Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 259 – The Battle Begins (3/3)

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Volume 3: Chapter 259 – The Battle Begins (3/3)

As the two wings gradually pushed the enemy, Pale watched attentively. Oron and the special unit were currently fighting at the center. For the time being, they seemed about equal.

“Order the king’s cavalry to the front immediately!”

If so, then there was only one thing that she needed to do. She had to bring His Majesty away from danger. To that end, she sent the cavalry that boasted the greatest offensive prowess among their forces to protect the king.

Gi Be Slay stood at the head of that cavalry as he carried the flag of the Kingdom of the Black Sun(Alrodena Kingdom). He eyed the enthusiastic imperial guards fighting at their flanks, and then rode off.

“We shan’t fall behind His Majesty! Save the king with your strength!”

It was because of the king that these wounded warriors could continue living as warriors. Because of that their loyalty to the king had already reached that of a religious faith. To die in the presence of His Majesty was their honor.

The cavalry made up of rare-class goblins rode off and advanced into the enemy forces.

With the bridle in the mouth, and the charging spear in one hand, the cavalry made up of 600 rare goblins passed by Oron and penetrated the center of the enemy forces.

It wouldn’t be wrong to call their cavalry the cavalry with the strongest charge throughout the entire region, but even then, when they caught up to the king, who was attacking the enemy all on his own, they had to cover a third of the entire force of the enemy.

With the Black Flame Shimmering Great Sword(Flamberge) in one hand and the Black-Red Speckled Great Swor(Zweihander) in the other, the Goblin King was just like a tempestuous storm that literally blew away the enemy footmen.

With a swing of his Flamberge that burned with the flames of the abyss, he would cut down iron helms and claim the life of his foes. With a swing of his Zweihander, he would crush them under its colossal weight.

But Zweihander would not merely stop at crushing the skull, no, the force behind it was so great that even half the spine would be crushed, and a nearby enemy’s head be taken on the way out. With power and speed so great, the decapitated heads of the enemy flew into the air. As the heads flew further and further away, blood spurted out of the bodies they came from. And then once more, the sword was swung, and a soldier’s arm was crushed along with his shield, on the sword’s way back, a soldier was sent flying with his armor.

The soldier flew into the other soldiers nearby, and by the time it landed, half of its body had been cut, and steam could be seen coming out from the guts.

“Any and all who block my way shall die!!”

The raging wrath of the Goblin King dyed his sword in anger, but its sharpness never waned. If anything, the more his swords were bathed in the blood of his foes, the sharper they grew. He yelled out as he rode on even faster with his beloved steed.

“Where are you!? Reshia Fel Zeal!”

Bathed in the blood of his enemies, the Goblin King rode further onward, but then a red light descended from the heavens and then ran along the ground, covering all of the forces of the enemy.


The four adventurers that have been entrusted with the mission of rescuing Reshia entered Orphen as guards of a peddler, but the battle had already progressed much quicker than they had expected.

The leaders of the coalition had been driven to a corner due to Pale’s persistent attempt at keeping their forces in check just as she planned. That unwittingly sped up the pace of the battle.

“We won’t make it even if we run to the battlefield right now. This mission is a failure. We need to retreat immediately.”

Fick the Hawk-Eye never wanted to do this job in the first place, so he immediately suggested that they retreat.

“I see…”

Lili also thought that Fick was right. The fact that the Goblin King was personally leading his forces meant that he wanted to settle this issue with his own hands. If they were to find Reshia and take her away, they probably won’t leave him with a good impression. She may have sworn fealty to Reshia, but at the same time, she was also the feudal lord of the Northern Free Cities.

She couldn’t put the people living under her rule in danger.

“…I disagree. If Reshia-sama went to the battlefield, then we have to chase her. Our mission hasn’t concluded yet.”

But Mill Dora openly rejected the decision to withdraw. As someone who had a personal commitment to Reshia, she was unyielding in her position.

“Weren’t you listening? Even if we go now, we’re not making it.”

“…We don’t know that unless we try.”

Leonis looked up at them and tilted his head as they argued.

“Isn’t the princess in the tower?”

The place he pointed at was none other than the Ivory Tower. The coalition indeed had to send most of their soldiers to the south, so as they looked up at that tower, they thought to themselves.

The army went to the south.

But did the saint go with them?

The saint only needs to increase morale. Once that’s done, she shouldn’t have any further business on the battlefield. After all, if she were to be exposed to danger, and by chance fell to the goblins, then the coalition would really be done for. If so, then wouldn’t it make sense for the command of the coalition to have been left to an old general while the saint herself stayed in the tower?

They would’ve liked to investigate this matter, but unfortunately, there were barely any people out in Orphen. Everyone had locked themselves inside. It was as though winter had come and they were afraid for their lives.

“…There’s certainly a chance that she’s inside the Ivory Tower.”

Fick had no choice but to acknowledge the point Leonis made.

“…If there’s a chance, then we have to try it.”

Mill narrowed her eyes as she glared at the Ivory Tower. Inside her overcoat, she prepared her talons.

“Yes. If we go back without getting any results, I won’t be able to show my face to Yoshu-dono.”

Lili agreed too. Like that the four of them headed to the Ivory Tower.

Leonis stood at the rearmost and turned to the direction of the battlefield.

When a red light fell from the heavens for a moment, his expression stiffened.

“Leonis, we’re leaving you behind!”

When Lili called out to him, he put on his usual smiling face and followed after the three of them.

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