Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 259 – The Battle Begins (2/3)

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Volume 3: Chapter 259 – The Battle Begins (2/3)

As Gi Gu saw the advantage swing to their favor, he turned to the army beside that was competing for merit with them.

Although Gi Ga Rax’s Aransain focused on speed, they didn’t make any big movements.

“As expected of Gi Ga, ever a cool head!”

As the goblins continued to pressure the enemy heavily from the left, they gradually approached the enemy army. Among the forces that pressured them, it was Gi Gu and his Felduk that stood out.

A warrior overflowing with fighting spirit like Gi Zu Ruo would probably launch an even stronger attack to contest Gi Gu’s dominating performance, but Gi Ga was a warrior with many battles under his belt, and he intentionally bided his time and waited for an opportunity.

Because of the great pressure coming from the left wing of the goblins, the enemy’s right wing started to crumble.

It can be said that Felduk was being taken advantage of, but neither Gi Gu nor Gi Ga thought so. Originally, the leftmost wing emphasized speed, and Gi Ga’s Aransain, which prioritized mobility, would be the most suitable. But the plan Pale designed intentionally focused on Gi Gu rather than Gi Ga.

The leftmost wing was an important position that would decide the outcome of this battle. Hence, Felduk with its high offensive prowess was the most suitable for it.

The overwhelming pressure from the goblin’s left wing would surely force the enemy to show an opening.

Gi Gu had to give it to Gi Ga, who stuck to his own beliefs despite the king’s order to charge.

While the left wing progressed with Gi Gu attacking and Gi Ga waiting, Gi Gi Orudo and his monster army bared their fangs at the right wing.

Attack(Torto)! Attack(Torto)!”

As the beasts were unleashed according to their special traits, the beast tamers were positioned in key locations to control the torrent of monster beasts. The monster beasts unleashed, their great momentum filled the wasteland and the color of their fur changed into the color of the soil. The Four-Armed Monkey(Four Arms) and the Invisible Monkey(Mirage) picked up stones from the wasteland and threw them at the enemy.

The stones thrown were small, however, so they didn’t have much of an effect against the humans with shields.

Next came the thorn dogs. They ran at full speed and attacked the legs of the enemy.

“Intercept those things! Mages, archers, cover us!”

Arrow and fire bullets poured like rain, but the thorn dogs ran past all that and used their hard fur to attack the legs of the enemy before running even deeper into the enemy army without hesitation.

After the thorn dogs came the heavyweights, the Dragon Turtles. Boasting a total length of 5 meters, when these dragon turtles moved out simultaneously, the earth shook and fear and panic spread among the enemy.

Gi Gi Orudo rode upon his Giant Horn Ostrich(Triple Head) as he watched his army gradually push the enemy humans, but even now he was still waiting for an opportunity to order his entire army to charge. He waited for an opponent as he watched Gi Zu Ruo fight a fierce battle.

“Gi Gi!”

When he turned around, Gi Ji Arsil the Hidden Blade was there. Gi Ji was a close friend of his, and he had already sent his assassins into the enemy forces.

“They’re moving.”

After Gi Ji told him that the enemy was about to change their tired soldiers, Gi Ji nodded and ordered his army to attack.

“All forces, attack! Spare none of these fools who dare defy His Majesty!”

At his behest, the Three Horned Boar(Triple Boar), the Giant Horn Mud Bull(Hyuld), and the Great Horn Swamp Bull(Nuru), and the rest of the giant monster beasts that specialized in charges were unleashed.

And then even the small monster beasts, the beast tamers, and Gi Gi himself joined the attack.

Amidst the battlefield filled with screams of anguish and violence, Gi Zu Ruo’s Sazanorga passionately attacked. Theirs was a battalion 1,000 goblin strong, filled with goblins of the Brawler Faction who admired Gi Zu Ruo.

“Listen up, you bastards! I better not see even one of you fall behind!”

Zu Ved spurred their forces on, and the rest of the brawler goblins yelled back.

“Don’t fall behind His Majesty! We’ll cut open a path. Onwards!”

Sazanorga gathered into one unit behind Gi Zu Ruo, and together they attacked the enemy. Advancing alongside them was Gi Jii Yubu’s regiol.

“The enemy points their blade at our monarch! To hide now in the rear would forever sully our name! Onwards!”

As the most coordinated of the goblin armies, they arranged themselves into a dense formation, lined up their long spears, and advanced. The regiol boasted such a high degree of coordination that the king had even praised them for it. True to their acclaim, the regiol could move however Gi Jii Yubu commanded, and they were even able to skillfully pull out the enemy from their formation through the skillful application of their spears.

As Gi Jii gradually pulled out a portion of the enemy army, Gi Zu realized his intentions.

Gi Zu’s Sazanorga had pushed the enemy to some extent, but the enemy was too tenacious. Had it been any other enemy with lower morale, they would have long been routed, but with the saint backing them, none of the enemy soldiers had any intention of retreating. In fact, the rain of magic bullets pouring down only became fiercer. The more they pushed, the more the enemy fought back.

By this point, even Gi Zu had began to wonder if they should keep pushing or retreat, as continuing this attack would only further exhaust his soldiers, who’ve already started to show signs of fatigue. It was at this point that he suddenly noticed that a portion of the enemy formation had been brought out.

“So that’s what he’s planning! Ved! Turn the army around! Follow me!”

“Gotcha, Pops! This way, you bastards!”

At their behest, 1,000 goblins immediately moved out and attacked the forces pulled out by Gi Jii from the side.

Until now these humans have been fighting the skillful spears of Gi Jii’s regiol, but all of the sudden, a powerful blow came at them from the side. Unable to coordinate, the enemy formation finally collapsed. Gi Jii could wipe all of these soldiers out if he ordered his men to advance, but instead, he ordered his regiol to move, and fought the enemy forces trying to take Gi Zu from behind.

“Gi Zu-dono is as reckless as ever!”

Fortunately, Gi Jii’s regiol made it in the nick of time and prevented Sazanorga from being taken from behind.

“Good, let’s keep pushing like this!”

After changing their position, Gi Jii’s regiol pushed the enemy alongside Gi Gi Orudo’s Zailduk.

“Oh!? Pops, the regiol is behind us all of the sudden!”

“Hah? What!?”

Gi Zu understood what Ved was saying, but he didn’t let up even a little as he continued to send the enemy forces to their grave one after another. After the forces in front of him collapsed, he pushed even deeper.

“Looks like Gi Jii-dono saved us. Come on! We’ll keep pushing the enemy like this and rout them!”

As they pushed into the half-broken enemy forces, Sazanorga advanced deeper into the enemy forces.

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