Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 249 – Battle of Gilgimel Plains II (1/4)

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Volume 3: Chapter 249 – Battle of Gilgimel Plains II (1/4)

In a display of Far’s abilities as commander to the Short Sword Battle Maiden (Valkyria), she attacked the holy city of the Kushain Believers right when the goblins were about to pass the borders of the Holy Shushunu Kingdom.

This exquisite timing was of course devised by the War Princess. Unfortunately, the goblins couldn’t possibly imagine how the ripples of this attack would affect the battlefield.

“If you think about it normally, this move is clearly meant to make us turn,” Pale the Tactician said.

The Goblin King nodded, “Indeed. We can’t abandon a friend, after all.”

“…Perhaps the enemy has even taken your personality into consideration.”

“But even then my decision won’t change. To bend myself for the sake of victory is no different from defeat.”

“Perhaps, but… It’s not as if we didn’t anticipate this move. Moving the bow and arrow army (Fanzel) situated at the border is also one option.”

“Gilmi, huh.”

That name spread not only among the goblins but also among the humans. Ra Gilmi Fishiga, one of the four goblin generals and a hero. No person could be better suited to provide aid to the Kushain Believers.

“Very well. Send Gilmi to Cultidian. We will continue our advance.”

“As you will.”

At this point in time, nothing fundamental has changed with the goblins’ approach.

They would aim for the capital of the Holy Shushunu Kingdom from two sides – the west and the south – and whichever side the War Princess met will face her while the remaining side shall continue and attack the imperial capital, Rishu. Even if the unlikely were to occur and the force meeting the War Princess were to meet defeat, with the imperial capital directly attacked, it shouldn’t be possible for her forces to endure the next battle.

But one condition to their victory was that the Goblin King had to survive no matter what.

Rebuilding armies and managing the country were only possible because of the king; hence, Pale made sure to bring insurance. Insurance in the form of warriors such as Gi Go Amatsuki and Rashka, warriors skilled in fighting individuals.

As Blanche the War Princess feared, the goblins’ greatest strength was indeed their ability to supplement their numbers.

In fact, so great was that potential that they could lose 10,000 soldiers and within just a year raise another army of the same size. Pale couldn’t read the War Princess, so she devised this plan knowing that Gi Gu Verbena’s Felduk could very well be taken out along with the enemy, but that was fine.

Even if they took each other out, victory would still be theirs.

With this premise, Pale’s plan was almost flawless.

As the goblins traveled from the west to the eastern parts of the Germion region, they finally entered the borders of the Holy Shushunu Kingdom. It was gradual, but the information being brought to Pale was becoming more and more frequent.

Three days ago the sorcerer cavalry (mana guard) and the coalition army of the various countries departed imperial capital Rishu and entered a fortress in the outskirts.

“I suppose it would be too naive to take this as them being wary of our actions?”

By positioning themselves near the imperial capital, they would be able to respond whichever way they were attacked from. At a glance, their positioning might appear that way, but on the contrary, it was a poor move.

In fact, such a plan could only worsen the threat of a direct attack to the imperial capital by allowing the two armies to gather. Or at the very least, that’s what Pale thought; hence, why she believed that the War Princess would attack them while the two armies were separated.

“Are they not aware of the internal affairs of the Kushunora House?”

Would it really be possible for them not to know despite the Kushunora moving so suspiciously? Pale shook her head as soon as she spoke the words.

“No, she’s not that soft.”

She employed the Dark Hands and used them like disposable pawns. She even showed off the necks of the warriors they’ve slain. Such a person couldn’t possibly be soft.

If so, then why? Once more Pale dove into the sea of thought.

Does the War Princess think her favored Mana Guard could wipe out the goblins? Again, that would be too naive. Pale had no intentions of repeating her blunder at Pena.

“A trap?”

It was a word that Pale once uttered in order to suppress the pursuit of the goblins. Her thoughts overlapped.

What kind of trap? A trap that could massacre the goblins. With so many skilled mages in their ranks, it wouldn’t be strange if they knew one or two spells that Pale wasn’t aware of.

But Pale had no way of proving that.

Like that the days passed with Pale unable to shake away the thoughts of a trap. It wasn’t until 8 days later that the goblins finally made their way to the fortress where the mana guard and the coalition army had holed themselves in.

“What are you hesitating for?”

The Goblin King said as he looked toward the enemy encampment. His gaze fell upon Pale as he showed himself riding upon the terrifying carnivorous horse (Andrewarchus) to their foes.

“Everything has gone as you’ve planned until now. The enemy’s capital lies before us, and the enemy that must be defeated has been lured out. Your strategy has surpassed the War Princess.”

“It would be nice if that were the case, but… To be honest, I have never been humbled so much by an opponent before.”

Pale was a battle tactician. She specialized in using tactics to wipe out her foes. In contrast to her, the War Princess was a monster who used strategies and schemes.

And she was so good at hiding her cards that it was impossible to tell whether one was at an advantage or disadvantage until everything plays out.

For someone like Pale who forces herself to try and read her foes, there could be no worse foe.

The Carlion Quinn Kirks whom she fought in the past was the same kind of person as her, but he had the makings of a prime minister as evidenced by how he could write policies to govern a country.

Whereas Pale would come up with a plan to respond to the current situation, Blanche the War Princess and Carlion the Genius Adviser specialized in anticipating how the situation would change and how they could grasp victory.

Perhaps it was because she specialized in defending, while Carlion and Blanche specialized in attacking.

If she could mesh well, then she could exhibit her abilities, but otherwise, she’s a poor match.

“But the ones attacking are us. You’ve sent a messenger to Aransain, right?”

“Yes. A messenger has also been dispatched to the House of Kushunora. This should make everything clear, but…”


Tl Note: Changed Andoryu Sarkus to Andrewarchus. There’s no s, so it’s Andrewarchus instead of Andrewsarchus.

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