsuki, and the elven archers led by Pale herself.

They specialized in fighting alone, so Pale positioned them to act as the king’s security.

Their job was to protect the king whom the enemy was likely to target. The honor of the vanguard was given to Gi Gu’s Felduk. Their defenses were exceptionally strong even among the goblins, so their role was to block the enemy’s attack and allow the king’s cavalry to attack.

If the enemy were to hold themselves behind their walls, then the forces coming from the south, Aransain and Zailduk, would directly attack the imperial capital. Either way, the idea was to bring the enemy forces out into the fields where the goblins specialized, and conquer the Holy Shushunu Kingdom all at once.

If the War Princess were to go after the southern army, then the western army could just directly attack the imperial capital instead. They were attacking from two directions, so whichever force she chose to deal with, she would be leaving behind a weak point they could attack.

Gi Za Zakuend’s schemes has caused one of the three great noble families, the Kushunora House, to collude with the goblins. Being able to scheme with the Kushunora House, who possessed many territories in the south, was a good sign.

Ra Gilmi Fishiga’s Bow and arrow army (Fanzel), which has been made to expand along the border of the west, were given Zaurosh’s human cavalry too, and with their numbers now approaching 8,000, they tried to break through the eastern side.

“Keeping them behind their walls is the best plan if we want to seal their cavalry, but we’ll intentionally lead them out and challenge them in the fields.”

Pale said as she pointed to the map before the battle began.

“I believe the destruction of the War Princess’s Sorcerer Cavalry (Mana Guard) is the fastest path to conquering the Holy Shushunu Kingdom.”

War supplies from various countries through the guild, the intelligence department that could be said to be the legacy of the Red King, and the soldiers and resources provided by the subordinate minor nations.

To the goblins that was just starting to get their fingers wet regarding the economy, they did not know of any other way to defeat the Holy Shushunu Kingdom. The humans still held the reins when it came to the economy, and the goblins were basically a thousand steps behind.

According to the Kushunora House, the main hostile faction was indeed the House of Ririnoie.

If they could defeat the Holy Shushunu Kingdom known for its domination over the plains, then even the dream of conquering the continent won’t sound like a drunkard’s babbling anymore.

But the enemy was a monster blessed with both the talent for schemes and strategies. It was that brilliance transcending age and experience that only a genius could possess that blocked the goblins’ path.

Using various intelligence networks, Pale sought to grasp the movements of the War Princess.

She picked out iron-legged cavalries for their messengers so they could instantly respond regardless if the War Princess’ sorcerer cavalry (mana guard) were to appear in the south or in the west.

She was even aware of the current location of the archer knights, who were under the direct control of the royal family, the lance knights, who were the elite of the army, and even the army gathered from the various countries.

The only one whose location she was not aware of was Blanche Ririnoie.

A commander’s talent could immediately change an army. Since Blanche could command some of the archer knights and the lance knights, she couldn’t help but wonder what she would aim for.

That alone Pale couldn’t surmise.

“If things go well, she will go for the king, but it’s also possible that she might try to wipe out the southern army along with the Kushunora instead.”

Pale couldn’t make up her mind, so she devised a plan where she could respond no matter what the War Princess did.

Over 20 days into the month of Rabito, the goblin forces led by the Goblin King, heralding from the east, finally approached the borders of the Holy Shushunu Kingdom.

Until now everything has been going smoothly – too smoothly, in fact – and not even once did they meet with their foes. It was then that a report from the Kushain Believers came.

—The adherents of the Short Sword Battle Maiden (Valkyria) has attacked the Kushain Believers, and it was a difficult fight even with Vilan Do Zul. The Kushain Believers did not always have their great army. Their coffers simply would not be able to sustain it, so their standing army was very small.

That army was left to Vilan, but if even he was struggling, then the commander of the Valkyria must be sharp-minded.

“What of the Sorcerer Cavalry (Mana Guard)?”

“Still at the Imperial Capital.”

The Valkyria numbered 2,500 according to the report. Their entire army was made up of cavalries, so the Kushain Believers made up mostly of footmen were a poor match.

The king had to make a decision.

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  1. Still they are people bound to their home and family, if they attacked the Kushain believers that just mean that their forces were spread.

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