Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 255 – Relocating the Capital (1/3)

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Volume 3: Chapter 255 – Relocating the Capital (1/3)

On the first year of the king’s calendar, during the period from autumn to winter, the goblin forces broke through the Holy Shushunu Kingdom and seized its capital, Rishu, and made it their own.

Surrounded by vast windy plains, the climate in Rishu was temperate. The large river of Klenosh extended two kilometers to the north and was equipped with a sewerage system through the aqueducts. The connection to the Road of Riches(Jewel Road) also made Rishu economically important.

“Must we really?” The king asked.

“Yes, Your Majesty, we are moving the capital, after all,” the civil officials replied.

The Goblin King took Yoshu’s advice to transfer the capital to Rishu from Facing East(Garm Su), but the name was a problem.

The king himself didn’t care about changing the name, but the civil and military officials under him insisted that he change the name. Even the elves and his tactician, Pale, insisted that he do so.

“This is a privilege given only to the victor. Your Majesty, you have already spared them from the pillaging, if the name of the city isn’t at least changed, Your Majesty’s retainers wouldn’t be satisfied.”

The victor had a right to pillage the defeated.

This may be an unthinkable thing in a war between monsters and humans, but it was common sense in wars between humans. The reason it was unthinkable in a war between monster and humans was because they have only tried to kill each other until now.

In other words, this privilege existed precisely to prevent needless mass slaughter.

“I see… I understand.”

The Goblin King nodded, then closed his eyes and folded his arms to prevent his agitation from showing on his face.

“How about The City Where the King Sits(Revea Su)?”

“Well, if you’re fine with that.”

Compared to the civil officials that exchanged glances, the goblins were elated.

“As expected of our great king! It will surely be a city that will be worthy of His Majesty!”

It was Gi Do Buruga who said those words of praise, the goblin who had recently evolved to the new class, alchemist.

The goblins were all praises for the Goblin King’s new city, Revea su, not noticing the Goblin King’s half-hearted nod.

His tactician, Pale Symphoria, raised her brow upon seeing that and coughed, then she knelt down to speak to the king.

“When shall we move the capital? Fortunately, we were able to seize Revea Su without damaging it, so we can move the capital anytime.”


The Goblin King wanted to move east as soon as possible because of Reshia, but because they had secured Revea Su without damaging it, there were still a lot of people and royals still within the city.

As such, those people needed to be managed first.

This was the royal family that the War Princess rescued by gambling her life. As such, it was only right that he entertain them. That was the courtesy befitting of a king.

“Let’s prioritize getting the capital in order first,” the Goblin King said.

“”A wise decision, Your Majesty. Perhaps it would be best to take office here first, and then move the transfer once everything is ready,” Pale said.

“Yes. There are still too many pests before we can move the capital. Can’t be at ease if there are traitors around, after all,” Gi Za Zakuend nodded.

Gi Za would never forget the betrayal of the Kushunora in the battle with the War Princess. He had even sworn to one day avenge that betrayal.

“Your Majesty, sufficient punishment must be meted out. I understand the importance of magnanimity, but I believe there are times when punishment must be duly handed out.”

Gi Za’s words showed reason.

“Indeed, but Gi Za, don’t you think they’ve been punished enough yet? Their name has already been dirtied with the infamy of being traitors.”

“…For goblins, that would indeed be enough, but these are humans. To them, only death is a worthy punishment.”

Gi Za looked at Gi Gu and Gi Ga, and then spoke to the king. Pale too showed her support for Gi Za’s thoughts.

“At the very least, some punishment is in order. A change in the house’s leadership or perhaps financial compensation. It’s much better than to let things be and leave grudges unresolved,” Pale said.

“…Very well. Punishment will be handed out. Pale, bring me the documents on the Kushunora. For now, let us adjourn this meeting.”

The Goblin King’s subordinates bowed to him, and he nodded back to them, then he left the meeting.

He didn’t believe it was necessary to slaughter the humans for vengeance’s sake now that the war had ended.

It’s true that the damages from the betrayal hurt, but they were enemies in the first place, so he felt that they only had themselves to blame for being fooled.

Because of that he wasn’t really all that interested in Gi Za’s petitions to bathe the Kushunora in blood.

Gi Za was smart, but in the end, he was still a goblin, and he couldn’t remain unaffected by the militaristic goblins around him.

To them, the most valuable thing they possessed was their honor.

The honor to be able to fight with the king. And to be acknowledged by that very king, they spared no effort to appeal to him. And yet despite that, the Kushunora just had to betray him. How was that different from throwing mud onto his face?

The goblins had a tacit understanding that any promise sworn under the king had to be protected. It was an extreme way of thinking that was difficult to implement on the seat of diplomacy between nations.

Because the Kushunora broke their promise, Gi Za now found it difficult to forgive them. This was a fundamental issue rooted in the very being of the goblins.

Once they have been humiliated in the worst way possible, the only compensation they can understand is death.

“Excuse me.”

Not long after the Goblin King had returned to his office, Pale entered with the documents of the Kushunora in hand.

“Do you agree with the punishment of the Kushunora?”

The Goblin King asked as he read the documents.


“Really?” The Goblin King turned to her with surprise.

“I hear the Kushunora are merchants by trade,” she explained. “Nothing would be better than to find fault and punish their head.”

The Goblin King needed some time to digest her words.

“…I see, a merchant family, huh.”

“Yes. I believe it’s about time that the merchants cooperating with us such as the Hama Company, the Rudunoa Company, and the Messa Deon Company… begin to distinguish themselves.”

“Shoot down the head, wreak havoc, and then split the stronghold of the enemy… I see.”

What Pale had on mind was an economical attack through the Alrodena merchants that they’ve heavily invested in. The biggest supporters of the biggest economic bloc that benefited the most from the Jewel Road were none other than the elders of Pena, but they were already on the verge of death.

They were the ones who impose tariffs on the merchants of the Jewel Road and protect them, but once they die, that duty will fall onto the strongest house in the center of the continent. In other words, the Kushunora house.

A great amount of wealth through the trade with the Holy Kingdom Alsas and the Oceanic Kingdom Yarma was about to fall into their lap.

Pale was saying that they should steal that wealth.

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