Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Intermission – Idling One’s Life Away (4/4)

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Volume 3: Intermission – Idling One’s Life Away (4/4)

The aroma of the grilled meat stimulated Lili’s stomach. Although she was curious what Yoshu had to say, the temptation of the food laid out before her was simply too strong, and before she knew it, she’d already reached out for it.

She served herself a portion of the roasted turkey. It was thoroughly roasted on the surface, and seemed as though its juices would surely fill one’s mouth as soon as one’s teeth sank into it.


Lili noticed Leonis making a longing face.

“You want some?” She asked.

The boy nodded, and she offered her plate to him with a wry smile.

“Please have some then. I’ll get another portion for myself.”

“Are you sure?” Leonis asked.

When he saw Lili nod, his face blossomed into a smile and accepted the plate. After everyone had gotten some food, Yoshu emptied his ale, then started talking.

“Now then, the reason I gathered all of you here tonight is for no other reason than to hire you as adventurers.”

Fick and Mill raised their heads, while Leonis and Lili were confused.

“A request was brought to the guild a few days ago. A request from the elder of the White Tower, Tanya Fedran.”

Lili wasn’t the only one who gulped upon hearing that name.

Presently, the Ivory Tower has changed the policies they’ve adopted until now, and announced their desire to defeat the goblins as they gathered the neighboring countries to form a coalition. Lili may have been in the northern borders, but she still knew that much.

“Hey, hey, wait a moment.”

Fick didn’t like where this conversation seemed to be going, but Yoshu ignored him and spoke resolutely with a smile.

“The job is none other than the rescue of the saint, Reshia Fel Zeal.”

It was only natural that Fick would stand up.

This was the temptation of the devil.

The sort he wouldn’t be able to back away from upon hearing.

“It’s unlikely that the request is a lie. After all, such a lie is unnecessary. That’s why the guild intends to use all of its power to fulfill it.”

After saying that much, Yoshu looked at everyone gathered around the table, and then asked.


But as far as Fick was concerned, that was a death sentence from the death god himself. He collapsed into his chair and held his head.

“Of course, neither the guild nor I, in my position as the Governor-General of the Western Capital, will spare any effort in supporting you. We will reward you appropriately.”

When Yoshu turned to Lili, his smile grew even deeper.

“This compensation will also include the dispatchment mend of civil officials and business negotiations.”

“…I accept. Well, it’s not like I have any other choice.”

Mill Dora said unperturbed as she emptied her mug of ale.

“…I accept as well.”

Seeing Lili nod, Yoshu turned to Fick.

“I…” he hesitated.

“Accept,” Mill said.

“Hey, Mill!”

“There’s no other choice, right, Governor-General of the Western Capital?”

“I would never force you to do anything against your will, but you’ll have to prepare yourselves for some… disadvantages.”

“Hmph, I wonder,” she snorted as she reached out for the pork sausage.

“…U~, I have a question!”

“Go ahead, Leonis-dono.”

“Is that Reshia-san being kept captive in the Ivory Tower?”

“Yes, that’s right. She’s basically a princess being held captive by some bad guys.”

“In that case, I accept!”

“Hey, hey, boy… Think about it some more, you’re going to be putting your life in danger, you know!”

Fick said, but Leonis nodded with a huge smile.

“Protecting girls is a man’s duty!”

Having been told that without the slightest hint of shame, Fick was speechless.

“Fick, Fick… Who would’ve thought that a kid would actually have more guts than Fick the Hawk-Eye? If you’re like this, I don’t think you really have the right to call yourself an adventurer anymore.”

In a rare display, Mill spoke for a long time and smiled at Fick.

At that, Fick sighed and finally nodded.

Yoshu smiled. “It’s a pleasure to know that everyone will be cooperating. With that out of the way, please, enjoy the meal.”

Before long, they finished their meal, and they went back to their respective lodging.

After Yoshu was left all alone, he stood up and clapped.

“Everyone, thank you for your cooperation.”

Suddenly, the adventurers eating in the nearby tables stopped and turned to Yoshu. No, it wasn’t just the adventurers. Even the waitress and the owner of the store handing out liquor turned to Yoshu.

“Looks like everything went according to plan.”

“I’m just glad to see the clan leader grow up.”

“You said it. ‘Protecting girls is a man’s duty!’ he says! The clan leader is so cute!”

“You’re, not, a girl, anymore…”

“What was that, hair ball!?”

“L-Leonis-sama… Haa haa…”

“Hey, leave it at that. I wouldn’t want to have you lynched.”

“Ahh, Leonis-sama, why is Leonis-sama a man? If only, if only… haa haa…”

“That girl called herself Lili, right? How dare she monopolize Leonis-sama’s pure gaze? She deserves death!”

“…Tonight, another gravestone shall be added.”

“Huh, w-wait a moment…”

The adventurers that noisily left the store were all members of the Proud Clan(Leon Heart).

“So, Governor-General of the Western Capital.”


The last one to leave the store was the boss of the store. He placed his hand over Yoshu’s shoulder and smiled a dark smile.

“The growth of that person is the happiest thing for us. As the person with the lineage fit to lead us, he is our hope. That’s why… If something were to happen to him, do be aware that the Leon Heart Clan will do everything in its power to claim your head, okay/”

“In that case, I better be careful then.”

Yoshu casually smiled, and then the man released his shoulders and left.

With that, no one was left in the bar, and Yoshu finally heaved a deep sigh.

“Ah… Damn it… This is all that king’s fault!”

Yoshu’s soul cried out, but those cries merely vanished into the dark of the night, not a single soul to witness it.

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