Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 259 – The Battle Begins (1/3)

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Volume 3: Chapter 259 – The Battle Begins (1/3)

The Goblin King stood at the head of his army and approached the enemy army until they were 300 meters away from them. Both armies were full of spirit.

The goblin army positioned themselves according to the Crane Wing Formation, while the coalition forces followed the Fish Scales Formation.

The goblins were positioned to try and surround the coalition forces. From the leftmost side of their formation was Gi Gu Verbena’s axe and sword army (Felduk), followed by Gi Ga Rax’s tiger and spear army (Aransain), Gi Za Zakuend’s druids, and then the king’s cavalry.

From the rightmost was Gi Gi Orudo’s twin-headed beast and axe army (Zeilduk), followed by Gi Zu Ruo’s Thousand-Demon Army(Sazanorga), and then Gi Jii Yubu’s regiol, which connected to the king’s cavalry.

The momentum of the goblin army was tempestuous, but against all human common sense, the Goblin King suddenly halted their charge.

“Your Majesty?”

Pale, who was leading her elven warriors from beside the king, eyed the king suspiciously.

“A declaration needs to be given before a battle commences.”

The king stood between the two armies, took a deep breath, and then bellowed out.

“Return Reshia Fel Zeal to me! Or I’ll kill you all!!”

As heaven and earth shook before the bellows of the Goblin King, the two noisy armies fell silent, and the soldiers at the frontlines of the coalition fell on their back.

The Goblin King’s powerful roars had struck fear into the hearts of the opposing humans.

Amidst this silence, Pale wryly smiled and twitched.

“…I wasn’t expecting this.”

Now, it was hard to say whether they should continue with the charge or not. Who could’ve ever predicted that the Goblin King would ride out alone and stand before the entire army of the coalition. They should have been able to win this battle with a simple charge, but unfortunately, Pale didn’t understand the king.

Looking only at the surface, the enemy soldiers seemed to have lost their will to fight, but there was no way they would hand over the saint that was the object of their faith.

The goblin officers would never betray the king’s will, so they just quietly watched everything unfold, but anyone could tell that they were eager for blood, and were only waiting for the king’s word to unleash themselves.

Hence, the ones who were really calm were the elves. Well, relatively speaking, anyway.

The elves next to Pale sent her a glance as though asking her what to do next, but Pale never expected the king to do this.

“Did I spur him on too much ?”

Anyhow, Pale decided to have the elves on standby, so they can move anytime, but just as she was preparing the messenger to pass the word, another soldier walked out from the enemy army.

“So you’re the Goblin King.”

A tall white-haired man walked out of the army. Ageless eyes full of greed and a stature brimming with dignity. He seemed more a veteran warrior than a mage.

As soon as Pale saw the man, alarm bells rang within her mind.

The strongest power of the north, the living legend, Oron.

But the Goblin King paid no heed to the man, and merely turned to the coalition forces at though he had no interest in him.

“Kuhahaha, I’d expect as much from a monster!”

Oron laughed, but his eyes were full of killing intent.


“Turn me into a blade (Enchant)!”

Spears of flame shot out toward the king at Oron’s behest, but a flamberge covered in the flames of hell intercepted them.

Three large spears had shot out, but one swing from the king was all it took for the king to brush them aside. The shockwave from that swing could be felt even from a distance.

“So that’s your answer!” The king said.

“Ha ha ha! Die monster!” Oron said.

Three more spears of flame shot out. The Goblin King’s blood-red eyes turned to Oron and spoke menacingly.

“Attack! All forces, crush the enemy!”

The king brushed aside the spears as he kicked his beloved steed, Sui’s, stomach and rode onward. As he gave rise to a terrifying bellow, he rode straight for the center of the enemy forces.

“Think I’ll let you go!?”

Six spears of flame shot out toward the Golbin King, but spears of wind and a black of light dispersed them before they could even reach him.

“None shall stand before the king.”

Gi Za Zakuend, Gi Do Buruga, and Rashka all clashed with Oron.

“Fuhaha! So some scrubs want my head, eh!”

The laughing Oron gave up chasing after the king and dealt with the goblins first.


As Pale watched the Goblin King ride alone for the enemy army with a belly full of rage, she ordered the entire army to advance, but before she could even give an order, the two flanks had already began their assault.

“To His Majesty! Onwards!”

At the behest of Gi Gu Verbena, who stood at the leftmost side of the left flank, Gu Long, Gu Big, and Gu Tough stepped forward. They brought together the goblins at the frontmost line as middle-grade commanders, and fully demonstrated the abilities that Gi Gu cultivated in them by leaving a thousand goblins in their charge.

The enemy spearmen held up their shields and fortified their frontlines, but stones and spears rained from above, crushing the heads of the soldiers behind them one after another.


As the goblins advanced, the rain of stones and spears they threw grew even denser, breaking down the frontlines of the enemy humans. The Felduk goblins at the frontlines struck out with their spears so fiercely, that they skewered the enemy through their shields as they rammed them.

The impact they delivered was comparable to soldiers wearing full armor, and the enemy spearmen found it difficult to endure their charge.

“Expand the left wing! Surround them!”

Seeing the three siblings’ efforts in the frontlines, Gi Gu sought to expand the leftmost wing even more.

In the face of their attacks and great pressure, the humans that were overwhelmed by the Goblin King began to become agitated.

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